Saturday, October 01, 2005

Seth: Changing the past in your mind

I was just reading a fascinating quote of Seth's about our ability to change the past. I read the Seth books years ago when I lived in Virginia Beach and was a part of phychic development classes and experiences at Poseidia Institute there. The basis of their exploration was the Seth material in The Nature of Personal Reality.

I just read a long quote from Seth about changing our past in our mind. I did an experiment with it and it worked! A small part of the quote is:

"That past self is not hypothetical, either, but still exists, capable of being reached and of changing its reactions. You do not need a time machine to alter the past or the future.

Such a technique is highly valuable. Not only are memories not 'dead,' they are themselves ever-changing. Many alter themselves almost completely without your notice. In his (unpublished) apprentice novels, Ruburt (Jane) did two or three versions of an episode with a priest he had known in his youth. Each version at the time he wrote it represented his honest memory of the event. Note? the bare facts were more or less the same, the? entire meaning and interpretation of each version differed so drastically that those differences far outweighed the similarities."

Session 806, p.59, quote found at

The experiment of changing the past I did was to think of the miserable feelings I had as a child. As I went back to those feelings and that unhappy self, I could feel the understanding and good feelings I have now share with my child self. Where I felt lack and fear before, now I felt abundance. I could see that the things I love had been there then. I love nature, plants, animals, trees, being outdoors and that was always a part of my life. I remember seeing a large spider in the middle of its web. It had a beautiful, iridescent blue pattern on its back and I can feel the wonder as I stood looking at it on a warm, sunny day. We lived on a farm when I was in the third grade and nature was my companion. I remember inadvertently uncovering a mouse nest in the barn. The babies looked like little pink erasers and the mother was picking them up with her mouth and hurrying them to safety. I thought she looked so sweet taking care of them.

I have a feeling of wholeness and connection with my appreciation of nature now. I have always remembered the experiences I wrote about above (and more). And those memories always nourished me, but it was like the feelings of lack and unhappiness kept them segmented and alone. Now I have this feeling of flowing love like a river runs through me. I'm being filled to overflowing with this love and joy in the life of this planet. It wasn't the memories that changed, but the feelings and it feels to me like this joy flows through me and out into the world. I feel like the cup that is flowing over.

My friend Gina has a blog where she discusses Seth and other metaphysical topics. That's where I found the link to this information and she has links to much more. Her blog is Metaphysical Musings at



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