Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How we heal from physical expressions of dis-ease

I've been going through an intense energy change for about two weeks. There's so much going on physically and emotionally that I didn't blog it.

It started about two weeks ago with bronchitis. I was experiencing changes in my sleep patterns. The last two Saturdays I couldn't get to sleep at all until 6 or 7 am on Sunday morning. They were two dark nights of the soul, really up against fears, the second one not as intense as the first time. I had erratic energy levels, feelings of racing energy sometimes and was waking up with it when I was sleeping. I felt fatigue during the day and really irritable.

The physical symptoms are familiar. Bronchitis and pneumonia are very old patterns for me from childhood. It's where my body expresses the feelings I didn't deal with and lets me know it doesn't want them stored inside anymore. I used to get really sick because I was barely aware of what the emotions were. When I was a child I knew I felt like I was suffocating emotionally and could feel that with the dis-ease, but didn't know what to do about it.

The more I let the connection between my feelings/physical symptoms be conscious and deal with it, the easier the physical dis-ease is released. This time I didn't concern myself so much with trying to understand memories or feelings I could only vaguely put together. I just recognized that they were coming up at the same time as the bronchitis, were from childhood and very familiar, they didn't feel good, and I did the energy work or journaling or prayer or whatever was needed to move the energy along.

That's one of the wonderful things about energy work. I have a masters in clinical social work and have been a counselor. Talking therapy does work, but the energy work is where the real revolution is now and has been in a pretty big way for about 20 years. We can move the energy of those stored experiences or thoughts very quickly with it. And the most important part is that we don't have to remember these thoughts or connect them with events/emotions or even understand them. We can just plain let it go and move on to something better.

That being said. I am not bashing doctors. I have always said what God doesn't provide inside is provided outside. So, it's a matter of doing what seems right at the time and I've certainly gone to doctors and appreciated their healing arts. The theory of the mind/body connection has been around in the popular press since the 60's. Knowing it intellectually and really experiencing it are two different things. It's a big step for me to really be aware that this symptom I experience, this "bronchitis," is really a healing process for my body. It's looking at it from another, and much more positive, perspective. And this time, for the first time, I became aware that what was going on was my body attempting to go to a new energy level.

Here's how I have experienced that working: I have the desire for prosperity, allowing myself to be successful at what I really enjoy, just loving myself more, and always, always...to feel better. And the bronchitis/pneumonia was an expression of my resistance. I had gotten to a certain point and it was time to clean out more of those suffocating beliefs about myself and the world that wouldn't allow what I desired.

When we make decisions when we are very young, it seems like the way things are. The most difficult for me to see have been the decisions I made about myself. I was so young that I didn't have the emotional equipment to really look at it and I wasn't even aware of the actual thoughts. It just seemed like the truth.

It's all about something I've been talking about a lot, me trusting the Universe and having faith. The part that fascinates me right now is recognizing that what is going on is wanting to go to a new energy level and allowing more life energy to go through me and to me. And this has to happen for me to love myself more, be more successful at what I enjoy, etc.

I think there is just so much we can be aware of. So, we have the tip of the iceberg and if we don't let it move and get it out then we don't know what is underneath it. We can't see it. I had old stuffed feelings and thoughts and patterns of behaving that were often subconscious and the more I clear them and allow energy to move, the faster they are released.

That first burst of energy for a day or two as the blocks clear feels like I'm flying inside. It doesn't feel under my control. But now I have enough trust in the Universe to know I don't have to know what's going on. All I have to do is get out of the way and enjoy the ride and the more I get out of the way, the faster it feels like it's going, but it's ok. I don't have to do anything about it or watch it or control it or pay attention to it at all. It's safe. And as I trust I come in snyc with that energy and it feels comfortable to me. And then I have access to more life energy, awareness, and new ideas. And it just keeps going that way, like a red carpet rolling out at my feet.

It's like I've been trying to control the flow of God through me because it didn't feel like it was under my control and I didn't have the trust to just let it flow -- what I thought was alive and interesting didn't fit the way my family, local culture, and ex-husband thought. Well, that Life Energy, God, isn't under my control -- I can only control whether I allow myself to experience it or whether I resist it -- and for a very long time I tried to tamp it down, not make waves if I could. Not successfully. I just had a foot in two different worlds, not both feet on the ground going in the same direction.

