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Donald Trump and Abraham-Hicks: The world is awash in money. Think big!

As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump

I had to smile when I read this quote. Some time ago I read that Esther was curious about Donald Trump and asked Abraham how he created all of that prosperity. I don't have a quote, but what I'm remembering is that Abraham said he had an innate understanding of reality creation principles. He talked about his fabulous friends and how this or that project would be the best one yet. He had grand ideas and was very positive. I've seen just a snip of a interview with him, but I remember it. Paris Hilton was taking the heat for something or other and Donald was saying the Hilton sisters were good kids. He was very positive and supportive of them. I always had the feeling he really had a lot of fun building businesses and enjoyed the flow of money. He's comfortable living on a grand and luxurious scale. Truly someone who understands that the world is awash with money.

This world is not set up for failure and demise and decline. It's set up for improvement and expansion and better and better, and better. And so, it must get better and better and better. And it is. We would just like all of you to let yourselves in on more of it.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, Oregon, July 23, 2005

But, what if what I want and what you want are in conflict? If I want rain, and you've just cut your does that work?" If you will focus upon the essence of what you want (which is a magnificent new crop) and the other will focus upon the essence of what they want (which is a successful alfalfa harvest, or whatever)...and if either one of you doesn't get too involved in the details of how you think you want your desire to play out, then both of you can be satisfied. The Universe has the facility to orchestrate circumstances and events to accommodate everyone.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G-9-1-04

Each point of view matters, every request is granted and, as this amazing Universe unerringly expands, there is no end to the Universal resources that fulfill these requests. And, there is no end to the answers to the never-ending stream of questions - and, for that reason, there is no competition. It is not possible for someone else to receive the resources that were meant for you and, you cannot selfishly squander resources that were intended for someone else. All desires are answered, all requests are granted, and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled. When you stay aligned with your Energy Stream, you always win - and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win. There is always enough!

Abraham-Hicks, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, page 86

If you were standing at Niagara Falls and someone explained to you that this is your source of abundance. Wellness flows in this amazing flow. Wellness, clarity, dollars, is all flowing to you in this Niagara Falls, and these falls are yours and yours alone to use in whatever way you are wanting in this lifetime. Oh wait, there is one other... see way over there in the distant bank, and you look way over there and you see a tiny little figure of a thing there in the mist and you are told that other one person and you share all this abundance and energy and you say "Oh! There is more than enough than either of the two of us could ever use." You would not find yourself worrying about what he did with it. You can barely see him anyway. You would not worry about what he would do with it or what he wouldn't do with it because the abundance is so enormous. Instead you would get focused on how you would utilize it, and you would begin to understand that even if you gave it every waking moment in this physical experience, you could not even begin to make the slightest difference in this stream... so finally when you get it, that the stream is enormous and eternal and ever present and always flowing, finally once you get that, then you stop worrying about what anyone else is doing with it or about it and you just develop your relationship with the stream.

Abraham - 3/4/98

People, all the time, are saying to us, "Abraham, I want to win the lottery." Well, we know why they want to win the lottery. That is logical. We want you to win the lottery! We would like you to allow the abundance that is natural to you to flow to you. We know that money is synonymous with freedom, and that the more freedom you feel, the more your valve is open and the more of it you spread around to others, you see.

But there's not one in a million of you who has opened enough outlets for that money to flow! You say, "I want ten kajillion dollars to come to me." And we say, "What would you do with it?" And you can only tell us what you would do with a few thousand. "Oh, I'd get out of debt," you say limply. "I'd buy a new car," you say limply.

We say, "You're asking for millions and you're [only] spewing ten thousand to the borders of the universe!" In other words, there's a tremendous imbalance! You've got to BLAST those Energy dollars out there. "I'd do this. I'd do this. I'd do this! I'd do this! I'd do this! I'd do this! - I'D DO THIS!!"

And, in the identifying of what you would do, you open valves. You create Energy vortexes. You create a funnelling sensation that literally sucks, from the boundaries of the universe, circumstances and events that will satisfy your desire.

This is what creation is!

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ - 04-26-94
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