Thursday, January 18, 2007

Abraham-Hicks: The delicious flow of generations of mass consciousness

I like this reminder that when we relax, conditions and circumstances take care of themselves:

The only subject at hand is am I going with or against the flow. There are infinite things that are already activated that when you come close to them have the potential of sucking you into their orbit for a while, unless you are approaching life from that broader point of view where there is this one pool that is your dominant intention. It is when you realize that you get what you think about and that as you give your attention to things you get swept up into the gravitational pull of whatever that subject is. It isn't until you finally acknowledge that there is this other huge stream that is flowing...when you discover that there is this expansive overall flow that is the result of mass consciousness of generations and generations that is this life experience of wonder and ecstasy and deliciousness that is the potential for all of you. So why are any of us mucking around in things that don't matter when that potential is there! And the reason that you tell these stories about gravitational pull is because there are these forces that do affect you, of course they do … but you have greater control than all of that.

You have control over all things. Control isn't a word that we are really wanting to use because it really is in the releasing of your attempt to control of conditions and circumstances that you really relax in the flow of well being. When you give up trying to control conditions and you instead just go with the flow of what feels best to you, then the conditions take care of themselves.

Abraham-Hicks, Washington D.C., 5/13/05

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