Monday, June 04, 2007

Inspired Action for Day 4: Your Challenge to the Universe

A few days ago I posted information about Elyse Hope Killoran's June Prosperity Play your way to Prosperity Experiment. Many are offering information about setting intentions and goals. What I really liked about her day 4 exercise is that the examples she uses ask for the feeling states and awareness often needed to allow prosperity. It's a different way to think about asking than just saying, "I want $500 by June 5." It also reminds me of how much I received from her teleclasses and coaching because it's a technique that I use often.

Inspired Action for Day 4: Your Challenge to the Universe

The important thing is that you let the Universe know (loud and clear) that you are 'asking' -- and then you commit to become very open and very alert as you prepare to 'receive'.

Here is an example of what you might write:

Dear ____________ (Universe, God, Goddess, Higher Self - use your favorite term)

~ I want to believe that I can affect the prosperity that shows up in my life.
~ I want to experience that prosperity can come from unexpected sources.
~ I want to believe that good things can come to me through 'play' and 'flow' rather than only through hard work.
~ I want evidence that there is a practical strategy around creating prosperity that provides tangible results.
~ I want evidence that the idea of 'creating prosperity from the inside-out' is not just wishful thinking.
~I am asking for observable and quantifiable proof that I can attract more prosperity within the next four weeks.

I am open to this prosperity arriving and taking the form of:

~ unexpected money coming into my life this month
~ unexpected gifts coming my way this month
~ clear inspiration leading me to new opportunities
~ a feeling of relief from fear, stress, sadness or discomfort
~ .....

I am ready for a breakthrough. I am ready to see things in a different way.

And so it is! / Amen / Namaste

Name ________________________
Date _________________________________

Now, as stated before, the form that this 'challenge' takes is not important. Bringing yourself into full alignment with the challenge is key.

Hoping that all of you enjoy the wonder of this day.

With love and light,

Elyse Hope Killoran
Prosperity Guide
Facilitator of the Prosperity Partnership Program

I have to laugh at her descriptions of how prosperity arrives unexpectedly. In 2003, two or three days after I first spoke to her, I found a $100 bill on the sidewalk -- unexpected and playful indeed.

The program is free and there is a community of like-minded, shining souls sharing their experiences and energy through blogging and other activities. There is wonderful energy here for you with Elyse at Choosing Prosperity.


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