Friday, September 29, 2006

Abraham-Hicks and Seth: You are creators

I read the Seth material in the 1970's and early 80's. I learned quite a bit, but still wanted more. Abe's information about the relationship between feelings and reality creation was the key for me. There is great value in the wisdom of both:

When we say, "You are creators," you think we are talking about creating furniture, or creating houses, or creating empires, or creating relationships. That isn't what we talk about when we talk about creating. We are talking about the creating of your state of being. And when you have understood that, and are giving that your dominant attention, then all of the physical trappings of this Universe will fall into alignment in such glorious fashion that you will amaze even yourself. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH ACTION. IT IS THROUGH FOCUSING UPON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning

Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances. There is no other valid way of changing physical events. It might help if you imagine an inner living dimension within yourself, in which you create, in miniature psychic form, all the exterior conditions that you know. Simply put, you do exactly this. ~ Seth

It is not so much that man or nature seeks to satisfy needs, but to exuberantly, rambunctiously seek pleasure-and through following its pleasure each organism finds and satisfies his needs as well... ~ Seth

In one context what you call physical reality is a dream, but in a larger context it is a dream that you have created. When you realize that you form it you come into the memory of your whole self.... And when you realize that you form the events of your life in the same way, you will learn to take hold of your entire consciousness in whatever aspect it shows itself in this life. Through all of this you must realize that you are not powerless. Remember, also, that this life is a dimension of experience and reality even if it is, in contrast, a dream in a higher level of reality in which you have your larger consciousness. ~ Seth

So, it's time to stop fretting, because there's no end to what you will want, and there's no end to your ability to move there. There's nothing that you need to prove to anyone. Life is supposed to be good....You're really, really doing well. It really is time to stop fretting about anything. And what we notice, when we feel you, and when we feel Esther and so many of you, the thing you fret over, more than all other things put together, is your perceived imperfection. You fret over not being where you think you should be, and we don't know where you get this stuff. We could see it, if Source energy was way over here really expecting something of you...but Source doesn't feel that way, Source is always saying, All Is Well, All Is Well, Come This Way. You don't get it from us, you must be getting it from each other.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, OR, 7/22/06
I picked these quotes from Mousie's lovely blog, Well Being Abounds.

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