Thursday, August 24, 2006

What I see seems very personal now

Something's happening. I'm having a sense of myself being in the midst of my experience as if I am standing still and the scenery changes around me. The physical world seems less "out there" and more surrounding me...more personal and more accessible. The more I relax about what I'm dealing with, the more interesting it becomes to explore this new awareness. What is someone else's doesn't seem mine, it doesn't even come into my's that I feel I'm living from the inside-out I'm radiating myself into the world. And I also feel this is happening because of saying "I love you" to myself when I feel resistance. It turns on the light. My whole world is changing.

These are my beliefs: I believe it is possible for instantaneous physical healing, in miracles, and in light-filled, magical experiences.

I remember an Abe tape where the questioner was asking if he sat in his room and had an allowing vibration would he get what he desired. Abe's answer was why would you want to? The fun is in molding your experience. Abe has said we could talk ourselves into anything we wanted in 24 hours. On one tape a questioner asked how far this could go...could he grow a new pancreas and Abe said yes.

Well, these are my beliefs and the way that I am interesting in exploring this experience. I used to love reading science fiction and thinking about meeting other beings. I've experienced the consciousness of trees, plants, and earth spirits. I think this world, this Mother Earth, is a magical place filled with wonder. I think we live in Eden right now.

So, now with the understanding I am getting from practicing deliberate reality creation, I'm turning from a world I tried to fit in and didn't enjoy: masters degree, intense jobs, do the right finding out that there is magic in the most mundane things, as long as I relax, trust, and allow the loving Universe to handle the details. There's no more: well, I'll do jobs, rent, etc. in the world, and I'll have magic somewhere else. Even if I don't have a clue how to work out the situation or what to do, it's my task to walk through the experience on my path, and let the Universe take care of the rest of it.

I was experiencing fear about something coming up and that's the contrast that's gotten me thinking about all of this. To feel better I've worked on my thinking, said "I love you" to myself when I felt resistance, used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), asked my Inner Being for help and guidance, and other techniques. I do feel better...and what I experience around me seems very personal now. What I'm seeing is the result of past thinking. I'm feeling some excitement now with the realization that I can change my thinking and see the results expressing in the physical world. I'm beginning to feel freedom from bondage in the material world and the light bulb coming on that the world reflects what I think. How interesting then, to watch it manifest and to work on my thinking as I go.

So much is happening in my awareness...and so gently and quickly. I'm off to play with this whole magical idea. I have the feeling I can have it all and it feels grand!

Wishing you a magical day filled with unexpected delights.


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