Sunday, October 01, 2006

LOA Manager brings me a gift

A book came to me that is a gift from spirit through my library's Interlibrary Loan program. I read Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, and wanting to know more I requested Da Vinci Decoded thinking it would be about the material presented in Dan Brown's novel. I opened the book yesterday and was delighted instead that it is about spiritual principles from Da Vinci's work.

Just reading the introduction and overview of Da Vinci Decoded, I found some interesting parallels to a message I channeled on September 24th:

....we would confirm to you that there is truly only Love around you and in you. There is nothing else. The God Force is everywhere present and there is nothing else. So, what happens when you see what does not appear to be love or you have a feeling that does not feel like love? You are looking at the surface of the experience and because it is the "clay" that is used to create the solid appearance, you have a feeling of disconnection from your Source Energy. When you see the essence and spirit that shines through the "clay" you feel uplifted....And you know it because it reaches out and touches your heart. You are moved. You give out this Love...always. Please hear us. Always. Always. Always....We are saying this can be your compass. Make Love your North Star.... Words of Well-Being, 9/24/06, channeled by Suzanne.

This is a quote attributed to Da Vinci, "Fix your course to a star." And on p. 157, the author writes, "Love was at the very core of his [Da Vinci's] consciousness."

The book looks perfect for my journey right now, and I just love that feeling of connection when Law of Attraction Manager brings gifts.
Words of Well-Being channeled by Suzanne Keyes. Copyright © 2006 by Suzanne Keyes.

Da Vinci Decoded by Michael J. Gelb, 2004, Delacorte Press. Copyright © 2004 by Michael J. Gelb.


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