Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill Toone's appreciation for natural beauty in Kenya

Kenya: Nighttime at Teacher Camp
Posted at 8:41 am September 29, 2006 by Bill Toone

The nightly cacophony of sounds in the camp probably does not change that much each night, but as we learn more about what is making the noise, we get a clearer picture of the nightly goings on: hippo sounds as opposed to elephant sounds, frogs as opposed to birds or insects, zebras as opposed to impalas.

Tonight, a familiar sound filtered through the noise from either side of the camp: hyenas. Made me think of a similar trip with my wife in Tanzania. We were staying in a mobile tented camp and each evening a canvas of water was placed in front of our tent to wash our hands and face. Usually the canvas is dumped at bedtime but one night this did not happen. In the middle of the night we heard something lapping up the water; we went to the screen door of the tent and enjoyed a moment of face-to-face time with a hyena in the middle of the night.

Last night had been clear with a huge, beautiful full moon coming up in early evening. Even late in the evening it was almost like daylight. Tonight, when we stepped out to listen to the noises, there was no moon and the stars above us were as spectacular as I have ever seen them. Sitting almost on top of the equator, miles and miles from man-made lights, in a sky void of visible air pollution, the Milky Way stood out as nearly a solid swath of light. A remarkable place to sleep. I asked the camp manager if he would leave my tent up after we leave—I just might change my mind and come back!

San Diego Zoo Weblogs
Zoo Weblogs are written by contributors throughout the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and CRES.

Bill Toone is a conservation program specialist for Conservation Education/CRES.

Bill helped implement a teacher training program in Kenya. In blogs, he shares his experience as he works with Dan Rubenstein, a Princeton University scientist, and Louise Bradshaw, the St. Louis Zoo’s education director, to inspire the next generation of Kenyans to work for wildlife conservation. Read Bill’s previous blog, Kenya: Elephant Encounter.

Abraham-Hicks and Seth: You are creators

I read the Seth material in the 1970's and early 80's. I learned quite a bit, but still wanted more. Abe's information about the relationship between feelings and reality creation was the key for me. There is great value in the wisdom of both:

When we say, "You are creators," you think we are talking about creating furniture, or creating houses, or creating empires, or creating relationships. That isn't what we talk about when we talk about creating. We are talking about the creating of your state of being. And when you have understood that, and are giving that your dominant attention, then all of the physical trappings of this Universe will fall into alignment in such glorious fashion that you will amaze even yourself. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH ACTION. IT IS THROUGH FOCUSING UPON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning

Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances. There is no other valid way of changing physical events. It might help if you imagine an inner living dimension within yourself, in which you create, in miniature psychic form, all the exterior conditions that you know. Simply put, you do exactly this. ~ Seth

It is not so much that man or nature seeks to satisfy needs, but to exuberantly, rambunctiously seek pleasure-and through following its pleasure each organism finds and satisfies his needs as well... ~ Seth

In one context what you call physical reality is a dream, but in a larger context it is a dream that you have created. When you realize that you form it you come into the memory of your whole self.... And when you realize that you form the events of your life in the same way, you will learn to take hold of your entire consciousness in whatever aspect it shows itself in this life. Through all of this you must realize that you are not powerless. Remember, also, that this life is a dimension of experience and reality even if it is, in contrast, a dream in a higher level of reality in which you have your larger consciousness. ~ Seth

So, it's time to stop fretting, because there's no end to what you will want, and there's no end to your ability to move there. There's nothing that you need to prove to anyone. Life is supposed to be good....You're really, really doing well. It really is time to stop fretting about anything. And what we notice, when we feel you, and when we feel Esther and so many of you, the thing you fret over, more than all other things put together, is your perceived imperfection. You fret over not being where you think you should be, and we don't know where you get this stuff. We could see it, if Source energy was way over here really expecting something of you...but Source doesn't feel that way, Source is always saying, All Is Well, All Is Well, Come This Way. You don't get it from us, you must be getting it from each other.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, OR, 7/22/06
I picked these quotes from Mousie's lovely blog, Well Being Abounds.

Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

All quotations from Seth were channeled by Jane Roberts and copyright held by her estate or as assigned.

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Alan Cohen: Never too Soon to Love

At age 15 I attended a summer camp where I developed a major crush on a cute girl named Roberta. Since the boys’ and girls’ sides of the camp were separate and the two groups rarely interacted, I saw Roberta only occasionally and at a distance. But when I did, my heart sang.

One evening the camp leaders took pity on our pining adolescent hormones and organized a coed excursion to a roller skating rink. There I got up the nerve to invite Roberta to skate with me. We held hands for a few minutes and I was in heaven. I didn’t wash that hand for weeks. (Not that I washed it much anyway.)

I saw Roberta a few more times during the summer, but felt shy and tongue-tied. She was such a babe and I was such a dweeb, I concluded. We said hi politely, but that was it.

Summer ended and we went home to separate cities. I thought often of Roberta, cherishing the evening I touched her and the few thrilling moments we connected. I dearly wished to meet someone else I felt so excited about.

Three years later I saw Roberta at a party. She was still so beautiful, and I felt that sparkle again. To my dismay, she showed me an engagement ring on her finger.

More confident at 18 than 15, I revealed my feelings for her. “When we were in summer camp I had a huge crush on you,” I confessed. “The night we skated together was the highlight of my summer. I have thought about you a lot since them.”

A bittersweet smile grew over Roberta’s face. “I have a confession, too,” she admitted. “I had a crush on you. I remember that night very well.”

I was shocked; I had no idea! Then Roberta made a poignant comment that has affected thousands of my decisions, to this day: “Who knows?” she mused. “If either of us had the guts to speak up then, this might have been your ring on my finger now.”

It is said that when we come to the end of our life, it is not the things we did that we regret; it is the things we didn’t do. Buddha taught, “There are two reasons great ideas never come to fruition: 1. Not finishing. 2. Not beginning.” So it goes for great relationships.

While many people err by diving into relationships too soon, others err by waiting too long to dive ― or never diving at all. Such people stand shivering on the shore, feeling too shy or fearful to jump. Others hesitate because they have been hurt and shield their heart. Others are too picky. Still others feel safer holding a crush at a distance, taking refuge in fantasy rather than risking in reality. Yet all do not recognize that the aliveness they would gain by asking for what they want far exceeds the safety they perceive in hiding.

When I asked a seminar audience, “What would you do if you were not afraid?” A woman raised her hand and declared, “I would ask a certain man to go to a party with me this weekend.” In a moment of boldness, I offered the woman my cell phone and asked her if she would be willing to phone him on the spot. Being a good sport, she agreed and stepped outside to make the call. Ten minutes later she returned with an enormous smile. “I have a date!” she proclaimed to the tune of wild applause.

When I returned to the same city a year later I asked a friend of the woman if she had seen her recently. “I certainly have,” her friend reported. “I went to her wedding on New Year’s Day . . . She married the fellow she phoned at your seminar.”

You may be closer than you know to having the relationship your heart desires. You might be but one phone call away. While you may believe that your mate is far down the road, your key step may simply be a leap of faith. You may not need to lose 10 pounds; get over your childhood sexual abuse trauma; come to terms with your ex-; get financially stable; get rid of your current lover; move to Sedona; or . . .or . . . or . . . Life has not prescribed such prerequisites ― you have. Just as you have made them up, you can step beyond them. Fear has many reasons not to love; love has one reason not to fear: It alone is real.

The path to your dreams is not paved with self-protection; it is paved with trust and a sense of adventure. That road widens with your willingness to step forth even if visibility is less than full. You don’t need to see the whole staircase ― just the next step. Leaps of faith are rewarded far more often than building survival bunkers. Hesitation pales in the face of resolution. Look before you leap ― but then leap. You may land in a place far richer than where you stood.