The Abraham-Hicks material talks about all of this and there are many other teachers who say similar things in different ways. I called the Unity prayer line on my first Saturday dark night of the soul. The woman who answered was incredible. I said a sentence or two and she knew what I was going through -- among other things she told me was that it was a dark night of the soul. She told me life was meant to be an adventure. Trust.

Know that there is so much love for you in the physical world and the non-physical. There is only Love. There is only God. As Abraham-Hicks, says, there is only a Source of Well-Being.

And isn't that grand :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Gift of Love from Gaia-Mind

The Gift Love
from the Grace Suit
Key concept: Recognising the Oneness between you and All That Is; loving yourself; sharing

All life is the spiritual evolution toward the realisation that we are Love. God is Love and created us in the same way. Our spiritual journey is just the falling away of illusions through healing, to the recognition of love as who we fundamentally are. Love is sharing. Love is giving. Love is extending oneself to another. Love is receiving from another. Love is the recognition of the lines of joining - the Oneness - which exists between us and ALL THAT IS. Only our beliefs that we are other than this make a world of pain. It is the remembrance, or the discovery, of who we truly are which leads to a world of love and safety.

Using the card: If you receive this card today, it is a day for rejoicing. Today is a day when you are most receptive to receiving, recognising and being directed by God's Love for you and for the whole world. Today you are an ambassador and minstrel of love. You bring glad tidings of true reality. Let your day be filled with love for yourself, and love will pour through you to others. It will help you to remember who you are, and allow you to be the conduit for healings and miracles.

Gaia-Mind: From the beginning, we intended Gaia to be a vehicle for revelation, for synchronicity, for the unexpected miracle of grace. We believed technology could do something unpredictable, spontaneous, emotional, illogical. They have many interactive, intuitive features for healing the body and relationships. The above is one of the cards from the Problem Solving 3 Card Reading. It's a lovely site with much to offer. Check it out at http://www.gaia-mind.com/Healing.asp.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Abraham-Hicks on Freedom

We want to speak about freedom: This is a Vibrational Universe. The only Source that flows is the Source of Well-Being. And, physical and Non-physical, we are all free to allow that Well-Being to flow to us and through us, or we can pinch it off. It is our call--every time...

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 2/28/04-B

Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Half water - half air. The glass is completely full.

You acknowledge that your Inner Being exists? And we say to you that your Inner Being is very old, it has lived thousands of Life experiences. Your Inner Being sits now as the culmination of all that you have lived -- very decided, very sure and very happy -- in a place that by your standards, you would say is pure ecstasy. Your role, your work is to harmonize with you, which means -- think thoughts that make you feel good -- Speak words that make you feel good.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 7/4/91

I've been just thinking about this off and on since I read it last night. I am my Inner Being. My Inner Being is me. Seems like I should be feeling pretty damned good!

I want more of the things I have been desiring to show up in my life and I've been working with Abe's concepts for a couple of years. They work pretty good for me. I've been learning how to be at peace with myself and life around me. My intention is also certainly to have, be, and do what I desire and to enjoy life more. Even though Abe said the feeling part was what was important, I was still focused more on what I wanted. In the last few weeks I've focused more on the "being" part. Abe says that when we feel good we allow our desires to flow to us. I'm kind of deciding that maybe they know what they are talking about after all and I don't have to reel in the money to pay the rent like a fish on a line.

I hoped that there would be a time when I wouldn't be working at it so much, but I'm not sure that's going to come for me. Abe says we never get it done and even the little feelings of irritation create. I think those of us who choose this path of conscious deliberate creation do have to keep "working" at it. I know I've been exploring spiritual ideas and personal growth since my teens so this is no different for me. One thing that has happened is that I've found quite a few techniques that work well and work quickly so it is easier to work my way up to feeling good.

Some day I may live out in the woods and have a simple existence. Sit on my porch and listen to the birds, go inside at night and pet my cat. Where life is just an enjoyable experience of living peacefully, coexisting with nature and the spirits of the earth.

