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Abraham-Hicks: How the Law of Attraction works with your internal guidance system

You are including many things in your vibration, some of them you want to include and some of them you do not. But because you are not remembering that you are vibrational beings, you don't tend to your vibration. You tend to wait until things manifest and then you deal with what is manifesting. And this gathering is about helping you to realize that you are vibrational beings and that you are vibrational transmitters and receivers. Law of Attraction is matching all of these signals up and the way you control your experience is by deliberately offering your vibrations.

What you think and therefore what you feel, which is an indicator of your vibration of thought, and what manifests is always a vibrational match. No exception. But, if you wait until something has manifested we call that post manifestational awareness. And it's not all that helpful because 99%, more than 99%, 99.99 and even then some percent of every creation is complete before you begin to see physical evidence of it. So, you have creations well along the way before they begin to show up in your experience.

Once something manifests -- while you always have the ability to be where you are and to move from where you are to where you want to be -- once something has manifested and you get that habit of observing "what is" going, then the tendency to continue to perpetuate "what is" is a very strong tendency.

We want you, as you are visiting with us in these hours that are before us, in these days that are before us to come to the most keen awareness that you have ever found that you are the creator of your own experience. And that you create by deliberately projecting your thought. We want you to realize that as you give thought whether you are projecting your thought about the past or about the present or about the future, whether you are observing or pondering or musing or imagining, whether you are wondering, whether you are having a conversation, whatever it is that you are focused upon is causing an activation of a thought vibration within you. And Law of Attraction is responding to that thought vibration.

So, it works like this, the contrast, which we mean the variety. The things wanted and not wanted. The things really wanted and the things really not wanted. The contrast of your time and place causes you to come to conclusions of your personal preferences or your desire. It just happens. It's the way the entire Universe was established. It's not something that you need to work at or learn to do. If you were the one-celled amoeba in the ocean you would be having your experience and those personal preferences would be being born within you.

So, as you evaluate or even observe or even move around in without conscious awareness, as you are moving through contrast, your personal desires or preferences are being born. And they shoot, we like to call it like rockets of desire, into what we lovingly refer to as your vibrational escrow. In other words, they are there being held for you waiting for you to become in vibrational alignment with them.

Now this is something you may not have heard from us before. We really want you to get this because it's the basis of the way your guidance system works. When your contrast causes you to desire something or prefer something -- in the moment that that preference is born -- Source Energy agrees with that preference.

How wonderful is that? Do you realize how known you are to be leading edge genius creators? Do you understand how worthy you are known to be? There is no question or no misunderstanding on the part of Source Energy that you -- out here on this leading edge of creation -- have the ability, the wherewithal, and the right to have an experience which causes you to conclude your personal preference.

And when that preference is concluded, when that preference happens within you -- even if you don't speak words about it -- when that preference happens within you, a vibration emanates from you and Source becomes immediately one with that vibration. So, now there is a strong current or signal that is pulsing within you.

Jerry and Esther have navigational systems in their vehicles. And the way they work is the computer in the coach and the antennas on the roof let the satellites in the sky know where they are. So they program in their destination and then Magellan calculates the route between where they are and where they want to go -- and then gives them turn by turn descriptions, both verbally and visually. Magellan never says to them, "where have you been?" Because it is not relevant where they have been. Magellan has only one function: to determine the route between where they are and where they now want to be.

Your emotional guidance system is exactly the same. You are where you are and you have desires within you constantly that are being held for you in vibrational escrow. So those same two points of vibrational relativity are there for you. And your emotional guidance system is based upon those.

So day by day, experience by experience, you have preferences born. You know how it works. Someone is not nice to you and you want them to be nicer. You're not nice to someone -- you wish you had been nicer. You don't have enough money -- you would like more money. You're disorganized -- you want to be more organized. Your body doesn't feel good -- you want to feel better.

