Monday, August 11, 2008

The exploration in deliberate creating continues

I discovered Abraham-Hicks almost five years ago and when I saw their web site welcome page I knew it was for me. I wanted to turn my life around and I can say right now that I have because I've changed my thinking about my part in creating my life experience.

Abraham says that whatever we want is because we think we will feel good in having it, so we might as well feel good first. Finding My Way to Well-Being is about my journey in discovering that what I really want is to feel good -- and I can have it every time. I've found great relief and freedom in coming to really understand that it's never about anything outside of me -- not even my own body. What I want is simply that good feeling of connection to my Inner Being. The loving Universe takes care of the rest of it.

I'm continuing my exploration in deliberate creating by playing with how this works day-to-day. I've felt like a crew member on the reality creation ship while I was finding my way. In my perspective, Source Energy is in charge, but now I'm ready to take the helm and play my part deliberately in this joyous co-creative experience.

You are invited to join me at:

Deliberate Reality Creation - My journey in applying deliberate creating day-to-day. There's always something new to discover and more good feelings every day. Life is getting easier and easier.

The Creation Box - What we pay attention to grows. I am writing posts of appreciation for all of the wonderful, magical manifestations in the world. More of this please, Universe!

I'm having great fun with all of this and I can see much more in store.

I invite you to walk with me awhile as we explore this adventure in living in these interesting times.

With much love,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maya Angelou and hummingbirds

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, "I'm with you kid.
Let's go."

~Maya Angelou, in Daily News

May your days be filled with unexpected moments of delight,


Photo copyright Abigail and Sam Alfano. See more of these delightful pictures at

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Abraham-Hicks and using appreciation as a bridge to allowing

I haven't been posting for awhile and the main reason is that my experience is coming smoothly, quickly, and easily. I get an awareness and kind of soak in the good feeling of it, relax into it and let myself become aware of anything new that might be on the edges of it, and then I'm off to something new. The whole process can happen in a matter of minutes.

I've made innumerable notes for posts, but by the time I might write it up I'm way beyond that point and don't want to look back. It's too much fun to go with the flow. A few minutes ago I just had a quick awareness and thought I would capture it in a post instead of just making a note and trying to doing something more elaborate later.

Here's the snap shot of my experience as I read this Abe quote:

We would begin saying, “I'm not ever going to get it done. I'm an eternally expanding Being, and I'm doing great where I am, and I'm so eager about what’s coming.” That’s the essence of the vibration that keeps adventurous things coming, keeps you feeling always excited, stable and secure, keeps you feeling in love with life. All day, every day, count your blessings! All day, every day, make your lists of things you appreciate. And as you keep activating what is working in your life, then more pleasing things on all subjects will flow to you.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/6/04A

Appreciation has become an integral part of my thinking and co-creating tool kit. I keep in mind Abe's information that appreciation is the closest energy to Source Energy and use it to uplift my energy. It's become more and more a part of every aspect of my day.

I have been playing Elyse Hope Killoran's Prosperity Game for some time. She offers a gratitude journal as a feature of the game and I feel so eager to journal my gratitudes each day. I get into such a wonderful energy when I do it and feel my mind expanding in possibilities. It's like I have an expanded experience of who I am.

Abe talks about using bridging statements to get from where we are to where we want to be. Bridging statements start out where we are and take small steps in the direction we want to go, raising our vibration as we move to alignment with our desires.

The sentence that really stood out energetically this morning from the quote above was this part: "And as you keep activating what is working in your life..." (by appreciating or entering it into a gratitude journal).

When I read that sentence I realized that appreciation is bridging us from our experience in the physical world to our spiritual Self, our Inner Being. It is a way, a method, for us to have the physical experience and also dwell in the deliciousness of our non-physical being.

Here in our bodies we are co-creators with Source Energy: We see. We shoot off a rocket of desire. We allow. Source manifests our desire immediately, but our "allowing" allows us to experience it.

In that first part where "we see and shoot off the rocket of desire," we are not in alignment with our Inner Being. And that's ok. That's how this process works. We are supposed to work our way into that alignment and can do it quickly.

Appreciation is that easy, delightful way to bridge to our spiritual Self and come into the alignment of allowing. It's a gentle and very pleasant way to be in the flow of Source Energy that we create by shooting off that rocket of desire.

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at:

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Abraham-Hicks: The window of opportunity is always open

Sometimes physical beings will say, "Well, I'm afraid that I've missed my opportunity. I wanted it, but my window [of opportunity] opened but I wasn't there for it and so my window closed." And we say that window is always open. You may close it for a moment, but it opens right up again. In other words, the Universe never stops hearing you and never stops answering you. You are deserving beyond our ability to find words to explain. And it is your job to find yourself in that place of letting it in.

Now we know that a feeling of worthiness does let it in. And we know that there are many of you who, for whatever reason, decided that you're not worthy, and that might be [a] reason that you're not letting it in. But we don't think it is the predominant reason. We think that there are about 2,000 things that you're doing every day that you haven't been aware that you are doing that you think is all right to do because "after all, it's true!"

You see? And as you come to recognize that even though it's 'true,' doing it, saying it, feeling it is holding yourself ­- deliberately or not -­ in the place of not letting yourself be in the receiving mode of the very things that you're asking for, and the slightest little adjustment will begin to cause avalanches of stuff you've been asking for to flow into your experience.

