Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A technique to feel good using the phrase All is Well

Saying I love you to myself when I feel upset about something or someone I see and saying to myself All is Well whenever I feel like it are becoming profound experiences. My path to remembering deliberate creation is coming more and more to be inside me.

Even though I know deliberate reality creation is about my thinking and that I create my world, still my desires were about something I wanted to have, be or do. I used techniques to change my thinking to feel better, but also felt good when I had, did or was something I wanted. I was trying to hedge my bet and feel better to have what I wanted. I've decided to leave the manifesting to God now. I'm noticing that I have to take much less action than I used to think I needed.

The path to well-being seems to curl inside me now. I get a visual of it curving and fading off into the distance in some great space that I am inside. This space is vast, pretty, natural. The path is smooth to walk on, but curves attractively. I want to follow it.

I find myself mulling over the thought that the outside world is a reflection of the inside. Shakti Gawain wrote that we are to be in the world, but not of it, and that has always intrigued me. I think about Buddism and non-attachment. About Ghandi saying be the peace we want to see in the world.

A new technique

Most days I open a new email, write thoughts, channel, or whatever, and save it in a folder marked "Journal." This morning I started typing something I appreciated and then entered All is well.

I love blogging. All is well. I love the feeling of appreciation when I write. All is well. The air coming in my window smells so fresh and clean. All is well. I love hearing the crickets and fall sounds of geese flying over. All is well. I really enjoy the feeling of energy I have. All is well. I love how much I've gotten done today. All is well. I have good books to read and DVDs to watch when I feel like relaxing. All is well.

I entered this as long as it felt good. Then did some tasks. When I started feeling resistance to something I was doing I opened my daily email and did the appreciations again.

I'm feeling more and more that the path to allowing is loving and appreciating myself. One reason I enjoy channeling is the experience of joining with the loving non-physical energy. Loving and appreciating myself feels like that, too. I am a powerful creator, we all are, and that's just the way it is. So, that's a given and I don't have to strengthen that muscle. It's all about allowing the connection with Source, with my Inner Being. Choosing to feel well-being not only feels good, it becomes the radiating focus that is reflected back to me and which I experience.

Abe says we never get it done and I'm now getting to the point where this is becoming a pleasant thought. I can feel good right now...no matter what. Feeling good is something I can have any time by choosing my thoughts. And feeling good is really what I want. We can always feel better...and better...and better. I don't mind feeling good being something I never get done! As long as I have control over how I feel and can feel good right now then that's ok with me.
I was reading some blogs I enjoy and thinking about appreciation. I enjoy reading the ones that are sharing their appreciation -- I feel appreciation then, too (Pink Wishes). I love nature and enjoy the interactions between Dave and the critters in his yard in Backyard Ponds. And I also enjoy the ones that I feel appreciation for something they are presenting, like humor, cleverness (indexed) or something I find really interesting (Your Daily Art).


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