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Chief Joseph: What is important is your attitude toward what you eat

John Cali

...This week we want to talk about another issue our letter writer raised: eating meat versus being vegetarian....:

I love the newsletters and Chief Joseph. I've never had anyone who made me feel alright exactly the way I am more than Chief Joseph. I love his wisdom.

I have the archival (newsletter) CDs, but I've not found anything in there that discusses eating meat versus vegetarianism or vegetarianism with dairy and egg products. What does he say about this? Is it okay to eat meat, eggs, and dairy products?

I'm sure there are others like me who are wondering about this question. I don't feel guilty about eating meat and send out gratitude to the creatures who are nourishing my body. I feel that, if we can consider men who go to war on behalf of a country patriots and heros, why can't those creatures whose lives go to feed us be heros, too? If I had my druthers, they'd all be raised lovingly and kindly and totally appreciated. Death happens here on earth, but I'd like to raise the quality of life for all things who are here to feed us. But the issue of honoring all life gets confusing. . . .

I mean, aren't I life? Don't I have the right to live safely and well, too? Are we supposed to let all other living things overrun us because we consider them alive? It's confusing. I'm looking forward to Joseph clearing it up for me/us, as it goes way beyond just what we eat. I mean, what if we find a sentient vegetable one day? Then, what?

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

Eating meat versus being vegetarian -- what a huge, often contentious, issue this has become for many of you.

Let us start with something our letter writer asked:

Are we supposed to let all other living things overrun us because we consider them alive?

Years ago, we defined love as "the choice to see the divinity in all beings." We, and others, often use the term "all that is" to mean God, Great Spirit, divine energy -- whatever you prefer.

So, it follows logically, that "all that is" includes all beings -- everything and everyone that exists, past, present, and future. And "all beings" are part of God -- they are God.

You are all God -- humans, animals, birds, insects, vegetables, fruits, plants, trees. Even so-called "inanimate" things, like rocks, are God. All of you go to make up the totality of what you call God.

Part of the problem here, as we see it, is this illusion most of you hold -- the illusion that life and what you call death are opposites and mutually exclusive.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Life -- death -- life after death -- birth -- life after birth -- reincarnation -- these are all part of your eternal being-ness, whether you are a human, a dog, a horse, a bee, a mosquito, a redwood tree, a bean plant, a fish, and so on. All of you exist eternally -- and simultaneously -- in the physical and nonphysical dimensions.

It has always been so.

We realize those of you who have a problem with eating meat, even though you may continue to do it, are sometimes getting hung up on this whole thing about life and death.

The animals you use for food do not have those hangups. They consider their role as your food just a natural part of their flow from life to death, from death to life.

And the same goes for plants -- the vegetables, fruits, grains you use. They too have a consciousness. And, again, they do not consider their life spans, from germination to whatever follows -- "death" as you would call it -- a tragedy. It's just part of their flow from life to death, from death to life.

We realize what a problematic issue this is for so many of you.

But what is far more important here is your attitude toward what you eat -- the food and drink you give your bodies.

If you are eating and drinking something you consider bad, it cannot fully benefit your bodies. Even if it's something most others would consider healthy. On the other hand, if you are eating something most others consider unhealthy, but you do not -- then it cannot harm you.

The bottom line here is very simple. It's all about the energy flowing through you. Energy which you choose, in every present moment, by the thoughts you choose.

And so if you are doing something you believe is bad for you, it is bad -- for you.

Friends, this is all about following your inner guidance. This is all about doing only what feels right and good for you. In practical terms, that means seeking joy in every aspect of your lives. If you do that, you will flourish and thrive.

All is well!

Thank you, Chief Joseph, for that message. The last channeled material in Words of Well-Being was about following the guidance of our bodies about food. I'm attracting a lot of wonderful information about food and care of the body since the Epiphany on 8/6.

In the past, New Age workers always talked about getting the body in a certain condition and vibration in order to be connected, and if we didn't, we would not be connected. There was some fear and guilt about food mixed in with those beliefs. My experience now is that it is the other way around; as I allow the connection, my body follows. As I keep working on my thinking to feel better then I will take care of my body and what I eat.

I suppose it could work either way, depending on the beliefs of the person, but the understanding I take from my experience is that no one is left behind. It works out either way. To paraphrase Abe...fear, guilt, get rid of them! -- Suzanne
The loving words of Chief Joseph are channeled by John Cali. Visit their web site for more articles, information about readings, or to sign up for their newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky:

August 15, 2006 newsletter, Food: Friend or Foe? Part 2

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