Copyright by Alan Cohen: Never too Soon to Love. Alan Cohen's Articles from the Heart.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: It doesn't matter if you don't get it done, it's just fun to do it

When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily they are implemented easily. It's fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn't matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn't matter if you don't get it done, it's just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/15/03

I can read an Abe quote one day and see one thing and another day see something entirely new. I just looked at the above quote this morning and this stands out: doesn't matter if you don't get it done.... My protestant work ethic looks at this quote and thinks "What??!!" LOL

I woke up this morning thinking about the work I was setting up for myself for the next few months and that it was from my old way of thinking. Is it fun? Yes, in some ways and my desires have been answered in many ways. I'm in training to do taxes beginning in January. I like learning something new, the bosses are great, they are opening a new office a few blocks from my house which will be a special plus in the winter, I like having money flow, and while I've never done taxes before, this type of work is familiar to me. I was thinking last night in class that I am learning ways that will help me manage money, invest it, and be wise about handling it. I have been desiring money and LOA has brought me work that will be dealing with money.

Is it my bliss? Not quite yet! I think the most fun I've had this year was writing purple prose for a contest. It was so easy and so much fun to write and there was a bonus: our entries were numbered and we were to vote on our choices for a final round. The numbers for my favorites looked like lottery numbers to me; I played them and won $200. They didn't have any big bills when I cashed it in and I can still remember how much fun it was to have them count out this big stack of money in my hand. I've been thinking that it would be great to get a job where I wrote purple prose for a living. Writing the book jackets or blurbs for romance novels kind of fits in that category. I wonder if that is a specific job and one person who writes them for a publisher?

When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily they are implemented easily. It's fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn't matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn't matter if you don't get it done, it's just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

Abraham-Hicks, 3/15/03

My loving connection with my Inner Being flows to me and through me as joy.

Ideas come to me easily.

My ideas are implemented easily.

Everything about my ideas is fun to me.

I don't care how my ideas unfold, I just enjoy them.

I'm carefree. Whatever happens with my ideas is always right for me.

It doesn't matter if I get it done or not. I'm totally relaxed about it.

I have fun playing with my ideas.

I just have fun. There's nothing I need to do or should do or have to do. I have no limits.
Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beautiful music - mantra I love my life, I love my self by Marni

The Law of Attraction Manager, through my friend Gina, brought a wonderful gift today: a mantra "I love my life, I love my self" sung by Marni.

The song displays in a standalone player in the upper right hand corner when you access the web site. If it doesn't come up for you, try clicking on music on the blue bar and doing a search for the title, I Love my Life. Her voice is really lovely.

In Marni's words:

Hi! I've been studying Abraham-Hicks for about 7 years. I know that we create our own reality but I've found that changing habits of thought can be challenging at times. In an effort to really raise my vibration during a difficult time, I started playing with mantras and later, singing them. I found it to be extremely helpful! So I recorded one and put it on myspace music (I've been writing music, playing guitar etc for over 30 years now). It's called I Love My Life! It's been very powerful for me thus far so I'm excited to share it with anyone who might be interested. You can listen and/or download at:


A technique to feel good using the phrase All is Well

Saying I love you to myself when I feel upset about something or someone I see and saying to myself All is Well whenever I feel like it are becoming profound experiences. My path to remembering deliberate creation is coming more and more to be inside me.

Even though I know deliberate reality creation is about my thinking and that I create my world, still my desires were about something I wanted to have, be or do. I used techniques to change my thinking to feel better, but also felt good when I had, did or was something I wanted. I was trying to hedge my bet and feel better to have what I wanted. I've decided to leave the manifesting to God now. I'm noticing that I have to take much less action than I used to think I needed.

The path to well-being seems to curl inside me now. I get a visual of it curving and fading off into the distance in some great space that I am inside. This space is vast, pretty, natural. The path is smooth to walk on, but curves attractively. I want to follow it.

I find myself mulling over the thought that the outside world is a reflection of the inside. Shakti Gawain wrote that we are to be in the world, but not of it, and that has always intrigued me. I think about Buddism and non-attachment. About Ghandi saying be the peace we want to see in the world.

A new technique

Most days I open a new email, write thoughts, channel, or whatever, and save it in a folder marked "Journal." This morning I started typing something I appreciated and then entered All is well.

