Thursday, January 12, 2006

Everthing is Conscious -- how does that help me create?

I've been thinking about allowing in the way Abraham talks about it -- as climbing the emotional ladder to the happier feelings that are our true nature. And when we are in harmony with our Inner Being, we come into vibrational alignment with Source Energy and we "allow" our desires to come to us.

Every day I ask my Inner Being to give me the next steps in deliberate creation. This was the guidance last night -- that all things are conscious.

All things are expressions of Source Energy and so all things have the consciousness of Source. There is only Oneness. There is only All That Is. All that would be blocking me from realizing that is by seeing something as an object, just seeing it's outer appearance.

I'm not sure what to do with this information right now. It just seems like it's the next step for me and that somehow I can use this to consciously and deliberately allow what I want.

Ok, so what happens when I accept that all things are Conscious? Then, I feel trust knowing that whatever I want is within my reach because it is Source and I am Source. I feel like everything is attainable -- nothing is really out of my reach. It seems like it really should be easy to have what I desire.

I've been so used to "being productive" and thinking I should set goals to get things done. I should be responsible. I used to think I had to do things the hard way -- have the most challenging teachers or job. I ran myself into the ground with it.

What an interesting idea it is to think of the challenge as being how to enjoy myself more... and even more...and even more than that! What kind of happiness are we all capable of? What am I capable of?

If I don't have to worry about money or how to live. If all that I need is provided and I trust that I will get clear guidance when I need to take action. If I am really "enough" just as I am. Then what do I do?

When I think this way I feel like someone who was stuffed in a school locker and has just been set free. Kind of disoriented. Nothing hemming me in. And more importantly nothing to push against. I don't have to resist anything at all because it is all good.

Interesting how this works. This isn't a new idea or realization for me, but it is new from this direction. Thank God, the information keeps coming until I finally get it. I'm just going to let this float in my mind today. It's working well for me to check in more often with myself to see what I want to do instead of pushing through to finish something I started no matter what. Even the little irritations aren't worth it and aren't needed. I'm going to look at things I see today and think of them as Conscious. It should be interesting to see what happens.

Wishing you a beauty of a day.


8:45 PM on Thursday, January 12, 2006

I thought I would put my update on the above discussion here instead of as a separate post. Interesting day. I've been working on prosperity and success and what that means to me. I've pretty much decided that Abraham's information really works. I've always felt like God rolls out a red carpet for us no matter what direction we face. So, I might as well face a direction that I enjoy. And the more I do this the more I am supported. I received a gift of $100 today unexpectedly and a notice that project work will start in mid-March instead of mid-April. Money continues to roll in to pay my bills and living expenses -- some by my efforts, some unexpectedly -- and it feels very freeing to be supported this way.

Today I listened to how I was feeling and where my energy wanted to go. I seem to be gearing up to get rid of more stuff. I want to clear out a storage unit and had a trunk full of keepsakes from childhood to now. The trunk had been in another unit that had a water pipe break about 7 months ago. Much of it was mildewed. I had some moments of pain seeing soggy childhood papers and mementos as I tossed them in the garbage bags, but afterwards just felt glad to haul them to the trash. They're ruined, it's out of my hands and nothing I can do about it now. I have moved 5 times in 2 years and given away or thrown away a lot each time. Now I'm in a small apartment and I really just want to get it down to things I really love or use. One time my ex-husband and I moved and could get all of our stuff in a Volkswagon Beetle. Ok, we were college students and it was the 60's, but still, there's a lot of freedom there!

I also channeled some information about Consciousness in my other blog, Words of Well-Being.

I just got a call from my sister before I published this post and she unexpectedly got tickets for several of us to go to a dinner theatre tomorrow night. We don't even know what's playing, but we're going out. Gee willikers, I feel like it's my birthday!


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