Saturday, February 17, 2007

Going with the flow

Anything that you are wanting: don't stand in the lack of it and lament that it isn't there and expect it to come to you. It cannot. Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it - look for something about it, and focus upon that little piece, and by Law of Attraction, watch it grow!

Abraham-Hicks - 02/16/91

At the heart of every condition is a vibrational pattern -- a rather minor tweaking of vibrational patterning (sort of like the hub of a wheel) can affect tremendously out there on the peripheral of this big wheel... A little bit of tweaking on the emotion can make big differences in the way the physical manifestation occurs.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop G-1-29-05

We're not wanting you to ever feel bad about feeling bad. Because we know that feeling bad is always a temporary state of being. Good is ultimately all that is. You say, "Why did I ever let it feel bad?" And we say, we've been wondering the same thing.

Abraham-Hicks, workshop 11/23/02

"Every time you turn and go with the flow, you thrive a little. And this is the part that we want you to take away more than all other things put together: the moment of relief is when you drop the oars and let the stream turn you. There is a moment of relief there every single time. So if you are reaching for the relief factor, what you will begin to notice is you're dropping the oars, you're dropping the oars, you're turning in the stream, you're beginning to allow yourself to be carried to where you want to be. And we want you to know that there are delicious aspects of life, everywhere in the stream ..."

And this is the thing that we want to say to any of you who are feeling frustration or sadness, or desperation, or any negative emotion about some unfulfilled desire. We want to say, 'We thought you wanted a ride on the river'. And then you would say, 'We wanted a shorter ride on the river'. [Audience laughter.] And we would say, 'No, you want an eternal ride on the river'. And then you would say, 'But I really wanted it to not take so long from when I want something, and I float into the experience of it'. And we say, 'Then drop the oars'. Because the only time you need oars is when you're paddling against the current."

And when you're not paddling against the current, the current will carry you. And when the current carries you, it will carry you into all of the circumstances and events and experiences that you've been asking for."


And the key to relaxing and allowing well-being is to trust that the Universe is indeed loving and has my best interests at heart. To trust that all is well. To trust that not only does another door open, but it opens into a grander, more lovely answer to my desires than I could even imagine. To trust so that I don't even have a thought of holding onto the door that closed, but step out in anticipation of the new more loving experience of life that is within me and is reflected everywhere.

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