Saturday, February 10, 2007

The process of reality creation and work

My parents and the wisdom when I grew up was that a person found a stable company to work for and stayed there until retirement. That concept has been changing rapidly for several decades and people often switch jobs many times in their life. I've been in a new job for a few weeks and already have the desire for something better. I feel I can have it, too.

The reality creation process worked in getting this job: I asked for something close to home and it's about five blocks from where I live. I wanted it to be something that I could do and I can. I wanted the owners to be pleasant people and they are. I wanted to make money to pay my bills and have extra and I do. I received what I had asked for.

Abe says that we shoot off a rocket of desire from the current platform we are standing on. So, I've been in the job a few weeks and definitely have a rocket of desire for new and better conditions.

My job is being a tax preparer...something that I would never have thought of myself doing. It not only provides money, it has been an opportunity to acquire confidence in a new way. This is the support the Universe has given me in fulfilling a deeper desire for work that I really do want to do and that is closer to my heart.

I felt a little insecure thinking about changing jobs and then I realized that if I trusted that the Universe had the next financial resource for me, then I wouldn't care what my manager thought and the job itself wouldn't be important. Being in the flow of well-being is the only thing that is important -- my flow of well-being.

It's not about whether I change jobs or stay there. It's about staying in my flow of well-being. The rest will take care of itself.

It's just interesting to experience this process in a situation that has always appeared to be in someone else's hands -- the owner or manager of the business. And where I used to feel dependent on the situation for the money to pay bills and live on.

It's actually no different than any other desire that is fulfilled for me or anyone else. It is a gift from Father Mother God and there is another gift and another and another without end. Getting a new job or however money is coming to me is no different than getting a library book that I wanted or the fulfillment of any other desire. There is no order of magnitude in the fulfilling -- Source Energy supplies them all with love.

I feel so relaxed and at peace that it feels like a glow is coming through my skin and out of my body. I have more energy and it's easier and easier to think positive thoughts. I have a card I made and lay on my keyboard where I glance at it often. It really sums it up for me:

Trust. All is well.


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