Monday, March 17, 2008

Abraham-Hicks and using appreciation as a bridge to allowing

I haven't been posting for awhile and the main reason is that my experience is coming smoothly, quickly, and easily. I get an awareness and kind of soak in the good feeling of it, relax into it and let myself become aware of anything new that might be on the edges of it, and then I'm off to something new. The whole process can happen in a matter of minutes.

I've made innumerable notes for posts, but by the time I might write it up I'm way beyond that point and don't want to look back. It's too much fun to go with the flow. A few minutes ago I just had a quick awareness and thought I would capture it in a post instead of just making a note and trying to doing something more elaborate later.

Here's the snap shot of my experience as I read this Abe quote:

We would begin saying, “I'm not ever going to get it done. I'm an eternally expanding Being, and I'm doing great where I am, and I'm so eager about what’s coming.” That’s the essence of the vibration that keeps adventurous things coming, keeps you feeling always excited, stable and secure, keeps you feeling in love with life. All day, every day, count your blessings! All day, every day, make your lists of things you appreciate. And as you keep activating what is working in your life, then more pleasing things on all subjects will flow to you.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/6/04A

Appreciation has become an integral part of my thinking and co-creating tool kit. I keep in mind Abe's information that appreciation is the closest energy to Source Energy and use it to uplift my energy. It's become more and more a part of every aspect of my day.

I have been playing Elyse Hope Killoran's Prosperity Game for some time. She offers a gratitude journal as a feature of the game and I feel so eager to journal my gratitudes each day. I get into such a wonderful energy when I do it and feel my mind expanding in possibilities. It's like I have an expanded experience of who I am.

Abe talks about using bridging statements to get from where we are to where we want to be. Bridging statements start out where we are and take small steps in the direction we want to go, raising our vibration as we move to alignment with our desires.

The sentence that really stood out energetically this morning from the quote above was this part: "And as you keep activating what is working in your life..." (by appreciating or entering it into a gratitude journal).

When I read that sentence I realized that appreciation is bridging us from our experience in the physical world to our spiritual Self, our Inner Being. It is a way, a method, for us to have the physical experience and also dwell in the deliciousness of our non-physical being.

Here in our bodies we are co-creators with Source Energy: We see. We shoot off a rocket of desire. We allow. Source manifests our desire immediately, but our "allowing" allows us to experience it.

In that first part where "we see and shoot off the rocket of desire," we are not in alignment with our Inner Being. And that's ok. That's how this process works. We are supposed to work our way into that alignment and can do it quickly.

Appreciation is that easy, delightful way to bridge to our spiritual Self and come into the alignment of allowing. It's a gentle and very pleasant way to be in the flow of Source Energy that we create by shooting off that rocket of desire.

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At Friday, October 14, 2011 at 12:11:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Law of Attraction Books said...

Classic Abraham Hicks material. Thanks for posting. For many, the way that Abraham describes the law of attraction is quite easy to understand, for others it is much harder to get it. If you ever don't quite understand the way in which Abraham (Louise Hay) describes something, do not despair, just keep looking out for another teacher.
As Louise Hay says "You can hear 10 people all say the same thing, and you won't get it, and then someone else stands up and says the same thing in their own way, and you'll say 'How wonderful, I've never heard that before' ". All the gurus are basically saying the same thing. It's just that each one explains it slightly differently.
Toby | Law of Attraction Books

At Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12:26:00 PM EDT, Blogger Suzanne said...

Hello Toby! I read Louise Hay as well as many other spiritual teachers through the years and I agree with you. The right voice comes at the right time. You web site is beautiful and filled to the brim with good information. Thank you for visiting and sharing your words of wisdom.

At Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 7:02:00 AM EDT, Blogger buttsms said...

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Although there are some cases where positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results (principally the placebo and nocebo effects), there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction.[6]"


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