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Abraham-Hicks information that helps me smooth my journey in life

We don't have to do a thing to experience the life we desire, it's ours -- a gift from this loving Universe. Abraham tells us the process is simple: 1) Ask 2) The Universe answers 3) Allow. The allowing part is where we usually have some work to do.

The "work" is changing our thinking and how much work it is depends on where we are starting from. I used to have emotions from one end of the scale to the other. Abraham's information was such relief to me because it's really simple: I had strong desires and equally strong beliefs that I couldn't have my desires. I had my foot on the gas pedal and on the brakes at the same time. Not fun!

Some people have had a pleasant life and when they discover Law of Attraction just take off and have fun with it. If you have been running into periods of turbulence from conflicting desires and beliefs, then I can offer some thoughts and techniques that work to get me through the storms.

I ask myself, "what do you want?" The stream of well-being is loving, positive energy so I ask for my desire in a positive way. It's not to get rid of something or not think a thought -- it's to choose something better. When I first read Abraham I was so used to pushing against the unwanted memories or thoughts that I didn't always know what I wanted. To be positive I would just say, "I want to feel good."

It also doesn't matter how or why we got to where we are. All that matters is what we want. We are continuously asking for new desires, having them met or not, looking at what is, making a decision about whether we like it or not, and shooting off new desires. Being in the flow is turning from what we don't want and looking at what we do want.

When I found Abraham I was at the end of the way I had been thinking and doing things and ready to change everything in my life. I jumped in with all four feet. Therefore, I had some very strong desires running up against unwanted ways of thinking and memories I'd had since childhood. Rough waters emotionally, but I learned a lot quickly.

I later heard Abraham say that it was easier to start in small steps. Now you tell me! I think the Law of Attraction (LOA) brings us the information we need at the right time, so what happened worked for me -- I was absolutely ready to change my life. And if I feel frustration now and want things to go more quickly, I remember to let the Universe take care of the big picture while I choose small steps and feel better.

I've also recognized the wisdom of Abraham's advice that we are always on our journey. We never get it done and we never get it wrong. I wanted to "get there" to that good feeling place and it took me quite a while to accept that isn't a static place -- it's absolute joyful, constant creation. Something new and delicious is waiting to be experienced every moment -- the Universe has an infinite capacity to delight us.

One thing that has really been helpful, especially in relationships, is to remind myself that nothing is worth feeling bad. It's just a platform that I'm standing on. So, I ask myself what I want. It's so freeing to realize that I can feel better by changing my thinking. I don't have to try to control or change circumstances -- as a matter of fact, I change my thinking and the Law of Attraction will change circumstances for me.

Lately it's been so helpful to think about the Abraham quote: ...99%, more than 99%, 99.99 and even then some percent of every creation is complete before you begin to see physical evidence of it. So, you have creations well along the way before they begin to show up in your experience. Abraham-Hicks, Alaskan Cruise 2005, Disc 1.

Can you feel that? What you desire is right here! The Universe has created it and wants you to have it. When you affirm something now, know that is created instantly.

I think "allowing" is finding the way to love ourselves and the other part is loving what we see. When we do that we allow ourselves to experience and to be the channel of the delicious flow of Source Energy. Abraham says that appreciation is the closest energy to Source and that works for ourselves or for whatever we see as outside of us.

Above all, it will all work out. We are always learning. There will always be things we desire and we desire them because we want to feel better -- we want to experience that love flowing through us as Source creates what we desire and then calls us. The smallest, smallest experience can be so incredibly rich because it is full of the experience of love.

May you find joy and delightful surprises in your journey.

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Posts August 6, here and here are about a technique I found that helped me in relationships: thinking "I love you" to myself soothes others when they are upset. I found it also smoothes my own experience in other situations, August 10, 2006.

The full Abraham-Hicks quote about 99.99% of our desires being created was on June 24, 2007.

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