Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chief Joseph: Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you ever wonder what your life is all about -- why you are here, and who you really are? Many people today are feeling lost and confused. There's too much going on in their lives, and in the world around and beyond them.

John Cali

A couple days ago, there was an article in the Washington Post about motherhood in America. It said American mothers' biggest wish was for more peace in their lives. Not more money, not more time, not a sexy body, etc. But peace.

That says a lot about our burnt-out, stressed-out American society. I'm sure other countries also have the same issues.

Lately, some of my family and friends have been complaining to me their lives are too busy. And they don't know what to do about it. They're torn between all the "shoulds" and "should-nots" seemingly bombarding them from every direction.

There's no peace in their lives. They're overwhelmed.

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

Here are some of the ways we see many of you getting yourselves into a state of feeling overwhelmed:

Striving for perfection instead of knowing you are perfect right where you stand. Taking on more than you know you can handle. Being unwilling to ever say "No." Allowing yourself to be manipulated into doing what you have no desire to do. Making your peace, your happiness contingent on the choices of others. Feeling guilty about the past. Worrying about the future. Caring what others think of you. Always putting yourself last.

We could add many more items to that list, as we're sure you could.

But you'll never create a happy life that way.

You will find yourself much happier if you simply focus on being in the present moment. Not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. But simply being here now, in the present moment. That's all you have anyway.

Linear time, though it seems real to you, is not what you think it is. Just as you mold your own reality with your thoughts, so too can you mold time -- you can expand it, you can contract it, at your will. You do that by simply aligning with the energies of your higher self, who does not know linear time.

This requires you to feel peaceful, and not overwhelmed. Do whatever it takes to get yourself into that peaceful place. Some suggestions: meditating, spending time with a loved one, petting your dog (or cat), listening to music, watching a sunset, walking in the woods. You can add your own ideas to this list -- but they must be things you enjoy and which bring you joy.

You get the point -- which is to take time from your daily schedule and do something nurturing and loving for yourself. You are being very unloving to yourself if you do not take the time to do something -- anything -- for yourself every day. It need not take a lot of your time. But you need this as much as you need the air you breathe.

Then you will find yourself feeling more and more peaceful and joyful, no matter what is happening in your life, in the lives of your loved ones, or in the world around and beyond you.

You will find every day, every moment of your life, an exciting, joyous adventure. You will look forward to each day with a feeling of happy anticipation -- and not that old familiar feeling of dread, of feeling overwhelmed.
The loving words of Chief Joseph are channeled by John Cali. Visit John's web site for more articles, information about readings, or to sign up for his newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky at

Copyright © 2006 by Great Western Publishing -- All rights reserved. Article posted with permission of John Cali.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Paul McCartney in Red never know where your bliss will lead

This weekend I watched a DVD, Paul McCartney in Red Square, the first concert by a member of the Beatles in Russia (May 24, 2003). It was astounding. I always loved Beatles' music and enjoyed the concert, but interspersed with each song were interviews, pictures, and film from the 1960's to today in Russia.

They couldn't buy the records in stores or listen to them on the radio. Black and white footage showed people being searched for black market records. They talked about how dangerous it was to even sing or listen to the music. It could effect their education, their job, or they might even go to prison for selling the albums. Red Square, a huge open area surrounded by massive, exotic buildings of government, was filled with people. As the camera panned the crowd while Paul played, I could see older men and women with tears in their eyes. President Putin joined the crowd halfway through, and although he stood stoically, his face looked filled with emotion at one point.

I didn't know how important the Beatles had been to them. One explained that they knew Communism was empty, but didn't know what could take its place -- the Beatles reached out and touched their minds and hearts, let them know there were different ideas, and gave them hope. President Putin and the Minister of Defense had been interviewed and said they listened to the Beatles in the 60's. The government tried to control the people by controlling what they read or could do. Instead Communism was toppled quietly. One man explained, "There was not blood shed, no civil war, no revolution ...nothing. The country was already ready for the disappearance of Communism and one of the main reasons for that is that the Beatles have prepared a huge part of the country's population for these new values."

I mention this because it's one of the best DVDs I've seen in a long time, and also because I like how the desires of the people for something new came to them in spite of appearances and the circumstances that surrounded them. They must have believed very strongly that there was something better and it was given to them.

I also like that it was brought by music. I had an experience in a psychic development group one time. I saw all the animals, and trees, and plants, and the earth itself each making a song of thanksgiving that was woven together and sent out into the Universe. I feel that is true; by being happy, we add our voice to this planet's song.

