Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trust that when you feel good, you will do what is needed

I've started work as a tax preparer and was feeling overwhelmed by trying to understand all the rules and regulations. This job in particular is very much like Abraham's analogy that we never get it done in life -- we will always have new desires and always be on our way to someplace new. Tax regulations are complex, numerous, and there are changes every year. A tax preparer is always learning -- we never get it done. I like knowing what I'm doing and I've felt uncomfortable preparing tax returns, knowing some information, learning the rest of it as I prepare the return. Boy, is this an exercise in letting go of control and learning to go with the flow!! I just channeled in Words of Well-being and it was very helpful. The topic was about Freedom and they said freedom was trusting and letting go of control. After I finished channeling I read it over and I realized that I am good enough right now, just as I am. Whether I know a little or a lot. It isn't about the job and what I know, it's about me realizing I am enough.

I was guided to the Abraham quote below right before I did the channeling. Abe describes Esther's feeling of being overwhelmed and how she moved to a better feeling place and accomplished all she wanted. This is also a very lovely example of how quickly and lovingly the Universe answers our desires. I had been looking through some of the tax information in order to feel more comfortable with it and it was just overwhelming. I used the placemat process and gave the feelings to the LOA Manager and asked to feel better. The Abe quote and the channeling are the answer to my desire to feel better. I love how this works!

Here's Abe:

We were watching our friend Esther. She came home from a trip and she was feeling very much overwhelmed. Too much to do she thought. Mailbox was overflowing, voice mail box was overflowing, and suitcases and bags were all around. Then as she sat in the muddle, she said Abraham what should I do? And we said" there you are acting like a physical being always trying to figure out what to do!!" "How do you want to feel?" She said "I want to feel free and happy, and I don't feel free and happy when I have too much to do" And we said "There you are acting like a physical being telling us what you don't want when we ask you what you DO want!!" She laughed and said "I want to feel free and happy" We said ponder that for a moment. So she closed her eyes and envisioned sitting on the front porch, sipping some tea, talking to her mate, watching the squirrels and right away she felt free and happy.

She said "Now what?" We said "Now what do you want to have?" She said, “I want to have a clean and efficient organized home and office." And we said - ponder that friend, do not jump right into action, wait until you are inspired. From your place of feeling good you will reach out to the inspiration that will lead you to that which you seek. And so within a couple of days, the thoughts began to come. "I can move this over here, I can delegate this, I can eliminate this ". Her mate noticed that she was not acting out of drudgery as she sometimes had done. But she was bounding from place to place inspired by these ideas that were coming you see... rather than trying to fix it from negative perspective which never works because Law of Attraction just attracts more negatives. She was now being inspired because she had achieved her place of balance before. You are getting it?

And so the way you get away from a negative feeling is by acknowledging that it is a good thing that you have it. Don't beat up on yourself..."Oh I shouldn't be feeling this way". Instead acknowledge how valuable it is that you have been alerted to the fact that there is something that is out of harmony. Then you CONSCIOUSLY give thought to what it is you think you would like to feel, which will inspire your ideas of what you are wanting to have which will then lead you to action. And we encourage you never to take action without that inspiration, because that action will be futile. It is action that is usually contradictory to what you are really wanting. Some say "Abraham you teach laziness!! You teach us to lay around and wait to be inspired, what if I am never inspired?" And we say.. you can not avoid being inspired when you are in that place of positive emotion . When you get in that place of positive all good things come to you. Just as you remain in that place of negative, all bad things come to you.

Abraham-Hicks, Workshop G 7/8/90

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