Thursday, August 17, 2006

What if you feel great then something happens that doesn't feel so good

Continuing on this increasing experience of well-being, especially since my discovery to say "I love you" to myself when I felt anything unpleasant/resistance (Epiphany, 8/6/06 post):

I just posted a rampage of Abe quotes that felt good to me today. When I make a leap of well-being, it has happened that resistance has come up in my body or in my life. The more I practice choosing thoughts that feel good, the easier it gets to let go of the resistance. I can see the time when the movement to increasing well being will be smooth and the Universe will take care of the old beliefs with little notice or resistance on my part. Today I was especially looking for that quote on guilt about having things better than others which was part of the resistance that came up to the desires that are coming from this increased feeling of well-being. Sweet relief!

But if resistance happens when I make a change to well-being, what I do is keep focused on wanting to feel good and walk toward it. If something is appearing to malfunction, I take care of whatever really needs to be taken care of, but always listen to whether it feels good to do so. It can be interesting to notice the old beliefs and to choose to let them fade away. It's wonderful to have answers come to me when I ask. (I will be posting more later about some of the answers I've gotten this week.)

I want to offer what has comforted and helped me so much, a way I have of thinking about positive change: If you have an insight or work your way into well-being in some way and then something negative happens or you have thoughts that don't feel good, just know that they are coming up to be released. They are nothing, they are not real, even physical symptoms in the body. (see footnote) What's left of the old is coming up for a chance for you to choose to let it go. That old belief is weak at that point. You are at a much higher level of well-being and are able to let it go. If you don't let it go, that's ok, there will be another chance and another and another. Just keep turning to your path. Each day, each moment, is new and fresh.

If you don't realize it is coming up to be released then you might have thoughts like, "What am I doing wrong? I thought I was doing so well. I felt so good and then this happened. What am I doing to attract this?" You aren't doing anything wrong, it's old thinking that was resistance to what you desired. I call it tacking into the wind. When a sailboat changes direction into the wind, the boom shifts over the boat, the boat shifts to the new side, and the sails flap until it catches the wind and takes off. It's dramatic and looks like things are falling apart, but it isn't. It just means keep focused on your path of well-being.

With physical symptoms, I do all kinds of work. I listen to my own counsel and make decisions that feel good. Sometimes that is going to a allopathic physician, although I prefer alternative healing. I do healing myself, get herbs or creams if I feel they are right. I tell the Law of Attraction Manager I want to feel good and ask for good feeling thoughts. I call Unity prayer line (1-800-669-7729...very positive, very compatible with Abraham, you can also call for pets or world events.) There is usually a lot of things my body tells me to do. Most importantly I look at the thoughts that are coming into my mind and usually there are thoughts that are connected. I had a desire and an old conflicting belief at the same time (or more than one). The tension manifests in the body in a way that expresses that push/pull of energy.

More later. Have a beauty of a day!
At some point in my posting I got the guidance not to beat the drum of resistance in my life--what I was experiencing physically, financially, emotionally, etc (and those all happened this time, too). What I'm posting may seem obscure because I don't give details, but that's why. I'm working to be clear about what I am talking about whether I give details or not.
So guilt is "I've got it better than I deserve in [relation to] others who deserve also"? Is that a good definition of guilt? "I'm living more than I deserve..." -- which couldn't possibly happen because Law of Attraction wouldn't let it happen -- " [relation to] others, who are living less than they deserve." Which couldn't happen because Law of Attraction wouldn't let it happen.

In other words, guilt is such a wasted emotion. It's like regret -- you cannot do anything about something that was, so soothe yourself in your now.

Guilt, regret -- get rid of them.

Abraham-Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 5/3/04

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