As I listened to Paul play I realized how clear the words to their songs were and that there was a message in what they said, "we can work it out." And thought how wonderful that they had created Back in the USSR during the cold war -- a song about loving beautiful women that could have been anywhere. How open and allowing they were. Paul said he didn't realize the effect it had, they just wanted to create good music...and they did.

....You are literally at play in the Fields of the Lord. When you see paradise, you offer it to the perspective of others for their enjoyment. As you each join together in your appreciations...of delicious foods...the smell of a sweet baby...fresh air...waterfalls...a clean house...peace and quiet...children's voices in all of these you join together in appreciation it becomes a mighty song that is available to those who are tone deaf to spirit, even to those who do not know there is a song. You do not offer these appreciations so that others might hear, but so that your own heart will sing for that is where you find your joy. And as a bonus, others will hear your song and join with you in feeling happiness. And you with them. And the one with the other and the many with the few in endless harmony. ~ Suzanne Keyes, Words of Well-Being, 10/9/06
Words of Well-Being channeled by Suzanne Keyes. Copyright © 2006 by Suzanne Keyes.

Paul McCartney in Red Square: I got it from my library in non-fiction DVDs. (DVD 782.42166 P)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Who's playing games?

I looked out my window early this morning and white condensation trails from jets crisscrossed the clear blue sky. The big white harvest moon was in the upper left square of the pattern -- looking like someone was beginning a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Later the trails spread into huge feathers and now there are fluffy white clouds across the blue sky. The birds are singing. The air is sweet and fresh.

Just another beautiful day in paradise.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Donald Trump and Abraham-Hicks: The world is awash in money. Think big!

As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump

I had to smile when I read this quote. Some time ago I read that Esther was curious about Donald Trump and asked Abraham how he created all of that prosperity. I don't have a quote, but what I'm remembering is that Abraham said he had an innate understanding of reality creation principles. He talked about his fabulous friends and how this or that project would be the best one yet. He had grand ideas and was very positive. I've seen just a snip of a interview with him, but I remember it. Paris Hilton was taking the heat for something or other and Donald was saying the Hilton sisters were good kids. He was very positive and supportive of them. I always had the feeling he really had a lot of fun building businesses and enjoyed the flow of money. He's comfortable living on a grand and luxurious scale. Truly someone who understands that the world is awash with money.

This world is not set up for failure and demise and decline. It's set up for improvement and expansion and better and better, and better. And so, it must get better and better and better. And it is. We would just like all of you to let yourselves in on more of it.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, Oregon, July 23, 2005

But, what if what I want and what you want are in conflict? If I want rain, and you've just cut your does that work?" If you will focus upon the essence of what you want (which is a magnificent new crop) and the other will focus upon the essence of what they want (which is a successful alfalfa harvest, or whatever)...and if either one of you doesn't get too involved in the details of how you think you want your desire to play out, then both of you can be satisfied. The Universe has the facility to orchestrate circumstances and events to accommodate everyone.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G-9-1-04

Each point of view matters, every request is granted and, as this amazing Universe unerringly expands, there is no end to the Universal resources that fulfill these requests. And, there is no end to the answers to the never-ending stream of questions - and, for that reason, there is no competition. It is not possible for someone else to receive the resources that were meant for you and, you cannot selfishly squander resources that were intended for someone else. All desires are answered, all requests are granted, and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled. When you stay aligned with your Energy Stream, you always win - and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. There is always enough!

Abraham-Hicks, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, page 86

If you were standing at Niagara Falls and someone explained to you that this is your source of abundance. Wellness flows in this amazing flow. Wellness, clarity, dollars, is all flowing to you in this Niagara Falls, and these falls are yours and yours alone to use in whatever way you are wanting in this lifetime. Oh wait, there is one other... see way over there in the distant bank, and you look way over there and you see a tiny little figure of a thing there in the mist and you are told that other one person and you share all this abundance and energy and you say "Oh! There is more than enough than either of the two of us could ever use." You would not find yourself worrying about what he did with it. You can barely see him anyway. You would not worry about what he would do with it or what he wouldn't do with it because the abundance is so enormous. Instead you would get focused on how you would utilize it, and you would begin to understand that even if you gave it every waking moment in this physical experience, you could not even begin to make the slightest difference in this stream... so finally when you get it, that the stream is enormous and eternal and ever present and always flowing, finally once you get that, then you stop worrying about what anyone else is doing with it or about it and you just develop your relationship with the stream.

