Monday, October 10, 2005

Allowing: swimming through the world like a fish

"...It has to do with the shape of your soul, not its worthiness. You have to make a cup of yourself, to receive that pouring out. You are a sword. You were always a sword. Like your mother and your daughter, too--steel spines run in the women of your family. I realize now why I never saw saints before. The world does not crash upon their wills like waves upon a rock, or part around them like the wake of a ship. Instead they are supple, and swim through the world as silently as fishes."

Cazaril in The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold, p. 501.

I liked this image of making a cup for spirit and that this is done by someone who is "allowing" like a fish moving through water. I wouldn't say this happens by the shape of our souls, for I think all souls are Love, but in our human experience I think this occurs by the shape of our beliefs. I also think this quote is not talking about whether someone takes up the sword and fights or not, but that we may not notice saints because they are quietly present. I always admired Mahatma Gandhi and saw his grandson, Arum, about a year ago. Arum was such a quiet, peaceful person. Definitely no sword made of steel there, but he shows us how much power there is in being who we truly are.


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