Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chief Joseph: High Noon at Walmart (about our changing times)

I always love hearing from John and Chief Joseph. I just read their latest article and was so touched.

I've had peak experiences of well-being and my desire is to bring them into a smooth flow in my daily life. That means letting go of any blocks or old stuff I was holding onto. It means change.

I was feeling some distress yesterday about new opportunities that seemed beyond me and Spirit asked me what I wanted. My answer was to know that I was connected through all of the changing experiences that I'm having now. I want to walk with this loving Universe -- to experience the partnership of co-creating. The playing field for this desire is physical -- prosperity, creativity, health, relationships -- but the desire is spiritual.

Thank you, John and Chief Joseph for reminding me we are all experiencing this new energy now and I especially love the reminder that we can't help but be on the path.

Here's John:

I’m sure many of you remember that classic western film, High Noon, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly (later, Princess Grace of Monaco). As a kid, it was one of my favorite movies.

John Cali

Every night at 6:00 p.m. at Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming, there’s a gunfight, Old-West style. You might even find Jesse James or Wild Bill Hickok there.

As you probably can guess, this gunfight is a nightly stunt put on for the enjoyment of summer tourists. And also to benefit the Gunfighter Charities.

However, a couple of weeks ago, there was a real gunfight in Cody -- in the Walmart parking lot, of all places! Cody, my town, is generally a very peaceful place. After all, the days of the Old West are long gone.

Nobody yet knows all the details of the Walmart gunfight, but it was obvious there were two very angry men involved. And their anger erupted into violence.

Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

You don’t have to be particularly perceptive or observant to see what’s happening on your planet today. Explosions and eruptions of all kinds have become virtually daily events. You’re seeing the intense energies everywhere you look -- in other people, in animals, in plants, even in your Mother Earth.

If you are physically alive today, you are feeling the intensity, at some level. You may not be fully aware of it consciously, but you are feeling it. It’s having a powerful effect on all of you.

Now, this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very good thing. Those of you on a conscious spiritual path know you have no choice except to grow, to change, to evolve. That, friends, is what your physical and spiritual lives are all about -- growing, changing, evolving -- and creating. Even God is changing and growing.

The difference today, however, is -- at this point in linear time -- you have reached a place no one else has ever reached in your human history.

You have different names for what’s happening -- some call it ascension, some call it shifting to a higher dimension, some call it the beginning of the second coming, etc. But it doesn’t matter what you label it. What does matter is that you reach a place of peace and joy within yourselves -- no matter what’s happening in the world around you.

You cannot shift the tides of what’s coming, any more than you can shift the tides of the oceans.

What you can do is simply go with the flow. Many of you are consciously feeling the increasing intensities in your bodies, in your relationships, in almost every aspect of your lives. We realize much of this feels uncomfortable and even painful, at least some of the time.

But if you stay attuned, aligned with your higher selves, you will move through this time with relative ease. You will all get through this, one way or another.

And you don’t have to do it the hard way. You don’t have to shoot it out at high noon at Walmart. But that is how many humans are dealing with all the intensity they’re feeling. They don’t consciously understand what’s happening. And so they erupt and explode in often-unpredictable and violent ways.

All is well, friends. This is simply a time of accelerating growth for each of you individually, and for your entire planet.

Simply do whatever feels good for you. Nurture and love yourselves. Nurture and love your families and friends. Nurture and love every living creature.

This too shall pass. It is only a step on your journey back home to God.

Related article by Suzanne:
Being in alignment is being who we really are

The loving words of Chief Joseph are channeled by John Cali. Visit John's web site for more articles, information about readings, or to sign up for his newsletter, Sentinels of the Sky at

Copyright © 2006-2007 by Great Western Publishing -- All rights reserved. Article published with permission of John Cali.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You deserve your desires

I had the most interesting realization this morning. I was guided to relax and rest my head on the back of my chair. I was feeling peaceful and the thought of something I wanted came into my mind. I'm not sure how to explain this, but I was offered an opportunity to accept it as mine and I did. Something inside me slid into place like two images side by side merging into one.

After I had merged with my desire, I felt fleshed out and more real than I had before -- like part of me that was potential was now being expressed. Then I realized, well, of course everyone deserve their desires!

And I say this to you: They are intimately you. No one else has exactly the same desires that you do. They are absolutely personal. They come from who you are and your desire to expand your light into the world. That's what following our passions and dreams is all about.

Any thoughts I had before about being selfish or impractical or making a wrong choice seem ridiculous to me now. I can feel that my desires are an expression of my life energy and I know the life energy that creates us is the stream of well-being and it is good.

I not only feel a difference in how I see myself, but also how I see you. I feel more aware that you are light creating in this world. I feel eager to see what new things you are dreaming up.

It's never too late to change our future -- we're the ones we've been waiting for.


