Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Affirmations and deliberate reality creation

I've used affirmations for years, but Abraham-Hicks has given me a perspective that makes them so much more fun to play with in creating reality. Now positive affirmations are easier to use and I have the pleasure of knowing I am creating my reality as I speak them.

Negative beliefs are the voice of what we want to change

Decades ago there was recognition that resistance would come up when we affirmed something positive we didn't have yet. That voice would pop up, "but wait a minute...," "but what about...," or just plain, "I don't believe I can...."

That resistance is the voice of the negative beliefs we wanted to change. It was seeing the conditions or having the feelings those negative beliefs created that prompted the new desire and positive affirmation. Without knowing about reality creation, we didn't realize the thoughts were connected with what we saw or felt. They were considered an inner psychological pattern.

You don't have to get rid of the old, just choose to think the new

There were a lot of techniques to deal with those resistant thoughts, but now you don't have to pay any attention to them at all. They are just thoughts and all you have to do is choose a better feeling thought.

If you are new to deliberate reality creation, just know that as you practice changing your thoughts and experiencing your feelings change with them you will discover that it works. Even if these are negative thoughts you've had for many years or even from childhood, they will change. It's very empowering to walk the new path and get to the place where you can feel -- really feel -- that the old beliefs have lost their power and are just thoughts. Once you have that experience it becomes easier and easier.

When you say a positive affirmation it is so powerful. I remember one dark night of the soul where I was at a crisis point with some very old beliefs about my worthiness and fears around experiences that had happened as a child. It was a real eye-opener to experience the control of working to turn those old unpleasant beliefs and feelings around and end up feeling better during a sleepless night!

Now I know it works and I get a warm, pleasant feeling deep inside when I speak my positive affirmations. I know the affirmation is a step on the path to my desire and the good feelings are the connection to well-being that is calling me forward.

How to use affirmations

When you have a desire for something good then state it as if it is real. Whenever you feel doubt or whenever it feels good, repeat it again. Your mind will get used to the thought and you will also get used to being in control of your thoughts.

As I mentioned, I like the Abraham-Hicks information which tells you that you don't have to work on your thoughts and reel in your desires like a fish on a line. The Universe grants your desire as soon as you have it.

Affirmations are for those times when you still believe in the old and want to change your thinking. Just think of it as building something beautiful because you are. You are being a deliberate co-creator with the Universe and building your dreams by thinking them into your experience.

I send you these affirmations of well-being:

You are a blessed being who is worthy of every good thing. You are on the right track and the Universe is with you every step of your life's journey.

All is well.


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