Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Abraham-Hicks Resources and Links

Abraham-Hicks home page. Channeled info on how we create reality and how to live joy-filled lives.

The Abe Forum

Abraham Meetups Near You


Abraham audio workshop selection on well-being and why we have contrast.

Hay House Radio: Listen to Abraham-Hicks workshop excerpts. Register free, then go to Archived Shows | Weekly Shows | Ask and It is Given. mp3's seem to download better than podcasts.

Oprah radio interviews with Abraham and Esther Hicks. Download at

YouTube: A search on YouTube for Abraham-Hicks gave me 215 results here. Not all of the videos are of Esther channeling Abraham, but are related in some way.

YouTube: Abraham-Hicks Publications YouTube Videos

YouTube: Rockets of Desire: Creator of several Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos.


17 Seconds of Abraham

Abraham-Hicks Cocreative Collection. Looks like the blog ran into a problem posting at the end of June, but the previous quotes are there.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes

Abraham-Hicks: Search the Abraham-Hicks Journal for quotes

Dearer Still Is Truth: True Nine posts Abraham-Hicks quotes and videos.

Spirit Library: Channeled messages of Abraham-Hicks, Kryon, Metatron and others.

The Abe Blog : Interestng and extensive Abraham quotes, workshop transcripts, and articles by Abraham-Hicks.

Update 3/4/08

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