Here are some other posts about experiences on the way to this interesting place:

Our non-physical self is the Energy flowing through us
Being in alignment is being who you truly are
Life is a magical journey


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Affirmations and deliberate reality creation

I've used affirmations for years, but Abraham-Hicks has given me a perspective that makes them so much more fun to play with in creating reality. Now positive affirmations are easier to use and I have the pleasure of knowing I am creating my reality as I speak them.

Negative beliefs are the voice of what we want to change

Decades ago there was recognition that resistance would come up when we affirmed something positive we didn't have yet. That voice would pop up, "but wait a minute...," "but what about...," or just plain, "I don't believe I can...."

That resistance is the voice of the negative beliefs we wanted to change. It was seeing the conditions or having the feelings those negative beliefs created that prompted the new desire and positive affirmation. Without knowing about reality creation, we didn't realize the thoughts were connected with what we saw or felt. They were considered an inner psychological pattern.

You don't have to get rid of the old, just choose to think the new

There were a lot of techniques to deal with those resistant thoughts, but now you don't have to pay any attention to them at all. They are just thoughts and all you have to do is choose a better feeling thought.

If you are new to deliberate reality creation, just know that as you practice changing your thoughts and experiencing your feelings change with them you will discover that it works. Even if these are negative thoughts you've had for many years or even from childhood, they will change. It's very empowering to walk the new path and get to the place where you can feel -- really feel -- that the old beliefs have lost their power and are just thoughts. Once you have that experience it becomes easier and easier.

When you say a positive affirmation it is so powerful. I remember one dark night of the soul where I was at a crisis point with some very old beliefs about my worthiness and fears around experiences that had happened as a child. It was a real eye-opener to experience the control of working to turn those old unpleasant beliefs and feelings around and end up feeling better during a sleepless night!

Now I know it works and I get a warm, pleasant feeling deep inside when I speak my positive affirmations. I know the affirmation is a step on the path to my desire and the good feelings are the connection to well-being that is calling me forward.

How to use affirmations

When you have a desire for something good then state it as if it is real. Whenever you feel doubt or whenever it feels good, repeat it again. Your mind will get used to the thought and you will also get used to being in control of your thoughts.

As I mentioned, I like the Abraham-Hicks information which tells you that you don't have to work on your thoughts and reel in your desires like a fish on a line. The Universe grants your desire as soon as you have it.

Affirmations are for those times when you still believe in the old and want to change your thinking. Just think of it as building something beautiful because you are. You are being a deliberate co-creator with the Universe and building your dreams by thinking them into your experience.

I send you these affirmations of well-being:

You are a blessed being who is worthy of every good thing. You are on the right track and the Universe is with you every step of your life's journey.

All is well.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

RSS feeds make my blog reading experience so much easier

My friend John Cali has been urging his readers to subscribe to his RSS feeds for quite some time. I trust him, but dragged my feet. Finally, when I was looking at what I would want to have on my new web site, I read his RSS article here, and could see the benefits. Now I wonder how I got along without it. I love it! Thank you, John.

When I subscribed to newsletters via email I found I would often shuttle them off to a side folder to review later. Sometimes I read them and sometimes I would get behind and just delete them and start again with the current issue. I checked my favorite blogs for new posts irregularly. I was looking for a more efficient solution and this is it for me.

I wanted software that was easy to use and went with John's first recommendation, the free software, Feedreader. Here's what I like about it:

1. It's timely: When I'm online I receive newsletter articles or blog posts a short time after they are posted. No need to wait for newsletters or check the web site every day.

2. Easy to access and open: I have Feedreader minimized to my task bar for easy access at all times. It opens very fast and I can quickly check to see what I want to read.

3. Handy alerts: I have it set to give me a small popup which let's me know the site and title of a new post. I can open and read it or ignore it -- the popup goes away in a few seconds.

4. It's easy to subscribe to a post: I go to a web site, click on the Feedreader icon which opens to their site feed page, copy the URL, open Feedreader, press F3 and the URL automatically pastes in the subscribe window. I click OK and it's all done in four easy steps.

5. Unsubscribing is even easier: If I've read through some posts and find it's not for me I just right click on the site name in Feedreader and choose delete. Its gone.

6. Information is organized for me: Each site is listed in the left-hand column in alphabetical order. I click on a site and a list of the posts for the last few weeks appears in the middle column. If I want to view an article I click on it and it shows up in the right-hand column or I can open it in my browser. Unread articles are in bold, articles I've read are in normal text.

It's easy for me to keep a lot of information organized. No folders, no favorites or bookmarks unless I want them. If I scanned through a post I didn't think I needed it's easy to find and read again later.

I'm looking at a lot of new blogs and web sites now and appreciate how easy it is to keep up with posts or see if a site is one I want to stay with.