We're not just talking about the material manifestations.... We're also talking about clarity in the moment or the sensation of vitality. We're talking about a feeling of awareness, a feeling of being in the moment. We're talking about saying the right thing at the right time. We're talking about being intuitive so that you know what freeway to take, so that you sense whether there's a blockage somewhere.... We're talking about being so in sync with who you really are that you have broader view flowing through you at all times, so that you are the fully-blossomed Nonphysical energy in human form that you have come forth here to be.

Abraham-Hicks -­ North Los Angeles, CA, 8/13/01

So, if you find yourself wanting to think about the things you want and wanting to talk about them with others, if the desire is calling your interest and calling your attention and calling your action, then you're pretty well lined up with it, and it is unfolding. But if it feels like work; if you're thinking about your desire because you have been told that goal-setting is important and that Deliberate Creation is about thinking about what you want; if it feels like you are making it happen rather than letting it happen, then there may still be some resistance within your vibration.

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, 12/13/03

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, "More of this, please. More of this, please." You need never again make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float---all good things would flow to you.

Abraham-Hicks, 4/19/97

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at:


Thursday, February 07, 2008

My observations of the beauty and lovable humor of nature

Setting moon in the pinks of a dawn sky - an enchanting moment in time.

Some drama in the field... - a tale of a gander and his lady.

The "duck alarm" goes off - Ducks and geese band together -- the little brown female ducks lead the group. Sweet and funny.

Whoopee. It's RAINING!!! Dr. Emoto and blessing the water. - Rain, oceans, our bodies. The water in us and around us is a blessing. Dr. Emoto on blessing water.

Who's playing games? Playfulness in the clouds.


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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Clarity on contrast and resistance as given by Abraham-Hicks

I was looking for Abraham's definition of contrast and was surprised to find this one in Ask and It Is Given: ...the contrast, or variety, in which you are standing provides the perfect environment for the formation of your personal preferences.

I've been working with Abraham's information for about four years and had wandered off into my own version of contrast. I was thinking of contrast as something I didn't want, but I'm reminded that Abraham is saying life offers a buffet of choices, and from seeing the contrast among the choices, we conclude what we want. There is no value one way or the other with what is offered -- it's value only depends on what we desire.

So, why does it feel unpleasant when I see something I don't want? Because of my thoughts and feelings about it. What I was thinking of as contrast was actually my own resistance.

Even as a child I can remember being aware that when I felt bad it wasn't about the person or thing I was contemplating -- they weren't in my head making those thoughts -- I was the one thinking them. I just didn't know what to do to change those thoughts because they sure seemed to be caused by people or events outside of me. I also didn't know how to create what I wanted to experience. Abraham has given me the key.

In these four years it's been a long learning process to turn my thinking around. I approach changing my thoughts and feelings from different angles, work with it, and am very happy with the changes I've experienced. As Abraham says, we never get it done so there's more and better to come.

This is a post about a simple thing, a thought, a change in perspective. I offer it to you as part of the abundance in the buffet -- a little morsel that may be a tasty part of your life today or may be waiting in your thoughts if you ever need it.

Bon Appétit!!
The quote above is from Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, p. 17.

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at:


Sunday, December 02, 2007

In appreciation for a loving view of nature: Beyond the Fields We Know

One especially beautiful understanding I've learned from Abraham-Hicks is that we create by appreciating -- we not only attract it in our own experience of the world, but by loving it, we send the message out to the Universe: more please!

This is one of a series of posts sharing my appreciation for others who express their love in blogs or articles. John Cali and Chief Joseph in the post before this, and Cate in this one. In her blog, Beyond the Fields We Know, Cate shines her love on the earth to illuminate it for me with her photographs and words. I am soothed and inspired.

Here's her tender experience of a beaver pond near her home:

Freezing Over

I come here in early winter to be a witness as the beaver pond freezes over, to watch as ice forms in the trees along the pond, on the reeds along its perimeter and the brittle tumps of aquatic grasses which fringe the swimming channels of the resident beaver colony, now tucked warm and snug in its lodge out in the center of the pond.

Mere photos will never do justice to this place, and neither will my words, but here I am anyway on a freezing day, bundled up in my warmest winter gear with a camera slung around my neck and a noggin full of words which have icicles dangling from them.

The water is icy cold and clear, and it contains not only the dreaming landscape around the pond, but the whole blue winter sky - nothing whatsoever of this perfect day is left out, forgotten or willfully cast aside. In early morning, everything sparkles in the sun, and the light is so intense it is blinding - one can scarcely see a thing. Since I know the contours of these peaceful waters as well as I know the contours of my own two wrinkled hands, this being blinded is not a problem. It feels good to stand on the shoreline in the sharp winter light, thoughtful and all bedazzled - I am right where I should be.

These early winter visits are good times for revisiting the year; for remembering frogs singing at dusk in springtime, mud turtles sunning on their log perches in summer and deer coming down to the shore to drink, herons striding through the shallows in autumn and migrating geese winging their way overhead. This year, the water lilies were spectacular all summer long.

My pond may seem quiet, abandoned and forlorn at this time of year, but that is only an illusion - it's crowded with fur and scales and bright plumage, with flowers, wild musics and happy memories.

By kerrdeLune (Cate)


Beyond the Fields We Know [original photos, paintings, verbal meanderings and poetic scribblings] is an ongoing work of creativity and deep thought by its author, Catherine Kerr (c) 2005-2007, and all rights are reserved by her.

This post is reprinted with her permission. Thank you, Cate!