Sunday, November 20, 2005

Neale Donald Walsch: Get back to your senses

" It is the Soul's intention know Itself experientially- and thus to know Me. For the Soul understands that You and I ARE ONE, even as the mind denies this truth and the body acts out this denial.

Therefore, in moments of great decision, be out of your mind, and do some soul searching instead THE SOUL UNDERSTANDS WHAT THE MIND CANNOT CONCEIVE. If you spend your time trying to figure out what's 'best' for you, your choices will be cautious, your decisions will take forever and your journey will be launched on a sea of expectations. If you are not careful you will drown in your expectations."

Neale asks: " But how do I listen to my soul? How do I know what I'm hearing?"

God : " The Soul speaks to you in FEELINGS. Listen to your feelings. Follow your feelings. HONOR your feelings.

I tell you this- Your feelings will never get you 'trouble'- because your feelings are your TRUTH.

If you want to live a life where you never follow your feelings, but where every feeling is filtered through the machinery of your Mind, go right ahead. Make your decisions based on your Mind's analysis of the situation. But don't look for your JOY in such machinations, nor for celebration of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Remember this- TRUE celebration is MINDLESS.

If you listen to your Soul you will know what is 'best' for you, because what is best for you is what is true for you.

When you act only out of what is true for you, you speed your way down the path. When you CREATE an experience based on your 'now truth' rather than REACT to an experience based on a 'past truth' you produce a 'new you'.

Why does it take so much time to create the reality you choose? This is why; because you have not been living your truth.

Know the TRUTH ( feelings), and the truth shall set you free.

Yet once you come to know your truth, don't keep CHANGING YOUR MIND about it. This is your MIND trying to figure out what's 'best' again.

STOP IT! Get out of your MIND and get back to your SENSES! That is what is meant by 'getting back to your senses'. It is returning to how you FEEL, not how you THINK. Feelings are the language of the Soul- and your SOUL is your TRUTH."

~The Big G, from Conversations with God, Book 2 through Neale Donald Walsch


At Saturday, November 26, 2005 at 3:29:00 PM EST, Blogger Ray Wong said...

I love Walsh's books. I've read all of the CwG series. Great stuff.


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