By the way, some sites don't have the orange icon or say RSS feeds. Blogger uses Atom feeds and I've found some sites that just say XHTML feed. The Feedreader site is the authority on the software, so check there if you are using it, but my experience is that it has accepted Atom and XHTML feeds with no problems.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Advertising as Internet support for creative, spiritual lifestyles

I've been exploring creating a web site and deciding the features I might like to include. Writing and reality creation were my main interests before, but now that I'm looking for information for a new web site and blog, I'm reading tips I could have used all along. I'm also becoming aware of how much freedom the Internet is providing us to create the lifestyle we desire and to have abundance.

I used to find advertising on a web site annoying and a visual form of spam. I ignored it as much as possible. When I found out the site owner received payment for click throughs on Google AdSense ads I realized this was a way for me to show appreciation for the gifts I had received at that site -- wise and loving words, feeling better, beautiful pictures, the interesting personality that came through, information, and much more.

I barely looked at the names of advertisers before. Now, if I'm at a site I feel appreciation for, I look for ads that look interesting to me and click through. I've found some very useful web sites in the process.

The Universe has such interesting ways to answer our desires and I'm intrigued by the interconnectedness here. Google prospers, the web site owner prospers, and the advertising site prospers. As I make the choice to click through on the basis of feeling good -- then I am a part of the flow of light and well-being and sending a positive message to the Law of Attraction manager.

The Internet itself has opened up so many opportunities for us to express our creativity. If you want to go through traditional publishing resources that's fine, but you don't have to wait for a publisher or magazine to accept your work to begin writing for others. You can start a blog and begin gaining experience communicating immediately. If your book would only be of interest to a small niche market or you haven't been able to find a publisher, you can create an e-book or a print-on-demand book from a reputable site like and advertise it on your blog or web site.

I've seen blogs with links to their eBay ads. Bloggers selling their personally developed products like Kirsten Harrell's downloadable positive affirmations at Think Positive! Crafts, coaching, workshops, psychic readings, books, your inspiration and anything you want to develop from it have a world-wide market. That's abundance!

I've been looking at a lot of blogs on blogging and new technologies. If you aren't having success at your site I can recommend Darren Rowse's Problogger as a good place to start for blogging tips and information. There might be something new that would be just what you have been looking for.

The Internet is reality creation in action -- an invitation to innovation and new ideas. There are so many opportunities to prosper and bring your dreams to life. If you can dream it you can create it!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Resources: Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance Journal: Belle Wong writes about her experiences with Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and reality creation in creating the abundance and joyful life she desires. Belle shares practical tips as well as her heart in her well-written posts about her journey.

Attracting Abundance with Carol Look. Carol is an EFT master with a background in traditional therapy. She combines her experience as a therapist and knowledge of energy work with an understanding of the Abraham-Hicks' information about reality creation and the Law of Attraction to create a transformative experience. I've had personal coaching with Carol and have also participated in her teleclasses. She's a bright and loving spirit and I recommend her highly.

Breathing Prosperity: Shauna's articles shine with positive energy and information about creating prosperity.

Choosing Prosperity: Elyse Hope Killoran is another lightworker who is dear to my heart. She discovered the Abraham-Hicks information and decided to believe it and act on it -- that's how Choosing Prosperity was born. I am especially grateful to Elyse for introducing me to the Abraham-Hicks material. She has created a community of enthusiastic men and women exploring the Law of Attraction and creating abundance in every area of their life. There are many free resources on her website: audio files, a delightful prosperity game, a free two-week trial of her program, and more.

Shakti Gawain: Shakti has been writing and giving workshops on prosperity, visualization, and reality creation for over 25 years. A truly beautiful spirit.
Updated 8/10/07

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Affirmation: I am love in action

Today I am love in action as I bring non-physical into the physical. I am the bridge. I am the playful one who knows that joy is the purpose of my life. I am inspired and each action I take creates beauty. All that I need is provided and I am prospered in every area of my life. I can really feel that all is well and I am at peace. Thank you blessed Father Mother God for this beautiful day.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Kaziah Hancock paints fallen U.S. soldiers with love

I just received an email with a link to a deeply moving video about Utah artist Kaziah Hancock who paints portraits of soldiers who died in service to our country. What touched my heart the most was her love for the soldier as she painted the portrait -- she could see so much good in them.

The Project Compassion website news brief states that Kaziah "compares her compassion to a bottomless well to explain how she's able to complete painting after painting of U.S. soldiers."

Kaziah talks to the picture and painting of each soldier, seeing the best in each of them, and giving it back as she paints them. When I watched the video I could see how much love and healing was expressed in the paintings, given to the families, and how it would spread to all those who saw the portraits or this video. There is so much light in all of this.

Love in action is a very powerful force.