Not right now though. Now that I'm starting to experience conscious deliberate creation as really working, I want to explore. I want to create. Have fun with it.

Had this thought earlier this morning: If you see a glass half full of water it's not that the glass is half empty or half full. It's completely full because half is water and half is air which also nourishes us. So, there isn't lack in either place in the glass. I think this can carry over into anything we look at. Any situation or person. Certainly ourselves. It's just how we look at it that will determine whether we will see what is there for us.

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Abraham-Hicks Publications, P. O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269. Visit the official Abraham site at: www.abraham-hicks.com/

Saturday, January 14, 2006

More about how we come into harmony with the experience we want

When you know that you want something, and you give your attention to that which you are wanting, and you vibrate with it -- it always comes to you. When you know that you want something and you notice that it isn't coming, by your attention to the lack of it, you hold it away from you -- it is really that simple.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop recording 8/31/93

Interesting to think about. The key seems to be the part that says "and you vibrate with it." I've had that experience, but it just seemed to happen. It didn't seem to be anything I did to make it happen. My first year in college I just "knew" that Purdue was going to the Rose Bowl. I got a job and didn't even count my money along the way or plan. I didn't worry about a thing. Purdue did go and I had all the money I needed to go to California. It just happened in such an easy way. I think the desire this was fulfilling was a desire to travel and it was fun to go with college friends.

I seem to definitely be completing anything that was left hanging from the past. I had a box that had been moved and moved and I'd never gone through. I found a letter written by my ex-husband after our divorce -- very honest, painful and wonderful at the same time. I wish we'd been able to talk that directly when we were married. I know I would have to have been a different person to have allowed that. I'm glad to know I'm much more capable of it now. I found some letters and cards from old boyfriends I dated after my divorce. Found something else that made me realize a childhood memory of abuse was true --something I just never could believe, but I knew right then that it was true. I don't miss the marriage or boyfriends and certainly not childhood traumas. I have felt at peace about all of it for some time. But this seems like a very final affirmation and ending. It feels really good to have something tangible to physically throw away as a way of really letting it all go. Out with the old energy. In with the new. It's completed. It's gone. Enough.

Trust seems to be the key for me. If I trust that Source is going to provide good things and what I do each day is what feels right to me, then...well, then life will be an adventure for one thing. I won't be planning things out for days or years to come!

It is an incredibly beautiful day today. Blue sky and white clouds, cold and windy... but beautiful from the toasty warmth of my office. Today I feel like working on my novel and have some other stuff in mind.

Life is good.

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Abraham-Hicks Publications, P. O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269. Visit the official Abraham site at: www.abraham-hicks.com/

Friday, January 13, 2006

How to stay on your path when what you don't want is staring you in the face

You've trained yourself to face reality. You've trained yourself to tell the truth. You've trained yourself to tell it like it is. So in the beginning, these fantasies feel a little inappropriate, because it's like you're fooling yourself. Sometimes people will say, "Well, isn't this just denial?" And we say, we hope so! We hope that you are denying the absence that you do not want. And we hope that you are embracing the presence of what you do. But somehow the idea of denial has become a dirty word to you; like it is virtuous to face the reality of the horror of your own lives. And we would be ignoring anything that did not please us. We would get our eyes on what feels good."

Expressed by Abraham-Hicks, 3/9/01*

In another quote Abraham states that ignoring is more accurately what they are saying and that's my experience, too. This is especially effective when you have something you are experiencing every day and your desire is for something different. For example, if every step you take your knees hurt and your desire is to walk freely. If you have $3 in your pocket and $10 in the bank and your desire is to pay the rent. For one thing, bless this situation because it is a powerful way to fine tune your desire. You are really aware of what you want in this situation and what is holding you back.

One way to stay on the path of what I want is to say affirmations. The minute I feel the pain or have any fear or worry I find the statements that give me relief. "I am facing in the right direction. I know I am on my path. I am making the right choices for me. I have help along the way. The money is here for me. All is well. There is only well being. I am guided to my desires. I walk easily and effortlessly. There is no order of miracles. This is my Universe and I can ask for anything I want." I say whatever makes me feel better.

