Thursday, December 08, 2005

Response to channeling in Words of Well-being, Dec. 7, 2005

When channeling in Words of Well-being on December 7, 2005, I was asked to share these experiences.

I was not enjoying my job, relationships, had health problems, financial problems and just generally had come to the end in the direction I had been going. I found the Abraham-Hicks information and knew it was what I was looking for. Instead of trying to make changes in small increments, I jumped in to completely change the whole direction of my thinking. It was a lot to take on and I quite naturally didn't immediately feel better. Abraham talks of how we create our reality and that when we appreciate, we are connected with the loving Source and with our Inner Being. One time I was feeling pretty miserable, many things not seeming to be working well. I was in a pet store looking for food for my cat and asking for guidance and I asked my Inner Being: Well, how would you do it in my shoes? How would you appreciate right now? And suddenly I saw all of the food and toys that were available shelf after shelf. And the beautiful colors and just the abundance. And the money I had to buy it. I walked out into the dark night and looked at the grainy broken concrete and the patterns looked beautiful. It had started to snow and I stood under a light in the parking lot and just looked at the big, fluffy flakes coming down. I drove home in a daze of enjoyment and appreciate of the lights of the cars and how traffic moved so smoothly and how stunningly beautiful the snow storm was. Seeing the grainy concrete as beautiful really surprised me and I also remember just that joyful, constant appreciation and wonder at how beautiful everything was. We have a tremendous capacity for joy if we will allow it.

And there is one more experience I am to share. I had taken a job in January this year and it was in a very unpleasant environment. I was in training and the trainer was difficult and rude. I was miserable, but felt I had to stay with it because of health and financial reasons. I had asked God for a sign that I was on the right path in my work with learning reality creation. One day I left the training and I felt at my lowest ebb. It was gray and so cold outside. I backed my car out of the space and straightened it up and started to drive when a seagull flew down beside my driver's side window. I was so surprised! If the window had been open it was close enough that I could have touched it. And here is the other part that is a bit of a miracle to me, I was so amazed that it was there and stayed there that I drove to the end of the parking lot looking to the left at the seagull instead of watching where I was going. It stayed right beside me until I got to the end of the parking lot and then flew into the sky to join a companion that was circling overhead. Now, the other part is that I'm in the midwest and this was January, not a common time to see a seagull!! There is a large lake in a city about an hour from me and perhaps that's where it came from. All that week I saw hawks and other beautiful birds and written material about birds being an expression of freedom came to me unexpectedly. The seagull was simply wonderful and I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it. I love animals and see them as an expression of God, too, so this was especially meaningful to me.

Beauty is all around us. There are miracles happening every day. And we are one of them -- the gift of this life and the love that we are. That's the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.

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At Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 4:03:00 AM EST, Anonymous guile said...

indeed, life is beautiful..


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