Go to Project Compassion for more information about the project, artists, or to find out how to request a portrait of a fallen soldier.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

New blogging and Internet technologies support lightworkers

A little over two weeks ago I completed my intention with this blog, to find my way to well-being with the Abraham-Hicks information.

I did find the inner connection I was looking for and now wanted to explore bringing my inner connection into the world. I had a lot of new ideas and wanted to create a web site, but didn't have the know-how to begin. So, while I'm doing my research and clarifying my ideas for something new, I'm using this blog to draft articles, explore ways of writing, and try my hand at implementing a few of those technologies. Like you, my understanding and experience of well-being always continues so I will continue to post my thoughts about it here and then plan to have a blog on my new web site.

I love writing about my own experiences, but I also really enjoy meeting the many beautiful spirits in the blogosphere. Now, in my research to create a web site, I have a growing appreciation for the ways technology can support us in building a community of lightworkers.

I feel I have just begun to enjoy the benefits waiting for me and want to share with you with the hope that you will benefit, too.

Preview of coming attractions: How site feeds help me organize information and how advertising on blogs can support our work.

More soon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Live like what you want is here right now

I enjoy the adventure of exploring new ways of being a deliberate creator. The technique that's been intriguing me the last week or so is living like what I want is here right now.

First is knowing what I want:

1. When I feel a desire I ask myself "what do I want?" And when I answer I ask again and again until I feel that I am at the heart of my desire.

For example, I think about my bills and want a kazillion dollars. When I ask again, I want freedom --I don't want to have to be concerned about bills, I just want to write and create. I keep going with it until I get to the deepest desire.

Next is becoming comfortable thinking what I want is real:

2. I say positive affirmations of what I want. This is a way to change my thinking so that what I want becomes familiar to me.

3. Before I go to sleep I affirm that I sleep well and wake feeling refreshed. I give over anything troubling me and ask the loving Universe to take care of it and affirm that I will be guided to any action that is needed. Before I sleep and when I wake I affirm what I desire for that time. This declutters any unpleasant thoughts or feelings hanging around.

These are some ways to become comfortable with the experience of what I want:

So, I know what I want and I'm becoming comfortable with thinking the thoughts of it being real. Now, how do I live it?

4. I remind myself that what I'm seeing around me is just a place to enjoy and decide where I want to go next. Abraham calls it the platform where we shoot off our rockets of desire and I really like that analogy. No recriminations needed on my journey -- just course adjustments by sending out my next desire. This thinking keeps me facing forward toward what I want.

5. A fun exercise it to sit down and write what a perfect day would be. It can be something realistic that could happen on earth, but it doesn't have to be. It could be about exploring space, traveling in time, or being an animal or tree. It's an exercise to just have fun and write whatever feels perfect in that moment. The way to bring it to life is to read it over, pick at least one thing, and do it right then -- like buying flowers if they were in the perfect day. Each perfect day can be a new story.

3. I ask myself if what I want was real right now, how would I feel? This is what I've been doing a lot of in the last week or so and when I allow the feelings I open up to possibilities in the physical world that feel real to me.

In a post here I wrote about a peak experience where everything was me. I'm using the same processes to deliberately create my physical experience as I did to deliberately change my thinking and feeling. This work I'm doing now is to consciously bring my spiritual self into my physical world.

My perspective is that we are souls and in our non-physical experience we are naturally allowing beings. We ask and it is given right then. The only work on "allowing" that is needed is in the physical world.

We don't have to do anything to deserve what we receive -- we just plain deserve good things because that's the way things work. Taking action is following what feels good and from that all kinds of things to be, do, and have manifest that are much greater than any action could be on it's own.

Let the rockets soar! And let it not matter that there is a rocket born that I have not yet achieved because I cannot help but achieve it. If I can contemplate it, if I can imagine it, then the Universe surely can deliver it to me. I could not imagine something that could not be.

Let it be. Let me relax and let …it …be.

You summon with the clarity of desire. And, we say to you, just relax and trust. That if you can want it, the Universe has yielded it and now its time for you to just relax. Not watching for evidence but trusting that the evidence will show up everywhere you turn ... and it is our promise to you, that it will.

Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, 10/05/02

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Abraham-Hicks Rampage of Appreciation (YouTube Video)

With much appreciation for True Nine at Dearer Still is Truth for showing me the way to these wonderful YouTube videos. Do a search for Abraham-Hicks to find this and other videos.

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Resources for well-being: channeled information, churches, dreamwork, interactive guidance, publishers, and more


Bashar: Bashar is a multi-dimensional being channeled by Darryl Anka. With humor and wisdom Bashar explains reality creation from another perspective.

Chief Joseph: Chief Joseph, channeled by John Cali, explores reality creation and the Law of Attraction in a loving way.


The Church of Humanity: Explores Law of Attraction, Quantum Mechanics.