Abraham - 3/4/98

People, all the time, are saying to us, "Abraham, I want to win the lottery." Well, we know why they want to win the lottery. That is logical. We want you to win the lottery! We would like you to allow the abundance that is natural to you to flow to you. We know that money is synonymous with freedom, and that the more freedom you feel, the more your valve is open and the more of it you spread around to others, you see.

But there's not one in a million of you who has opened enough outlets for that money to flow! You say, "I want ten kajillion dollars to come to me." And we say, "What would you do with it?" And you can only tell us what you would do with a few thousand. "Oh, I'd get out of debt," you say limply. "I'd buy a new car," you say limply.

We say, "You're asking for millions and you're [only] spewing ten thousand to the borders of the universe!" In other words, there's a tremendous imbalance! You've got to BLAST those Energy dollars out there. "I'd do this. I'd do this. I'd do this! I'd do this! I'd do this! I'd do this! - I'D DO THIS!!"

And, in the identifying of what you would do, you open valves. You create Energy vortexes. You create a funnelling sensation that literally sucks, from the boundaries of the universe, circumstances and events that will satisfy your desire.

This is what creation is!

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ - 04-26-94
Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Setting moon in the pinks of a dawn sky

I woke to a beautiful sight this morning. The sky is all dawn pale pinks and blues and a big full moon is setting just above the trees outside my window. This harvest moon looks larger than normal, with that bright lunar white showing the dark markings of the man in the moon. I just opened the window to breathe in the crisp, cold air and listen to the sounds of the flocks of birds talking excitedly as they fly to their favorite places for breakfast. And in the time that it's taken to write this the sun is bright and I can't see the moon anymore.

Just one more enchanted moment from God. What a beautiful day!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Jacquie Lawson's beautiful animated e-cards

Jacquie Lawson is an artist who has created the most beautiful animated e-cards I have ever seen. Some of them are interactive and playful -- children would enjoy them. They are visually enchanting and some have lovely music that plays with them.

Her main web site is

This one is an animated e-card about creating a butterfly. Be sure to have your sound on:

You can preview and enjoy them just by visiting the web site. Her small annual fee to send cards is definitely worth it.

If you want something to lift your spirits, view her cards. Her work is very special.

Life is good

My energy level is going pretty good, I'm clearing thoughts that don't feel good, and what I desire is manifesting. Where before I might have stood in the midst of the circumstances in my life, visualizing what I wanted, now I see I am receiving what I wanted.

There are two things about this. One is that I remember how I used to think and know I could look on what I'm seeing negatively, but I don't. I appreciate and see so much good. The other is that some of what I am receiving is long desired and one very nice little task I notice is to become comfortable with having these good things come to me. Going from playing in the shadow of appearance of lack to playing in the light of abundance. Appreciating makes me feel better and I'm also finding much to appreciate. It's like a mist is clearing in front of me, a mist that was in my own mind.

When the new comes in there are things I might like differently. Where before I might have resisted what I didn't want, I realize I don't have to resist, just shoot off a rocket of desire for what I do want and appreciate what I like. I remind myself that this is part of the constant process of allowing. I get a feeling of being part of the rhythm of creation and feel a soaring joy that must come from allowing myself to be in the right place in all of this. I used to try to take care of so many things that I didn't have control over. Sometimes what I don't have to be responsible for or do anymore astonishes me. Abe says it's supposed to be easy and the more I go with deliberate reality creation the more I find this to be true.

The process seems like it is going very fast if I try to control anything or think that some part of it is my job to create. I might have feelings of frustration or overwhelment until I remember that Source is the one that creates. My job is just to appreciate and enjoy my connection to All That Is. I'm kind of learning the boundaries on all of this, especially in relationships. I think we grow up being told in various ways that we get good jobs if we work hard, people love us if we look a certain way or act a certain way, and all kinds of almost superstitious thoughts about how our experience of life comes to us. But it is our job to appreciate and love ourselves and from that comes all of the appreciation and love from life around us.

The sun is shining, it's a gorgeous fall day with blue skies and cool breezes. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chief Joseph: Seagulls and Mud Puddles

Sentinals of the Sky, October 3, 2006

John Cali

This past summer, I spent some time out on the prairie of northern Montana. As with much of the American West, it's a bone-dry, arid area. Not much water, save for a few almost-dried-up streams or those running at a fraction of their normal flow.