Constant information being sent for Source to align with. And so there is this constant steady projection of your intention that is born from your day-to-day experience and Source is saying, "Yes, we agree. Yes, we agree. Yes, we agree. Yes, we agree." And do you know what that agreement means? That means that all of the resources of the Universe are put toward your achievement of whatever it is that you've set in motion. In other words, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have. If this time-space reality has the ability to inspire that desire within you, this time-space reality has the ability to deliver it. And Source, who is in alignment immediately, not only with what you just said but with everything you've been projecting...oh, what a magnificent array of creations are awaiting your alignment.

That alignment is what we call the art of allowing. It's bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with what you have projected and Source is agreeing with, that is in your vibrational escrow. And the better you feel the more in vibrational alignment with it you are. And the worse you feel the more out of alignment with it you are.

. . . . . . . . . . .

And you can tell by the way you feel what you are systematically moving toward. It's wonderful that you live in an environment with this glorious buffer of time. It's so nice that your thoughts do not instantly manifest. There would be much more for you to deal with than you really want to. It's such a lovely thing that you have this buffer of time which means 99.9999% of everything is complete vibrationally before you begin to see the evidence of it.

So what happens is often you are well along your path to whatever it is you are wanting. But because you are not taking score based upon the way you feel -- you often are taking score based upon what you see manifested -- many times you are well along the way, nearly on the brink of a manifestation -- but as you stop and take score and see that it has not yet come, then your vibration comes to one that is reflected by disappointment. And then you are moving in the opposite direction.

[Abraham gave the analogy of Jerry and Esther driving from Phoenix to San Diego. They don't get discouraged in Yuma because they are not in San Diego. They don't turn around and go back to Phoenix because this physical journey is clear to them.]

But sometimes we see you in a body that has been given a label of sickness, finding some optimism or some hope, and moving well along your way to full recovery because there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have. But because the manifestation is not evident yet and because it's not showing up on the doctor's scans or tests, your assumption is that you are not on your way to recovery. And when you get the remarks from the doctor regarding the test you freak out and turn around and go back to Phoenix.

We see you struggling in not enough money -- finding a vibration just out of sheer willpower or desire -- doing a pretty good job of lining up with it, and we see your financial future turning around. We see you moving steadily toward the increase in dollars that you want. And then something happens that causes you to look abruptly at what is and you find yourself focused upon the lack or opposite of what you want. And the disappointment or worry or even anger surges within you to indicate that you've lost your vibrational bead on your vibrational frequency and you are turned around and are going back to Phoenix.

emotional guidance system described

On the end of the scale that feels so wonderful to you is your perception of freedom. It's your perception of empowerment. And the reason that we say that to you is because your freedom or your ability to be free is really not in question. You are so free that you can choose bondage. But if you are not aware, it is your perception of freedom that is important. Because you are the one projecting thought.

So on the good feeling end of the scale is your perception of freedom. On the not so good feeling end of the scale is your perception of disempowerment or not freedom. And as you understand that basis then you understand that as you improve your place on the emotional scale you feel a feeling of relief, because each time you move even the slightest bit on the emotional scale the subsequent feeling to you is one of releasing resistance. And releasing resistance always feels like relief.

So there is allowing on the good end of the scale. Resisting on the not good end of the scale.

When we say we want you to make peace with where you are we really mean that because it doesn't matter where you are on the emotional scale in relation to where anyone else is on the emotional scale. The only thing that matters is your vibrational relativity. In other words, you are the one that has been living the life that has been letting the Universe know what it is you are wanting relative to every subject imaginable. And you are the one living your life right now, thinking the thoughts, having the conversations, beating the drum and, here is the key word, activating the vibration within you that is either matching that or not matching that.

And so as you are paying attention to the way you feel, you can get a very good sense in time of how well you are doing in bringing yourself into vibrational compliance with what you have already established over there in your vibrational escrow.

. . . . . . . . . . .

When you want more money or you want an improved bodily condition or when you want a relationship that just knocks your socks off and you're just standing in the middle of a conversation with yourself or someone else and you're complaining about not enough money or something about your body or something about your relationship, that negative emotion that you feel that you may call fear or you may call worry or you may call anger -- that negative emotion that you feel is your Magellan that is saying, "Please return to the highlighted route."

Abraham-Hicks, Alaskan Cruise 2005, Disc 1

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