James Twyman and The Beloved Community

Unity: Unity has churches worldwide, has a very positive message, and has always fit in perfectly with the information I've studied about reality creation, especially Abraham-Hicks.


Henry Reed: I knew Henry from his work as a very active and creative force in the dreamwork movement when I lived in Virginia Beach in the 80's. There are links to his Dream Helper Ceremony and Dream Quest articles on the lower right-hand side of the landing page.

World Dreams Peace Bridge: A global project to create peace by dreaming together.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): EFT is a very simple technique with powerful results. It's been used by professionals and laymen around the world and is one of the techniques I use to quickly transform the energy of unpleasant thoughts and feelings to feeling good.

School of Spiritual Homeopathy

Thriving Now, LLC: ­ Transforming Pain into Optimal Health™ with Rick Wilkes, an EFT coach. Rick has excellent case files which are very clear -- the tapping sequences insightful. This is a valuable resource.


Psychology of Vision: Spiritual/Interactive three card reading from the Enlightenment Pack.

TwinkleStars: Lovely music, twinkling ask a question and choose one for an interactive experience of inner guidance.


Gary Zukov: Streaming video of his talk at Unity Village. Real news, always positive.

May You Be Blessed: Movie and million blessings project.


LOVEinFORMed: Eileen Meyer and The Divine Feminine. "...she blends all of her healing, intuitive and musical abilities to teach both children and adults how to feel and entrain to the God Frequency, validate the heart, and give it a voice and presence on Earth."

The Seekers Circle: The Seeker's Circle offers a rich resource of Links You'll Love for sites and articles about intuition, psychic development, holistic health, personal celebrations, rituals, integrative medicine, divination tools, general spirituality, self-help and the groups, organizations, education centers, online magazines, and speakers sites on these topics.


Hay House: Louise Hay, writer and publisher of spiritual books, DVDs, music.

Well Being Journal

PlanetLightWorker online magazine

Updated 3/4/08

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Abraham-Hicks Resources and Links

Abraham-Hicks home page. Channeled info on how we create reality and how to live joy-filled lives.

The Abe Forum

Abraham Meetups Near You


Abraham audio workshop selection on well-being and why we have contrast.

Hay House Radio: Listen to Abraham-Hicks workshop excerpts. Register free, then go to Archived Shows | Weekly Shows | Ask and It is Given. mp3's seem to download better than podcasts.

Oprah radio interviews with Abraham and Esther Hicks. Download at

YouTube: A search on YouTube for Abraham-Hicks gave me 215 results here. Not all of the videos are of Esther channeling Abraham, but are related in some way.

YouTube: Abraham-Hicks Publications YouTube Videos

YouTube: Rockets of Desire: Creator of several Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos.


17 Seconds of Abraham

Abraham-Hicks Cocreative Collection. Looks like the blog ran into a problem posting at the end of June, but the previous quotes are there.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes

Abraham-Hicks: Search the Abraham-Hicks Journal for quotes

Dearer Still Is Truth: True Nine posts Abraham-Hicks quotes and videos.

Spirit Library: Channeled messages of Abraham-Hicks, Kryon, Metatron and others.

The Abe Blog : Interestng and extensive Abraham quotes, workshop transcripts, and articles by Abraham-Hicks.

Update 3/4/08

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Sites exploring the Law of Attraction (LOA) and reality creation (updated periodically)


Cardin Routhe at OptimistLab wrote an interesting article about her observations of women she worked with who attracted relationships that lasted -- from a Law of Attraction point of view.

Dawn's article describes her experience with energy shifts -- one of the better descriptions of what it is like to experience a transformation shift/awakening process that I have read. It doesn't have to work this way for everyone, but I think it happens in Dawn's case because she is not only very aware of her energy, but also very open and allowing of change so it happens quickly. (The Empathic Healer)

Steve Pavlina's article on Complaining takes a look at the effect of our thinking on an event -- before and after it happens.


28 years later - Debra sprinkles quotes by Abraham-Hicks, Alan Cohen, and others, images and playful YouTube videos, with her own delightful and unexpected thoughts. Only read this blog if you want to end up with a smile on your face! "Thoughts are like blobs of mercury - they floop around when you try to direct them, especially if you are caught up in trying to direct them. So think about....anything that makes your heart sing."

Abundance Journal: Belle Wong writes about her experiences with Abraham-Hicks, The Law of Attraction, and reality creation in creating the abundant and joyful life she desires.

Allowing a Perfect Body: Tigerlilly uses her study of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction to create her life in a "smaller physical version by creating it in a bigger spiritual version."

