Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 2005 Nightlight Newsletter

A quiet but luminous awakening is taking place in December. It is a dawning of the understanding that we are Children of God. It means that those with whom we fight are all our brothers and sisters and it is time for peace. It means that every hardship and difficulty is not God’s Will for us. Something else is in the way; it is our investment in our ego’s plan for happiness. Looking back on our lives and looking at some of the mistakes we made by choosing the ego’s plan, we at least might want to hear what Heaven’s offer is and was as the alternative.

The energy for December focuses around the sweetness of joining and intimacy. It is a time of renewal and joy. The light is dawning for a whole new era. Families, friends and lovers are brought together in quiet celebration. A sense of purpose, fun and freedom are restored. The light has come. You are a Child of God. You deserve every good thing. All the rest was a mistake, an investment in a plan for separation and specialness that the ego sold you. This could only lead to pain and p rob lems and an ever more slippery path that leads to death. The other path leads to awakening and eternal return. It leads to the sure knowledge that we and everyone are children of God and that God’s Will for us is freedom and every good thing.

Many of the conflicts and that which disturbed our peace has come to resolution in November. What remains are ancient and childhood seams of misery that we have not freed ourselves of. These may surface in December. But remember these are not God’s Will and so there is an alternative and a quick solution. The ego backs us into a corner and, insanely, offers death as the way out. This form of sleep is never Heaven’s plan. Heaven offers miracles and awakening until our allotted time in this learning vehicle is over. Chronic p rob lems and incorrigible situations simply reflect some hidden attachment and refusal to change on our part. But change is in our best interest. It will not only bring about a better way, it will save us in many instances from our bad investments that eventually bring misery.

Change is coming. Let it come. Bring it on. Welcome it. You no longer have to do it all yourself. That was just a trap to keep you from having a happy life. The last necessary part to reach partnership, success and a happy flow forward is including yourself. Without self-inclusion nothing will work. It has to be happy for you also or it is just one more time you saddle yourself up to carry the big load. The ego told you this was responsibility but actually it was an old trap of sacrifice.

Look for Heaven’s plan to easily release you from your misery. Heaven’s response to all of our traps is grace and miracles. What seems impossible to change in our eyes is no p rob lem to Heaven. Our part is simply to want Heaven’s answer. You have been afraid to ask because you believe Heaven’s plan will take something from you. Whose voice was it you were listening to about Heaven’s offer of freedom? Doesn't what you heard sound suspiciously like something the ego would do and then tell you that Heaven was doing ?? God offers everything and takes nothing. God doesn’t need anything except you and your joy. It’s what every parent wants for their child. We are God’s treasure just as our children are our treasure.

As it states in A Course in Miracles, God has already given us everything. With the holiday season approaching, it seems like it is time to start opening the gifts. We have been afraid to ask Heaven’s plan for us because we believe it will ask sacrifice of us. We think it will take something from us that we are attached to. God cannot take. He is the principle of Giving. We are afraid of being taken from because we believe we can get something by taking. All of this makes us afraid to listen to the way out of scarcity and problems. God has already given us what we need and now it is time to receive it.

December is a good month for letting our life be lifted up. Miracles abound in December, though forgiveness may be necessary on our part to create the purification necessary for us to receive them. You can simply give your judgement of your brother over to Heaven to be transformed for you. Let the drought be over. Extend your blessing. Now is the time to step out of jail. The front door is open. It’s always been open. Walk out the front door into a new, bigger, more luxurious prison. Don’t worry! The front door is open on that prison too. It’s like that ever-bigger prisons until, finally, there are no more limitations. That will occur when you are not afraid to be free. This month, to the extent that you recognize yourself as a Child of God you will be carefree.

Chuck Spezzano

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Great Blog!

Thank God for "A Course in Miracles"!



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