This part of the Far West is in the midst of a multi-year drought. And so I thought it strange there were so many seagulls out on the prairie. I've travelled and lived in this part of America for many years now. But I don't ever recall seagulls on the prairie.

Another rare sight I witnessed recently was in northwestern Wyoming where I live. Mud puddles. My part of Wyoming is like Montana -- a dry area, albeit with a bit more water than the Montana prairie. But not much more.

We've had very little rain the past few years, and this past summer has been incredibly dry. So dry I didn't have to mow my lawn even once. But a week or so ago, we had several days of steady rain. Not a common event around here. For several days after the rain, there were mud puddles all over the place. Strange to see mud puddles in Wyoming!

So what's the point of all this -- the seagulls and the mud puddles?

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

Change is the only constant in life. You've heard us say that many times before. Life in the physical and life in the non-physical dimensions is constantly changing. So don't think when you die you're going to be done with change.

Your planet is seeing many changes today, and much intensifying energy. It's pretty obvious as you look around you. To some of you, it seems your world and its people are falling apart, plunging into a dark abyss.

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. You are all -- you and your Mother Earth -- moving into a higher dimension, into what some of you call the fourth, or even fifth, dimension.

This is not a bad thing. It's a very good thing!

You are growing, changing, evolving. You cannot not grow. But today your growth is accelerating rapidly. To the point where many of you are uncomfortable. And that's okay -- that too will pass, as all things must, be they "good" or "bad."

John's seagulls and mud puddles are nothing more than symbols of this massive shift you are all experiencing. This is a shift not only in your consciousness, but also in your physical bodies. Many, though not all, of you are feeling the shift in your bodies. Often you, especially your mainstream medical professionals, interpret this as disease or illness. But, for the most part, it's simply the accelerating energies, which often create the same symptoms as illness or disease do.

You can resist the shift, the changes and thereby make yourselves miserable. Or you can, as you say, "go with the flow." You have a choice -- to resist or to flow.

But you cannot avoid change. You can choose how you perceive it, however. And you can choose how you perceive everything in the world "out there" and in your own personal world.

That is the ultimate freedom -- to be able to choose how you see your lives and your world, and to know you thereby create your own reality. You can choose to see through the eyes of resistance and pain. Or you can choose to see through the eyes of joy, knowing all is well.

As some of your wise teachers have said, when you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

Friends, you're living in a time like the human race has never seen before. A time of the greatest growth humans have ever known. A time of tremendous potential -- potential to experience the extremes. Extremes of joy, abundance, peace, well-being. And extremes of pain, confusion, despair, desolation. It's all up to you which extremes you experience.

The loving words of Chief Joseph are channeled by John Cali. Visit their web site for more articles, information about readings, or to sign up for their newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky:

Copyright © 2006 by Great Western Publishing -- All rights reserved. Article posted with permission of John Cali.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

LOA Manager brings me a gift

A book came to me that is a gift from spirit through my library's Interlibrary Loan program. I read Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, and wanting to know more I requested Da Vinci Decoded thinking it would be about the material presented in Dan Brown's novel. I opened the book yesterday and was delighted instead that it is about spiritual principles from Da Vinci's work.

Just reading the introduction and overview of Da Vinci Decoded, I found some interesting parallels to a message I channeled on September 24th:

....we would confirm to you that there is truly only Love around you and in you. There is nothing else. The God Force is everywhere present and there is nothing else. So, what happens when you see what does not appear to be love or you have a feeling that does not feel like love? You are looking at the surface of the experience and because it is the "clay" that is used to create the solid appearance, you have a feeling of disconnection from your Source Energy. When you see the essence and spirit that shines through the "clay" you feel uplifted....And you know it because it reaches out and touches your heart. You are moved. You give out this Love...always. Please hear us. Always. Always. Always....We are saying this can be your compass. Make Love your North Star.... Words of Well-Being, 9/24/06, channeled by Suzanne.

This is a quote attributed to Da Vinci, "Fix your course to a star." And on p. 157, the author writes, "Love was at the very core of his [Da Vinci's] consciousness."

The book looks perfect for my journey right now, and I just love that feeling of connection when Law of Attraction Manager brings gifts.
Words of Well-Being channeled by Suzanne Keyes. Copyright © 2006 by Suzanne Keyes.

Da Vinci Decoded by Michael J. Gelb, 2004, Delacorte Press. Copyright © 2004 by Michael J. Gelb.