A Mystical Man's World: Robert Shapiro describes himself as a professional trance channeler. Shamanism and true magic, a benevolent expression of magic in our earth experience, are topics of his blog. This site is described as a community project to find shortcuts (or "hacks") in life using free tools on the Internet, which will help us resonate with the Law of Attraction (LOA). The last post was in April, but there is lots of good information about Internet resources and how they can be used with the LOA to attract your desires.

Balanced Life Center's Spirituality Blog: Nneka writes with real understanding about spirituality and reality creation using her experiences from every day life. I loved her post Thinning the Veil describing her growth in understanding of the Law of Attraction from observing the changes that happened to matter, such as burning paper turning to ash.

Be Alive * Believe * Be You: Melba McMullin shares her personal journey and the creative vision which is transforming her life. She reaches out and creates community through creativity and believing the best is within.

be Conscious now: Kara-Leah experienced a spiritual awakening in 2004 and writes about her shift in consciousness and experiences of spiritual energy as she is integrating this experience in her life. K-L also sponsors carnivals on truth, an opportunity to explore others' perceptions or contribute your own view.

Believe It's Possible: Maddy describes herself as a "self-professed Pollyanna who chooses to see the best aspects in life." Her blog is filled with playful and insightful posts of her explorations in using the Law of Attraction to create her life.

Belle Enchanted: Belle writes about creativity, art, writing and "the magic of the Law of Attraction." Reading her blog is like being with a dear friend.

Bland to Bliss: This blogger was given an Abraham-Hicks audio tape about 10 years ago and has created her blog to organize all of the wonderful information she had discovered about the Law of Attraction -- book reviews, spiritual cinema reviews, and her experiences in exploring what others are saying about creating reality.

Breathing Prosperity: Shauna's articles shine with positive energy and information about creating prosperity.

Clearly Envision: This blogger presents clear, easy to implement ideas for spiritual seekers who would like to use the Law of Attraction for development and success.

Contemplate This: With honesty and grace, Vicki shares "the real me" and tells us how she is using the Abraham-Hicks information in her life and with her family.

Creating a Better Life: Lyman Reed offers insightful reviews and articles with links to many resources about his topics: Abraham-Hicks, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), free personal growth videos and e-books, meditation, and other topics related to creating a better life.

Dearer Still Is Truth: True Nine offers Abraham-Hicks quotes and YouTube videos.

Erin Pavlina's Blog: Erin is pursuing her life's passion in supporting others to awaken to their Divine Energy. She writes about how to use the Law of Attraction in your life, answers questions from readers, and in other features on her site, offers intuitive readings, articles, and podcasts.

Everything Spiritual: Michele writes enthusiastically about the latest spiritual news. Recent posts included Hay House radio, spiritual cruises, new Abraham-Hicks products, and her experience meeting Pat Rodegast who channels the light being, Emmanuel.

Feel Good Vibes - Dave Trager empowers the positive by focusing on what feels good -- images, YouTube videos, quotes, and thoughts. Dave is in the process of updating the site so that you can register and create a good feeling vibes page of your own -- completion date possibly in September 2007.

Feeling Good: Clyde writes thoughtful, gentle posts about using the Law of Attraction to feel good as well as information about the Tampa Law of Attraction group. In some recent posts he explored his use of the Law of Attraction in his job search and his thoughts and experiences with Shamanism.

Happy Rant: Curt Rosengren is blogging about creating positive change in the world by focusing on news, books, and movies about people who are taking action to make the world a better place.

Illuminated Minds Want to Know: Maddy explores Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction, sharing herself as well as her insightful, positive understanding.

Intentional Living: Kristen Schuerlein dealt with a health issue using a positive perspective. She has a personal mission to inspire others to design a life they love. In this blog she shares her positive affirmations and viewpoint with high energy, and also posts news of others who are taking action in a positive way -- a special focus on women and health. (Formerly Affirmagy blog)

Law of Attraction for Beginners: Dean Lacono is a Law of Attraction coach, writer, and speaker who blogs about his experiences using the Law of Attraction and various energy work techniques to bring about positive change.

Life 2.0: Nick Smith writes, "I believe that our true nature is far more powerful, creative and loving than we could ever imagine, and the recognition of this is readily available to each and every one of us. The realisation of our true nature transforms everything - our relationships, our work and our organisations; and is, I believe, the answer to all our problems." Nick writes insightful, well-written articles that sing with intelligence on an array of topics from psychotherapy to Buddha, creativity to leadership, the joy of following your bliss to never being afraid of conflict.

Live the Power: Through her reading, Karen Lynch discovered that we are all responsible for our life and that we become what we think about. Karen's blog celebrates self-development with a focus on our unlimited power to create our life. Free e-book available for download.

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Magic Happens: This blogger explores consciousness and our place in the Universe in a very thoughtful way. She lives in Australia and has an appreciation for nature and the native people who live in harmony with the land. She references Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley and Notes from the Universe, as well as other sources of inspiration for her path.

