Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today is a day for celebration

Change is happening so quickly now and it isn't like I'm changing into someone else, it's that I'm changing into myself. All those old illusions and ideas I had about myself and life, the trying to fit in and be something I wasn't...just dissolving. It's so much easier to connect with people now because I feel connected to myself. I finished a channeling for Words of Well-Being and they wanted to add that if people make comments they will answer their questions! It wasn't a question of me being ready for it. It's going forth. It's happening. It's all happening. The writing I've wanted to do, the channeling that wanted to's here!! The life I want is here and Now.

I opened the blinds this morning to one of those beautiful snow storms -- big fluffy flakes drifting down. There is a polite and lovely blanket of snow on the ground and outlining the dark, wet branches of the trees. The streets are clear and cars go by. It's one of those days for enjoying the beauty of something new and different. The sky is a whitish grey, uniform in color, but not in intent...the snow is supposed to turn to rain later. So, anything can happen. It's a good day to go have Chinese food for lunch.

Today is a day for celebration.



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