If resistance comes up there are several ways to release it. The psychological defense which is termed denial is usually not helpful because it is unconscious and we don't get the chance to deal with whatever is causing problems. We just carry feelings around and have a bandaid of denial over them. It's helpful in times of trauma because it allows time to pass and the person to heal to a point where they can face the traumatic event. It's not helpful in the case of a bully who beats up on people because he feels insecure. He never gives himself the chance to realize his worth because he denies feeling insecure.

So, the type of denial that is helpful here is ignoring. There are so many cases where doctors have told their patients they would never walk or they would have some condition for the rest of their life. The patient decides they will heal and they do through their own determination and desire. It's ignoring somebody else's "truth" and going for your own. It's saying, well, this might be the conditions right now, but that doesn't matter, I'm going to create what I want.

If I have something I want and I think about it and feel great then nothing else needs to be done but enjoy it. If I have a resistant feeling then I want to find some way to soothe that. When there is something staring me in the face every day, then I had to find ways to feel better right then and there.

I might do Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on the feelings to release them. Or I might just keep adjusting my statements until I find one that feels better. If I say "The money is here for me" and the thought comes "no it's not." I could say something like, "I know this works and I will find the way." I might distract myself by going to a movie or doing something around the house. I also ask guides and teachers for a sign. I might say, "I want to know I'm on the right path. Give me a sign, please." I ask for guidance. I ask for what is the next step in learning how to be a conscious deliberate creator. And I get it! I might tell my Inner Being that I need to have that feeling of connection and then it happens. It's really wonderful when that happens, very reassuring.

I use some of the techniques Abraham has recommended like the placemat. I have a document that I use to put in my requests to the Law of Attraction manager. I write it all out then say, Please take care of this for me, Manager. Thank you! And then I let it go. I know it will either come to me or I will be guided to take some action.

It's all of these little experiences every day that help me build up trust in Source Energy and in myself. It's allowed me to turn from a way of thinking that fit my family and the people around me, but never fit me. The world seems like a very interesting place to me now. Much more interesting than before. I was good in school and college, but found it boring. I don't know yet what I will do. I'm just now allowing myself to be in a place that's so new where I'm not thinking of fitting in some way. I love writing, but even that is fitting into something that has been established for a very, very long time!

I think the leading edge now has to do with energy. There are new forms of energetic healing. More people are channeling and communicating with non-physical. I feel the merging of physical and non-physical and that's a very good thing. I suspect it is how it was always meant to be.

I have another blog called Words of Well-being where I channel. I really have the desire to channel for others. If you will enter a question or request in a comment there, I would channel for you. Just know that I will just write down whatever comes through and not edit it. Be anonymous if you wish. It sounds interesting and fun -- I hope you will join me in this adventure!

May you have a beauty of a day.


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Everthing is Conscious -- how does that help me create?

I've been thinking about allowing in the way Abraham talks about it -- as climbing the emotional ladder to the happier feelings that are our true nature. And when we are in harmony with our Inner Being, we come into vibrational alignment with Source Energy and we "allow" our desires to come to us.

Every day I ask my Inner Being to give me the next steps in deliberate creation. This was the guidance last night -- that all things are conscious.

All things are expressions of Source Energy and so all things have the consciousness of Source. There is only Oneness. There is only All That Is. All that would be blocking me from realizing that is by seeing something as an object, just seeing it's outer appearance.

I'm not sure what to do with this information right now. It just seems like it's the next step for me and that somehow I can use this to consciously and deliberately allow what I want.

Ok, so what happens when I accept that all things are Conscious? Then, I feel trust knowing that whatever I want is within my reach because it is Source and I am Source. I feel like everything is attainable -- nothing is really out of my reach. It seems like it really should be easy to have what I desire.

I've been so used to "being productive" and thinking I should set goals to get things done. I should be responsible. I used to think I had to do things the hard way -- have the most challenging teachers or job. I ran myself into the ground with it.

What an interesting idea it is to think of the challenge as being how to enjoy myself more... and even more...and even more than that! What kind of happiness are we all capable of? What am I capable of?

If I don't have to worry about money or how to live. If all that I need is provided and I trust that I will get clear guidance when I need to take action. If I am really "enough" just as I am. Then what do I do?