Magical Mind: Jeanette posts articles and interesting links that she has been drawn to in her quest to manifest her hearts desire. Recent posts include Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley, You are Enough by David J. Walker, and's article on Epigenetics: The Biology of Belief.

Metaphysical Musings: Gina discusses her metaphysical journey -- how she learns from her reading of Abraham-Hicks, Seth, and others -- and how she applies these ideas in her life. Many quotes are included and she often talks about her dreams and dreamwork as well. The photos for each post are a visual treat that complements her thoughtful words.

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TUTs' Mike Dooley is interviewed by Carol Look on NPR. Select show #52: June 27, 2006, Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Universe has a sense of fun and is playful

I just love the playfulness of the Universe. One Saturday I was low on cash. I felt an impulse and bought a lottery ticket that day -- and in the mail got a check for $1.67 in a settlement on an investment I sold two years before. I was bemused at the unexpected check and the amount and wondered why LOA was bringing it at that time, but accepted it cheerfully.

The next day I was going over the money in the bank for a payment I needed to make in a couple of days and decided I needed $29 to cover it.

The lottery ticket! I looked online and I had won $28 in the lottery. Then I remembered the check for $1.67 I had received the day before which brought me over the top.

I just had to laugh. It was so playful and I could hear the Universe saying, "See, I know what you need before you ask."

There is no past. There is no future. There is only the living Now where all our needs are met with generous, joyful love.

That's my perspective anyway and I'm sticking to it!

Wishing you much love today.



Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Abraham-Hicks information that helps me smooth my journey in life

We don't have to do a thing to experience the life we desire, it's ours -- a gift from this loving Universe. Abraham tells us the process is simple: 1) Ask 2) The Universe answers 3) Allow. The allowing part is where we usually have some work to do.

The "work" is changing our thinking and how much work it is depends on where we are starting from. I used to have emotions from one end of the scale to the other. Abraham's information was such relief to me because it's really simple: I had strong desires and equally strong beliefs that I couldn't have my desires. I had my foot on the gas pedal and on the brakes at the same time. Not fun!

Some people have had a pleasant life and when they discover Law of Attraction just take off and have fun with it. If you have been running into periods of turbulence from conflicting desires and beliefs, then I can offer some thoughts and techniques that work to get me through the storms.

I ask myself, "what do you want?" The stream of well-being is loving, positive energy so I ask for my desire in a positive way. It's not to get rid of something or not think a thought -- it's to choose something better. When I first read Abraham I was so used to pushing against the unwanted memories or thoughts that I didn't always know what I wanted. To be positive I would just say, "I want to feel good."

It also doesn't matter how or why we got to where we are. All that matters is what we want. We are continuously asking for new desires, having them met or not, looking at what is, making a decision about whether we like it or not, and shooting off new desires. Being in the flow is turning from what we don't want and looking at what we do want.

When I found Abraham I was at the end of the way I had been thinking and doing things and ready to change everything in my life. I jumped in with all four feet. Therefore, I had some very strong desires running up against unwanted ways of thinking and memories I'd had since childhood. Rough waters emotionally, but I learned a lot quickly.

I later heard Abraham say that it was easier to start in small steps. Now you tell me! I think the Law of Attraction (LOA) brings us the information we need at the right time, so what happened worked for me -- I was absolutely ready to change my life. And if I feel frustration now and want things to go more quickly, I remember to let the Universe take care of the big picture while I choose small steps and feel better.

I've also recognized the wisdom of Abraham's advice that we are always on our journey. We never get it done and we never get it wrong. I wanted to "get there" to that good feeling place and it took me quite a while to accept that isn't a static place -- it's absolute joyful, constant creation. Something new and delicious is waiting to be experienced every moment -- the Universe has an infinite capacity to delight us.

One thing that has really been helpful, especially in relationships, is to remind myself that nothing is worth feeling bad. It's just a platform that I'm standing on. So, I ask myself what I want. It's so freeing to realize that I can feel better by changing my thinking. I don't have to try to control or change circumstances -- as a matter of fact, I change my thinking and the Law of Attraction will change circumstances for me.

Lately it's been so helpful to think about the Abraham quote: ...99%, more than 99%, 99.99 and even then some percent of every creation is complete before you begin to see physical evidence of it. So, you have creations well along the way before they begin to show up in your experience. Abraham-Hicks, Alaskan Cruise 2005, Disc 1.

Can you feel that? What you desire is right here! The Universe has created it and wants you to have it. When you affirm something now, know that is created instantly.

I think "allowing" is finding the way to love ourselves and the other part is loving what we see. When we do that we allow ourselves to experience and to be the channel of the delicious flow of Source Energy. Abraham says that appreciation is the closest energy to Source and that works for ourselves or for whatever we see as outside of us.