I love blogging. All is well. I love the feeling of appreciation when I write. All is well. The air coming in my window smells so fresh and clean. All is well. I love hearing the crickets and fall sounds of geese flying over. All is well. I really enjoy the feeling of energy I have. All is well. I love how much I've gotten done today. All is well. I have good books to read and DVDs to watch when I feel like relaxing. All is well.

I entered this as long as it felt good. Then did some tasks. When I started feeling resistance to something I was doing I opened my daily email and did the appreciations again.

I'm feeling more and more that the path to allowing is loving and appreciating myself. One reason I enjoy channeling is the experience of joining with the loving non-physical energy. Loving and appreciating myself feels like that, too. I am a powerful creator, we all are, and that's just the way it is. So, that's a given and I don't have to strengthen that muscle. It's all about allowing the connection with Source, with my Inner Being. Choosing to feel well-being not only feels good, it becomes the radiating focus that is reflected back to me and which I experience.

Abe says we never get it done and I'm now getting to the point where this is becoming a pleasant thought. I can feel good right matter what. Feeling good is something I can have any time by choosing my thoughts. And feeling good is really what I want. We can always feel better...and better...and better. I don't mind feeling good being something I never get done! As long as I have control over how I feel and can feel good right now then that's ok with me.
I was reading some blogs I enjoy and thinking about appreciation. I enjoy reading the ones that are sharing their appreciation -- I feel appreciation then, too (Pink Wishes). I love nature and enjoy the interactions between Dave and the critters in his yard in Backyard Ponds. And I also enjoy the ones that I feel appreciation for something they are presenting, like humor, cleverness (indexed) or something I find really interesting (Your Daily Art).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Allowing is about being kind to myself

I just channeled in Words of Well-Being and have the feeling that the allowing that Abe is talking about is about being kind to myself.

We never get it done. We are good at this. All is well. It really is.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It all comes together ~ All is Well all starts to come together. I started this blog to post about the process of finding my way to well-being -- to discuss techniques that worked, discoveries made along the way, how I felt and what I did to feel better.

For a long time, there was a pattern of feeling like I was in the old thought world and doing the work to feel better. The new I desired would come in, and I enjoyed it, but still feeling like I was in the old, I continued to work to feel better.

For quite some time I've been intrigued by manifestation and what it means. What does it mean to align with our desires? For the desire seemed like the "new" to me. I was wanting to live in the "new" world of well-being and when I was there I would know it -- I would reside in that promised land.

Waiting for circumstances to change so you can feel good is like looking in a mirror waiting for your reflection to smile first. ~Bashar

All possible "versions" of your reality already exist. In fact, they are all here - right under your nose - right Here, right Now. However, most of these "versions" are invisible to us, and they become "visible" only when we "tune" ourselves (via our beliefs), to be compatible and resonant with the frequencies of any one particular "version". ~Bashar

There is only Now. There is no past, no future...only Now. So, if I have a desire it is truly right here. I ask and Source answers...Now.

I use a lot of different techniques to clear unpleasant beliefs and feel better, but there are two simple things I do that are powerful for me. I say "I love you" to myself when I feel upset about something in the outer world or about myself. And the other is to say "All is Well." I feel the Connection to Source when I say those two phrases -- sometimes it's a little feeling of affection or loving warmth, but it reminds me and that's enough.

I've said it to myself enough that I can hear the answering echo of my belief when I say it. Yes, All is Well. Yes, I love you!

I started out talking about my curiosity about manifestation and how it happens. I understand now that manifestation doesn't "happen." Manifestation is discovered. It's appreciated. It's noticed. I am in the Promised Land right now.

Prompted to go perform some perfectly ordinary task, you return to see a glorious sunset out of your window. "I am here!" says the Love that is eager to enter your life at every turn. Do you hear us? This Love that keeps the Universe in motion, that is the dance of life in the miracle that is your body...this Love adores you and calls to you, "I am here! I am here!" There is no more that is needed for you to experience the well-being that is your true nature. You may have the desire for other ideas or experiences, but all that is needed is to trust that All Is Well. Through constant change, All Is Well. Through joy and sorrow, All Is Well. It is the eternal Truth of Being and the gift we would give you today with our love.