When I think this way I feel like someone who was stuffed in a school locker and has just been set free. Kind of disoriented. Nothing hemming me in. And more importantly nothing to push against. I don't have to resist anything at all because it is all good.

Interesting how this works. This isn't a new idea or realization for me, but it is new from this direction. Thank God, the information keeps coming until I finally get it. I'm just going to let this float in my mind today. It's working well for me to check in more often with myself to see what I want to do instead of pushing through to finish something I started no matter what. Even the little irritations aren't worth it and aren't needed. I'm going to look at things I see today and think of them as Conscious. It should be interesting to see what happens.

Wishing you a beauty of a day.


8:45 PM on Thursday, January 12, 2006

I thought I would put my update on the above discussion here instead of as a separate post. Interesting day. I've been working on prosperity and success and what that means to me. I've pretty much decided that Abraham's information really works. I've always felt like God rolls out a red carpet for us no matter what direction we face. So, I might as well face a direction that I enjoy. And the more I do this the more I am supported. I received a gift of $100 today unexpectedly and a notice that project work will start in mid-March instead of mid-April. Money continues to roll in to pay my bills and living expenses -- some by my efforts, some unexpectedly -- and it feels very freeing to be supported this way.

Today I listened to how I was feeling and where my energy wanted to go. I seem to be gearing up to get rid of more stuff. I want to clear out a storage unit and had a trunk full of keepsakes from childhood to now. The trunk had been in another unit that had a water pipe break about 7 months ago. Much of it was mildewed. I had some moments of pain seeing soggy childhood papers and mementos as I tossed them in the garbage bags, but afterwards just felt glad to haul them to the trash. They're ruined, it's out of my hands and nothing I can do about it now. I have moved 5 times in 2 years and given away or thrown away a lot each time. Now I'm in a small apartment and I really just want to get it down to things I really love or use. One time my ex-husband and I moved and could get all of our stuff in a Volkswagon Beetle. Ok, we were college students and it was the 60's, but still, there's a lot of freedom there!

I also channeled some information about Consciousness in my other blog, Words of Well-Being.

I just got a call from my sister before I published this post and she unexpectedly got tickets for several of us to go to a dinner theatre tomorrow night. We don't even know what's playing, but we're going out. Gee willikers, I feel like it's my birthday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: This is the time of awakening

This is one of the most remarkable times of physical man being physically focused and Non-physically intertwined. It's the reason we call it time of awakening. So let's begin by saying, you wouldn't have missed it for anything. Every Non-physical Energy of good report, praiseworthy and eager to be of value to the Universe and to the All-That-Is, is present in some form or other on this planet at this time. We don't know of any intense Energy that is not represented by one of you. In other words, we are here in all of our fanfare and all of our glory to experience the remarkable planet Earth experience.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 2/12/94
Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chief Joseph: Success is doing, being whatever brings you joy

Sentinels of the Sky
Conversations with Chief Joseph
Those Wild and Lonely Places

John Cali

I've really loved my time here in New York with my family and old friends from the distant past. I am richly blessed to have such loving, caring folks in my life.

But I've sorely missed my home in Wyoming. I've missed its vast, wide-open spaces and big blue skies. I've missed its endless, rolling plains and its mystical mountains soaring into the heavens. I've missed the silent nights when I can look up and see all the bright, twinkling stars in the velvety blackness, the spectacular northern lights, and the full moon casting its golden glow over the mountains and valleys.

I've missed the peace and quiet I can find only in a place where people don't crowd each other into craziness. I've missed all the wild creatures -- the deer grazing in my back yard, the rabbits darting across the fields in my little mountain town, the coyotes on the hilltops howling into the night skies.

As one of the verses in that old cowboy song, Home on the Range, puts it:

How often at night when the heavens are bright
With the light of the glittering stars,
Have I stood here amazed and asked as I gazed
If their glory exceeds that of ours.

I've missed that glory. I've missed those wild and lonely places that are my home, that are a part of me -- and I a part of them. I need the silence and the solace of the open spaces only a place like Wyoming can give me. Those wild and lonely places live in me, and I in them.

Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

We define success as finding all the joy you can in your life. Joy is your purpose in this lifetime. And so if you achieve your purpose, you’re a success. Makes sense, doesn't it?

