Friday, September 01, 2006

Affirmation: Everywhere I go, I trust, relax and know that the Universe is my friend.

My heart is open. Everywhere I go, I trust, relax, and know that the Universe is my friend. I believe that my inner guidance is gentle and kind, and that people are sending me love wherever I go. I broadcast a beam of love to everyone around me.

I adapted this affirmation for me from a quote in Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, channels for Orin and DaBen. Their website features a Creating Your Highest Futures Room where you can click on a title of one of their books and receive a quote like the one above. They also offer a personal affirmation for the day on many topics like abundance, developing your mind, opening your channel, and flowing emotions in their Daily Affirmation Room.

I have asked to understand exactly how reality creation works. Specfically, the last few days I have been asking what to do each day, what action to take. There is a platform that I am standing on and my rockets of desire have been launched. The Universe has already answered and I want to let the Universe handle the "how." I want to know how to feel good all along the way and what action to take each day. What has happened is that I have been given all kinds of practical information, resources and guidance. I've been given lots of ways to look at things differently and I really appreciate it. I have a desire to look at my life in a new way. The platform is old thinking and I didn't know how to look at it differently. I am willing to change and just relax into that willingness knowing I'm supported. I asked and within two or three days have gotten an abundance of guidance, some I've mentioned in my blog, some not. I've slept over 12 hours every night. My body wanted it and it has helped bring emotional balance with change. I've been clearing resistant thoughts using EFT, giving my feelings to God and just relaxing into myself in that Presence. I love the Abraham-Hicks placemat process and use my own adaptation of it. These are just some of the guidance and resources in the last three days:

I channel for myself and appreciate the loving, loving guidance
Consulted the Gaia-Mind problem-solving 3 card reading and got incredible guidance, amazingly on target and helpful
Drew Runes the same day and got confirmation on this guidance
Signed up for The Grand Goddess' 30 day group journaling experience using Abraham-Hicks principles which starts today
Discovered Orin & DaBen's Creating Your Highest Futures Room yesterday.
Found some really helpful, practical tips for using affirmations and EFT by Dr. Joseph Mercola

At the heart, I know it is not the circumstances that I really want to change, it is how I relate to myself. The outer conditions are only the appearance that reflect how I think about who I am. And the thinking can change. It doesn't matter if I thought it 58 years or 1 day. It's just a thought.

I relax, trust God, and let my good come to me. The journey is about coming home to loving myself right here, right now, just as I am. Not when I get this figured out. Not when I get the conditions that I want. Right Now. I can feel that there appears to be a gap when I think of the conditions and what I desire. When I realize that what I really want is to love myself it's as if the world doesn't exist and I stand face to face with myself.


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