Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beautiful music - mantra I love my life, I love my self by Marni

The Law of Attraction Manager, through my friend Gina, brought a wonderful gift today: a mantra "I love my life, I love my self" sung by Marni.

The song displays in a standalone player in the upper right hand corner when you access the web site. If it doesn't come up for you, try clicking on music on the blue bar and doing a search for the title, I Love my Life. Her voice is really lovely.

In Marni's words:

Hi! I've been studying Abraham-Hicks for about 7 years. I know that we create our own reality but I've found that changing habits of thought can be challenging at times. In an effort to really raise my vibration during a difficult time, I started playing with mantras and later, singing them. I found it to be extremely helpful! So I recorded one and put it on myspace music (I've been writing music, playing guitar etc for over 30 years now). It's called I Love My Life! It's been very powerful for me thus far so I'm excited to share it with anyone who might be interested. You can listen and/or download at:




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