And so we would define your path to success as doing, being whatever brings you joy.

Friends, you create your own realities. You’ve heard us say that many times over many years.

The best way you can create the reality you want (and not what someone else wants for you) is to seek only joy. Seek joy in every aspect of your life, your relationships, your work, your home -- in every part of your life, seek only joy.

If something or someone is not bringing you joy, then it’s time to move beyond that something or someone.

Joy is what it’s all about. The more joyful you are, the more successful you are. Joy connects you to your higher self, to all your desires, to the Universe. In your joy, you are a great success. And in your joy, you will be empowered to manifest all your heart’s desires.

For many years, John lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. That served him well when he first went there. But, as time passed, he began seeing his life in that place was no longer serving him -- no longer bringing him joy.

So he took a leap of faith, if you will, and moved to a place he loved. A place that nurtures his spirit, that arouses his passion -- in short, a place that brings him joy. And, as we see it, that is the perfect place for him, and the place he will likely remain in for the rest of his earthly life.

Our point here, friends, is this: You will never find a happy life by doing anything you cannot find joy in. Joy is where it’s at -- pure and simple.

If the city brings you joy, that’s where you belong. If your lover brings you joy, that’s where you belong. If your home brings you joy, that’s where you belong.

And if any one or more of those bring you no joy, that’s not where you belong.

John found the wild and lonely places that bring him joy. And so too must you seek out the places, the people, the work -- everything and anything -- that bring you joy.


P.S. from John: I did not expect Joseph to talk so much about me personally. That’s rare. But then, I never know what Joseph will say. (Big smiley)

Sentinels of the Sky: Conversations with Chief Joseph
Copyright © 2006 Great Western Publishing. Article printed with permission of John Cali.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

By Jove, I think I've got it!

I'm definitely getting a clearer understanding of how conscious deliberate creation works. The word "trust" has been important for a long time, but more so the last few weeks. As a matter of fact, trust has been like a sign post to me. At first it was trust God and then it became for me to trust myself. Trust myself to listen to inner guidance. Trust myself to make choices. Trust my gut feelings instead of my head (the shoulds and ought to's and the things that "make sense").

My understanding this morning is about contrast. For the last two years, I've been working with the concepts that Abraham-Hicks is presenting and contrast is one of their terms. What they are saying is that life is a buffet and we have the ability to make the choice of what we want to put on our plate. And we don't have to get upset because the buffet offers something we don't want or like, we can just choose something else.

I saw a tape of an Abraham workshop one time where a young woman was asking questions. Abe asked her what she wanted to do and she said all she really wanted to do was paint. And Abe was asking what kind of thoughts she had about that and they got to the place where the woman said she didn't think she even wanted to sell them, she just wanted to paint because she loved it, but people don't make money doing that. Abe's comment was that they thought that's how many people made money here -- having fun. And in other places they talk about petting our cat or looking at the clouds and just allowing ourselves to feel joy. The point is not to get rid of feelings, it's to not feel at the mercy of them. Conscious deliberate creation is realizing that we are in charge of what we feel and think. And they take it further and say that is how we create...by our thoughts and feelings. It is empowering. There are many, many books and teachers with these concepts now so that there is a buffet of this type of information to choose from. (Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dwyer, Jane Roberts Seth material, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, and many others.)

This morning I felt like I was on the other side of some chasm I had been wanting to cross. I feel safe. There were things happening to my body and in my life that felt very threatening and frightening to me. And the key has been trust. When I trust Source to provide for me, then I don't have to be afraid of anything. And I can see how we might come here as souls to experience the physical environment because there is contrast. It becomes interesting instead of frightening when I trust that all is well, that I am provided for, and that my desires will be fulfilled. Instead of frustrating, frightening, or discouraging...contrast becomes fun. It might make more sense if I describe what I am talking about, but I don't want to talk about most of it. Here is one example though. So what if the work I was doing ended suddenly and I was counting on that money to pay February rent. Something better will come along. That's the kind of trust I'm talking about. Not being able to pay rent might be on the buffet table, but I don't have to choose to put in on my plate. I can trust and just do what feels good even if it doesn't fit the traditional way of thinking. What if I don't job hunt? What if trust says to sort a closet or go watch movies with my brother or watch a squirrel jumping in the trees? It feels important to me now and so different than the way I thought before. I'm going to explore it. And it certainly brings balance to a life that was quite a workaholic experience before. Hmmm. Yep. I like the idea of watching squirrels jumping in the trees to balance out those days when I worked until 1 AM on a presentation at work.

