Friday, October 06, 2006

Life is good

My energy level is going pretty good, I'm clearing thoughts that don't feel good, and what I desire is manifesting. Where before I might have stood in the midst of the circumstances in my life, visualizing what I wanted, now I see I am receiving what I wanted.

There are two things about this. One is that I remember how I used to think and know I could look on what I'm seeing negatively, but I don't. I appreciate and see so much good. The other is that some of what I am receiving is long desired and one very nice little task I notice is to become comfortable with having these good things come to me. Going from playing in the shadow of appearance of lack to playing in the light of abundance. Appreciating makes me feel better and I'm also finding much to appreciate. It's like a mist is clearing in front of me, a mist that was in my own mind.

When the new comes in there are things I might like differently. Where before I might have resisted what I didn't want, I realize I don't have to resist, just shoot off a rocket of desire for what I do want and appreciate what I like. I remind myself that this is part of the constant process of allowing. I get a feeling of being part of the rhythm of creation and feel a soaring joy that must come from allowing myself to be in the right place in all of this. I used to try to take care of so many things that I didn't have control over. Sometimes what I don't have to be responsible for or do anymore astonishes me. Abe says it's supposed to be easy and the more I go with deliberate reality creation the more I find this to be true.

The process seems like it is going very fast if I try to control anything or think that some part of it is my job to create. I might have feelings of frustration or overwhelment until I remember that Source is the one that creates. My job is just to appreciate and enjoy my connection to All That Is. I'm kind of learning the boundaries on all of this, especially in relationships. I think we grow up being told in various ways that we get good jobs if we work hard, people love us if we look a certain way or act a certain way, and all kinds of almost superstitious thoughts about how our experience of life comes to us. But it is our job to appreciate and love ourselves and from that comes all of the appreciation and love from life around us.

The sun is shining, it's a gorgeous fall day with blue skies and cool breezes. Life is good.


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