~ Words of Well-Being, 9/18/06 Post

Bashar quotes copyright © by Darryl Anka. Bashar Home Page

Words of Well-Being channeled by Suzanne Keyes. Copyright © by Suzanne Keyes.

Affirmation of the day: I love life!

I love life! I love living. I attract good in my life at every turn. I am a beacon of Light shining in the Universe and I enjoy life thoroughly.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Reworking creativity affirmations with Abish wording

A friend sent a link to creativity affirmations. When I read them, I had an immediate desire to rework them with Abe words that already work to quickly uplift my feelings.

For example:

Original affirmation:

I spend ten minutes each morning and evening, thinking over my problems.


I spend ten minutes each morning and evening visualizing my desires.

Original affirmation:

I treat each new problem I encounter as a new door to be opened, and an opportunity to be creative.


I treat each rocket of desire I send out as a new door to be opened, and an opportunity to be creative.

But then I wondered if there was a more feel good word than creative:

I treat each rocket of desire I send out as a new door to be opened, and an opportunity to feel good.


I treat each rocket of desire I send out as a new door to be opened, and an opportunity allow Source energy to flow through me.


I treat each rocket of desire I send out as a new door to be opened, and an opportunity to allow my good to come to me.

An affirmation should be clean and simple and these are getting complicated. The important thing would be for it to feel good when I say it.

The original affirmations are also designed for the speaker to "allow" their creativity to flow -- to allow ambiguity, learning, and comfort with the process -- and to take action. That packs a lot of meaning into the word "creativity" and I'm adding more words instead. The words I'm using are about feelings, not taking action either. So, I'll have to think about this.

The original creativity affirmations can be found at Creative Resources. I believe they are saying the affirmations are from Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.

Please post a comment if you have some thoughts on ways to rework these affirmations. I'd love to read them.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: The art of allowing

You say, “I know the reason that I feel bad is because something bad has happened.”

We would like to clarify that. The reason that you feel bad is that you are giving your attention to the absence of something you want.

And you say, “yes, but how can I not give my attention to the absence of something I want when something bad has happened? When something is before me, how can I not feel bad?”

And we say, “don’t look at it.”

And you say, “but how can I not look at something that is before me?”

And we say, “look someplace else.”

And you say …this is what you really say… ‘but it’s so much easier to look at this.”

And we say, “we know it is, because you’ve been activating a vibration and Law of Attraction is surrounding you with things like that.”

So we know it’s easier to look at what is right in front of you. It’s easier to just turn on the television and watch what is given to you. Takes more effort to selectively sift, but when you care about how you feel and when you remember that your emotions are telling you about these points of vibrational relationship…these points of vibrational relativity between where you are in this moment and who you really are and who you really have become then you care more keenly about how you feel because you want as much as you can to be vibrationally up to speed with the whole of that which you are.

Your guidance and that which is your Source is never criticizing you or feeling criticism about where you are because the only thing that matters is the relationship between where you are and where you want to be and Source is so where you want to be and calling you toward It that if you’ll give yourself a break. If you’ll get off your own back. If you’ll lighten up a little bit. If you’ll relax where you are and listen for the call and not expect it to sound like harps, but expect it to sound like relief. Expect it to sound like something that feels just a little better than where I am. Then you’ll begin to hear the call of Source and you’ll begin to close that vibrational gap and you’ll begin to stop resisting and start practicing the art of allowing.

And you’ll begin to, more often than not, offer one signal. You will begin to offer this powerful signal and one who is connected to the Stream is more powerful than millions who are not. In other words, when you stop scattering your own energy, you’re going to be knocked over by the Universal influences…by the sequence of conditions and circumstances and others that reveal themselves to you in a constant steady stream of helping you along the way.