Life is good. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I was talking to my Inner Being this morning before I got out of bed. I felt so anxious about the future and trapped like a fly in amber in the actions and thoughts from my past. My Inner Being is me, I am my Inner Being. All that creative energy is mine to have and experience and express. There are all these practical things to do to provide for bills in the very near future and I didn't give a hoot about them at that moment. So, I asked my Inner Being (IB) for guidance, did some affirmations of what I wanted to create, and got this feeling that I wanted to draw. So, I got up, got out my pencils and pad and drew! I felt energized. Now, I'm running around with energy, the words are flowing, my eyes are wide open. I know that when I want to, I will get the needed things done easily.

I couldn't find the exact quote, but Abraham talks about allowing what we desire as feeling good -- the kind of laying in a meadow staring at clouds kind of good. Or petting your cat or sitting on a dock dangling your feet in the water. As I was talking to my IB and thinking this morning I was contemplating that this is the eternal Now. I was thinking about what that means as far as taking action. We think there is time. There appears to be time while we are in our bodies. But we are still a soul in the eternal Now. So, in the eternal Now, there is plenty of time for me to just "be."

I talked in my post on December 25th about feeling like I finally had both feet on the same path. It's exciting as all get out to think that what Abe is saying is REALLY true. So, is it possible that I really can pet my cat and allow the Universe to bring me what I want? I know I've had some wonderful experiences when I let go and just did something totally off the wall for the fun of it. I pulled a $200 winning lottery ticket out of the numbers of some entries I made in an online contest. I found $100 on the sidewalk. There are other things. But can I live that way? Well, this I know. I have decided to be happy in a way that I feel good about -- that fits me. It's not the way my family or the people around me think or feel, but they would be happy at my having success. I think they would wonder how in the world it happened because I am not doing things the expected way, but they would be glad to see me happy.

I don't have a bay handy to dangle my feet in, but I think it's worth a try to believe I can do exactly what I want and that God Goddess All That Is will roll out a red carpet in front of me. I think this most Holy Presence rolls out a red carpet for us whatever direction we face. We just don't always like it because we don't really want to go that way. It is up to us to choose a path that feels good to us, that makes us happy. This is a big bright beautiful world and there is plenty for everyone -- plenty of money, love, and all good things. Here kitty, kitty, kitty! (grin)

Namaste to all of you bright lights out there!


Here are some of the Abraham-Hicks quotes that fit with my topic today:


You have within you an Inner Being, who will guide you through the path of least resistance, or through the path of most allowance, to the swiftest, surest route for the satisfaction of your intentions.

Abraham-Hicks, 6/6/92 workshop.


If you would stop analyzing everything and just look for things to appreciate; in other words, if you could just decide to play that game, look for things to appreciate, you would live happily ever after.

You don't have to understand energy flow. You don't have to understand the vibrational dynamics. If you would just decide to play the game of appreciation, you would live happily ever after. That one game is the only tool you ever need to allow THE ENERGY to flow. You'd suddenly have more friends. Everybody that is wanting to be happy would gravitate around you. You would vibrate in harmony with positive things.

Things that are not in harmony with what you appreciate could not be a part of your experience. You'd start living a better life. Anything that you ever appreciated would begin to flow into your experience. And you would say, "Man, I must have stepped into another dimension."

And now we say, Go forth and tell no one. Until you really have this, don't try to convince anyone else about it. Because they will bring you forceful evidences about how wrong you are.

Just live it. Breath it. Vibrate it. Ooze it.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 7-9-95


We would never do anything that didn't make our heart sing!… And so you say, "But that choice doesn't seem to be there. There’s this choice that doesn't make my heart sing, or sort of staying where I am. So what should I do?" And we say, we'd hang around and wait for something that makes our heart sing—and then we'd jump in with all four feet.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco workshop, 2-28-04

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