Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chief Joseph: Who you are

Chief Joseph

Most of you here today are on a conscious, deliberate path of personal and spiritual growth. You want your lives to matter. You want to be able to reach out and uplift others. You have undoubtedly asked yourselves who you are. And why you are here.

Your modern world seems crazy, chaotic, senseless much of the time. There is so much turmoil, disaster, destruction, and despair. And you often seen no purpose or sense in any of it.

But there is always a purpose to even the most senseless of human acts and experiences. And it will ultimately all make sense. Do you know why?

Because you are here. That’s why.

Even in this so-called "new age," there are relatively few humans who are really awake. Many more are waking up, and eventually all will awaken. But right now, you are a minority, albeit a growing and powerful one.

Whether you can see this clearly or not, there is a reason you are here -- there is a purpose to your physical presence on the planet at this time.

That reason, that purpose is because you are who you are. And because you are now remembering who you are.

Those of you who find yourselves often reaching for, yearning for the meaning of life are the very ones humanity has been waiting for over the eons.

You -- the reaching, yearning ones -- are the vanguard of what will be a truly new age. In your reaching, in your yearning, you are finally remembering who you are.

You are the gods and goddesses who have come to help your sisters and brothers, your planet -- and other planets -- to move forward on their paths. And to evolve into lives of higher vibration, lives of greater joy, lives of greater awareness of what it means to be God.

For you are all God/Goddess. God is always speaking and acting through you. And when you trust and know you are God, you will have come back home again.

You will hear the voice of God, always and in all ways, in the sound of your own voice.

Chief Joseph Newsletter: Sentinels of the Sky, Conversations with Chief Joseph & John Cali, May 30, 2007.

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