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Abraham-Hicks on how we influence others and my experience with a cord cutting technique

Nobody can get inside your head and make you think. Sometimes it feels like it, because they're clamoring in your face so loud with whatever they're saying. But you have the ability, if it is your desire, to feel good. You have the ability to withdraw from whatever thought is bothering you, get off to yourself, and reclaim your connection to Source Energy. And that is the freedom that you are looking for.

You have the ability to look here where there is not resistance. Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, and that's exactly what he was talking about. Resist not evil. Turn the other cheek -- and achieve vibrational harmony with that which feels better.

All of you have access to Source Energy! It is always within you, always radiating through you. Sometimes you are providing a shadow that doesn't let it shine, more than others, and sometimes you are letting it shine fully. But the more you are letting the fullness of who you are radiate through you, the better you feel about everything -- and the more you are contributing to the whole of things. However, in any case, you cannot get it wrong!

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ -- 3/21/99 and Silver Springs, MD--4/11/99

I wrote about a physical decluttering I went through in April and it paved the way for a mental decluttering. I've been reading Abraham-Hicks for over three years now and have changed my thinking quite a bit. But what has come up for me in the last few weeks are old conversations from my childhood up to fairly recent times -- conversations that never were cleared, but just hung around like a 60's polyester dress in the back of the closet.

I would find myself having arguments in my own mind with the speakers, aware that it was more than slightly ridiculous to be having these conversations from years ago. At this point it's just me resisting me and didn't feel good. I attempted quite a few techniques to clear my thoughts, including talking to some of the people involved, and that didn't feel good either. I felt stuck. Ok, then. This morning I was just plain ready to let the memories and thoughts go. I'd had it. No working on them. Just get them out the door and on their way.

I was drawn to several things, including looking at a blog that was new to me, mysticalgraffiti.com by David Wechsler. David's May 21st post described a cord cutting exercise to release negative feelings and it appealed to me. I had learned a similar technique in the 70's and 80's when I lived in Virginia Beach, but haven't used it for many years. This morning I changed from thinking my way to well-being and energetic techniques like EFT to moving my arms, visualizing, and speaking my intentions while in the shower. I used David's exercise this morning to cut the cords of my negative thinking about conversations and experiences that had happened with others in the past.

I appreciated the cord cutting exercise this morning because it was physically expressed and it can be powerful to change modalities. Give it a try by writing affirmations with your non-dominant hand or make a song and dance of them. Write a play of a dream and have friends act it out. What a difference that can make if you are in the "audience" watching your dream. Something new engages our attention and allows us to "turn the other cheek" to well-being.

My day has gotten better and better. Thank you, David, for the light that you are and for each of you who touch others lives in ways you may never know. Just know that you do.

I had three quotes that wanted to be included together in a post. I didn't intend to write anything myself, just post the quotes, but I discovered I had something to say. I started to delete the last two quotes because they didn't seem to fit with what I had written, but they insisted on being put back in this post. So, here they are. More wonderful, inspiring, loving words by Abraham-Hicks:

You are a very powerful influence. Any of you are. When you understand that well-being is the basis of your life and you begin looking for the positive aspects in everything you focus upon and you have people around you who are living life experiences and they become your object of attention and so you are observing them from your place of connection, from your place of positive expectation, they get swept up in some of that current of well-being. And unless they are really resistant to it which almost no one is really resistant to it, then they benefit from their exposure to you who knows this stuff. That's what upliftment really is. In other words, when you feel well being and nothing freaks you out, and you know that everything is all right no matter what and you see someone in trouble and you feel humorous about it, its much better for them than if you feel tragic about it. The better you feel, the better everyone around you benefits and the greater the benefit to those around you.


You are powerful beings in your influence as you are connected, and it is important to realize that -- you see, when you are praying on behalf of another, what you are really doing if you are in alignment with Source Energy is you are saying, "Source, I would like to use my vortex to focus well-being toward the fulfillment of what this being truly desires".

And so if this person has absolutely made a decision that they are no longer wanting to be in this physical experience, if their decision is they are wanting to make their transition, no amount of your focusing could alter that, because you can not step on their creative toes. So what you are doing is acting as a catalyst or adding focused energy towards the fulfillment of what they are wanting.


Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

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