Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm creating a web site about exploring well-being

The post below this sounded like an ending, and it was. I've been writing about my path to finding well-being and have found it where it was all the time: within me and you and in all that is.

That post was about coming to completion with the way I was thinking and blogging, not an end to the journey. Whether we are experiencing these bodies or have returned to non-physical, the exploration of well-being continues.

I'm working on a web page, possibly another blog. Writing fiction. I love communicating with you.

For right now, there are a lot of changes in my thoughts, relationships, and outer circumstances. Abraham says the stream of well-being is a fast moving stream and when we are in the flow, there is not enough action to keep up with it. As promised, I'm creating a post right now about what is working for me to be in that good feeling place in the midst of change.

Wishing you a dazzling day!


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