Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yearning and worry -- how that stops us from having what we yearn for

I was reading the descriptions of Chief Joseph's readings that are for sale online and kind of yearning for money as I was reading through them. As I read a description that said our power is in the present moment, I got the intuitive answer that the reason yearning feels unpleasant and uncomfortable is because it is not present moment. And I channeled this: "As a matter of fact, yearning is desiring a future that you do not desire in truth. Your yearning gets you in touch with the lack, the future that you do not want. Yes, indeed, the solution is to be in the present and to do whatever you can to realize that you have what you want right now. You are safe, you are warm, you have a comfortable home, your big toe feels good...if you look at whatever feels good to you in the moment you will remember that all is well. And as you look at this good, if you will allow it, there will be more good that you can see out of the corner of your eye and you look at it and then there is more and pretty soon you are feeling pretty good!!! We are complete."

And then I was musing and thought of the time when I was in the bathroom recently and saw the two small glowing round lights. I wondered at the time if they were spirits and my mind instantly said they were reflections of car lights. Then I didn't see the lights. Well, the blinds were closed and where the lights were couldn't have been reflections anyway. But what I understand from this remembrance is that my mind worked with me to not allow this experience. I feel that my mind considered it a safety feature -- I've seen lights before, but these were very close and I did feel a little apprehension. It seems like this is an example of what Abraham is saying: we stop the creating of our desires when we say we want the new red car and in the same breath say that we can't have it because we don't have the money. So, I saw and thought they might be spirits and then thought it couldn't be. My mind was taking care of me by saying something that relieved my slight concern, but it also stopped the experience.

I was just leaning back thinking and wandered into thinking about Survivor and weight loss and how people gain more than normal for them after the show. And the understanding I got is that it is the belief in lack and the fear of lack that actually causes the body to become larger. The body quite naturally wants to feed and become large when it has experienced famine. So, when we are fearful about the future and about having enough, the body wants to pack it on and we are going to have the desire to eat foods that are fattening. That's also why the fattening foods are so comforting. Those foods are telling us that we are going to be prepared by having enough fat in our bodies to get through that lack period we are afraid of!! I know that when I have a feeling of well-being, of "enough," I eat quite differently than I do when I feel worried. We had a big snowstorm a couple of days ago. It took 4 hours to make a 50 minute trip from work to my hometown and I went to the grocery store before I came home. I just laughed when I unpacked the groceries. I bought four different types of chocolate food!! I didn't know the antidote for ice and snow was chocolate!

And, you know, I think fear does lay under my feelings about getting some of the things I really want -- maybe all of them. Can I handle it? Will someone be jealous? Will it ever get here? And isn't this an interesting one: will I enjoy life if it's too easy? I used to always want to do things the hard way, have the toughest teachers, and take on the challenges. I went so far on that path that my body became ill. I can see how all of these musings today are showing me how fear stops the things I want from coming into my life. So, with Abraham I am learning that I don't have to create problems in order to have something challenging...that there is a whole big, unlimited world out there to explore and no end to what we can create delightfully and joyfully. It is a LOT more fun for me to live this way and I am happier every day.

(See my other blog, Words of Well-Being, for channeled information.)


At Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 1:42:00 PM EST, Blogger Gina said...

Excellent post Suzanne! I love your insight into "yearning" and how that led into the rest of it.
:-) Gina


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