Above all, it will all work out. We are always learning. There will always be things we desire and we desire them because we want to feel better -- we want to experience that love flowing through us as Source creates what we desire and then calls us. The smallest, smallest experience can be so incredibly rich because it is full of the experience of love.

May you find joy and delightful surprises in your journey.

See Feb. 17, 2007 post for Abe quotes on going with the flow.

Posts August 6, here and here are about a technique I found that helped me in relationships: thinking "I love you" to myself soothes others when they are upset. I found it also smoothes my own experience in other situations, August 10, 2006.

The full Abraham-Hicks quote about 99.99% of our desires being created was on June 24, 2007.

All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at:

Abraham-Hicks and The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension: Encouragement when you feel less than wonderful

We want you to hear that your tantrums are understood, they are, you're not supposed to put up with less than is wonderful, you're not supposed to be sick, you're not supposed to be confused, you're not supposed to feel bad, you're not supposed to feel unworthy.

That is not who you are!

We'll never be there but we want to tell you that we'd throw a fit to if we ever got there.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashland, 7/17/04

You are, in your natural state, vibrating at a very high, pure, fast vibrational rate. But when you choose a thought that is not up to speed with that, and you introduce or include that vibration in your vibrational mix, the result is that it slows the vibration of your being. Which is just fine. You have free will. You can do that all you want. But when you slow the vibrational content of your being, you feel the slowing. And what that slowing is is negative emotion. That’s what it feels like to you.


There is no reason to worry about your thoughts, for they are not like a loaded gun that wreak powerful and instantaneous destruction. For you have plenty of time - as soon as you become aware of negative feelings - to begin to choose other less-resistant thoughts and choose a more desired outcome.


The Universe is not responding to your reality. The Universe is responding to your perception of your reality and so when you deliberately take an emotional journey you offer a vibration that causes Law Of Attraction to respond to you differently.

See how it works?

It is our desire to help you to identify how you are doing emotionally or vibrationally because if you can improve the way you feel just a little bit your whole point of attraction shifts.

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, KS, 9/14/05

Rather than "What should I do?" we want you to follow the thought of your Source, and the thought of that Source within you is looking for things to appreciate. And we know that guidance always sounds like "should I go this way, or should I go this way?" when you understand that the guidance is about the direction of your thought, and you deliberately choose the better feeling thought, what begins to happen is that you get going with The Flow so well that questions about what to do answer themselves easily because it is so obvious what to do....the confusion goes away when the resistance goes away....when you say, "never mind what I'm going to do, how am I going to think about this? And you chose a better feeling thought about the subject, what happens is that The Stream is flowing so smoothly that all of the chaos and confusion from your life lifts from you and you have clarity about what to do.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY 9/30/06

We wish to give a message of hope to all. When you are on this spiritual path and obstacles appear, we encourage you to continue your work to align with the spirit of All That Is, the Holy I AM. For there truly is nothing else. So, what are these appearances? Perhaps they are the last of the boogymen that have plagued your thoughts for many years. Thoughts that are so familiar to you that you haven't even noticed them or thought they were important. You cannot be in the flow of All That Is and hold onto a boulder comfortably. So, if there is something that you have been unwilling to release, then it will come up for you -- it may manifest as a shadow of lack in some way -- lack in health, in finances, in relationships. The form of it doesn't matter, it is all the same source. The boulder is seeing the material world as the source instead of All That Is. You are to have all that you desire, but recognize the Source of good. That is all, that is simply it. And when you do that you will experience being in Paradise every day, for you are there. Turn your thoughts, in whatever way you are able, to that which is beautiful in your life, that which has been beautiful. Think of your perfect day and make it so today. Take something from that perfect day and enjoy it today. Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, love, something that tastes good. If you have something you are holding back in storage because it is too good to use...why not bring it out and use it today. Treat yourself well, for you are precious to us. We love you with an everlasting love. We are your Brothers in truth, we are the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension.

The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, Channeled by Suzanne Keyes, Words of Well-being, 12/6/06. (Copyright 2006 by Suzanne Keyes)

Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit

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I'm creating a web site about exploring well-being

The post below this sounded like an ending, and it was. I've been writing about my path to finding well-being and have found it where it was all the time: within me and you and in all that is.

That post was about coming to completion with the way I was thinking and blogging, not an end to the journey. Whether we are experiencing these bodies or have returned to non-physical, the exploration of well-being continues.

I'm working on a web page, possibly another blog. Writing fiction. I love communicating with you.

For right now, there are a lot of changes in my thoughts, relationships, and outer circumstances. Abraham says the stream of well-being is a fast moving stream and when we are in the flow, there is not enough action to keep up with it. As promised, I'm creating a post right now about what is working for me to be in that good feeling place in the midst of change.

Wishing you a dazzling day!