....What we want is for you to realize is that everything is working out for you. Even the things that seem like a wrong turn are things that are working out for you. And if you could accept that and get into that giving-yourself-a-break-everything-works-out-for-me attitude, you will find the next and the next and the next and the next. And before you know it, you’re going to begin doing what you intended to do when you decided to come forth into this body...enjoying the journey.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, 1/14/06
Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Good vibrations through EFT and Law of Attraction

Articles and podcasts by Carol Look and Rick Wilkes. I use EFT a lot and it works well with LOA. This is what Carol and Rick are offering:

We want to help you feel good... REALLY GOOD! Tapping into the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and combining it with the intentional use of the Law of Attraction, you can shift your vibration from feelings of powerlessness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, and stress... to hope, optimism, happiness, confidence, and gratitude.

EFT Talk

Saturday, September 02, 2006


When you are ready, close your eyes and consider a challenge you are facing.

Then open your eyes and click on the twinkling star that calls to you.

Visit TwinkleStars by Cheryl Richardson.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 1 Abraham-Hicks based affirmation: the cells of my body know what they are doing

Day 1 Affirmation based on Abraham-Hicks:

Well being is mine. The cells of my body know exactly how to ask and what to do. I get out of the way, relax, and trust. All is well. The Universe yields to me in a way that is comfortable, easy and fun.

Abraham quote:

Well being should be yours and your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do. And if you could completely get out of the way and trust you would become well again.


As well as doing the well-being journaling experience for 30 days, I've decided to do an affirmation based on an Abraham quote each day. I'm going to use the pattern suggested by Louise Hay, I believe it was in her book Heal Your Body:

While looking in mirror, repeat 10 times, twice a day. Also write the affirmation out 10 times sometime during the day.

There's a whole lot of good stuff goin' on. :)
Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

Affirmation: Everywhere I go, I trust, relax and know that the Universe is my friend.

My heart is open. Everywhere I go, I trust, relax, and know that the Universe is my friend. I believe that my inner guidance is gentle and kind, and that people are sending me love wherever I go. I broadcast a beam of love to everyone around me.

I adapted this affirmation for me from a quote in Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, channels for Orin and DaBen. Their website features a Creating Your Highest Futures Room where you can click on a title of one of their books and receive a quote like the one above. They also offer a personal affirmation for the day on many topics like abundance, developing your mind, opening your channel, and flowing emotions in their Daily Affirmation Room.

I have asked to understand exactly how reality creation works. Specfically, the last few days I have been asking what to do each day, what action to take. There is a platform that I am standing on and my rockets of desire have been launched. The Universe has already answered and I want to let the Universe handle the "how." I want to know how to feel good all along the way and what action to take each day. What has happened is that I have been given all kinds of practical information, resources and guidance. I've been given lots of ways to look at things differently and I really appreciate it. I have a desire to look at my life in a new way. The platform is old thinking and I didn't know how to look at it differently. I am willing to change and just relax into that willingness knowing I'm supported. I asked and within two or three days have gotten an abundance of guidance, some I've mentioned in my blog, some not. I've slept over 12 hours every night. My body wanted it and it has helped bring emotional balance with change. I've been clearing resistant thoughts using EFT, giving my feelings to God and just relaxing into myself in that Presence. I love the Abraham-Hicks placemat process and use my own adaptation of it. These are just some of the guidance and resources in the last three days:

I channel for myself and appreciate the loving, loving guidance
Consulted the Gaia-Mind problem-solving 3 card reading and got incredible guidance, amazingly on target and helpful
Drew Runes the same day and got confirmation on this guidance
Signed up for The Grand Goddess' 30 day group journaling experience using Abraham-Hicks principles which starts today
Discovered Orin & DaBen's Creating Your Highest Futures Room yesterday.
Found some really helpful, practical tips for using affirmations and EFT by Dr. Joseph Mercola

At the heart, I know it is not the circumstances that I really want to change, it is how I relate to myself. The outer conditions are only the appearance that reflect how I think about who I am. And the thinking can change. It doesn't matter if I thought it 58 years or 1 day. It's just a thought.

I relax, trust God, and let my good come to me. The journey is about coming home to loving myself right here, right now, just as I am. Not when I get this figured out. Not when I get the conditions that I want. Right Now. I can feel that there appears to be a gap when I think of the conditions and what I desire. When I realize that what I really want is to love myself it's as if the world doesn't exist and I stand face to face with myself.