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String theory and reality creation. Abraham-Hicks on aligning our vibration.

I'm watching a DVD called The Elegant Universe, a Nova program about string theory. It's quite exciting! String theory fulfills Einstein's quest for a unified theory of the Universe. It unites quantum mechanics' explanation of very small particles and Einstein's Theory of Relativity which explains very large systems such as stars and planets. The exciting part is that string theory says that all matter is the result of vibrating strings of energy -- that there is only this energy and that the different ways the strings vibrate gives a particle its characteristics. "The Universe can be thought of as a grand symphony."

The information from Abraham is that when we align our vibration with what we desire, we allow it. It must be so. This is how the Universe works. What I love about string theory is that it helps me see how this can happen and how accessible all I desire is. The Universe is One and it is all available to us, no matter who we are or where we are -- it all about how we feel, our vibration. How elegant, indeed.

Here is Abraham on aligning our vibration:

As you think, you feel. As you feel, you radiate, And All-That-Is (physical and Non-physical) is affected by your offering. That is your power of influence.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 4/6/91

When you start adding the "why's" to what you want, then you really begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, and when you begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, oceans part and mountains move, and people come out of the woodwork to accommodate you.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 5/22/92

The Universe is not responding to your reality. The Universe is responding to your perception of your reality and so when you deliberately take an emotional journey you offer a vibration that causes Law Of Attraction to respond to you differently.

See how it works?

It is our desire to help you to identify how you are doing emotionally or vibrationally because if you can improve the way you feel just a little bit your whole point of attraction shifts.

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, KS, 9/14/05

Are you knowing what you are wanting, and are you enjoying desire pulsing within you? If you are, then you are somewhere in the vibrational proximity of your desire. If your desire is not pleasing you so much it only means that, for whatever reason, you have not yet achieved a close vibrational harmony with your desire. For when you find up-close vibrational to your own desire, then your desire feels satisfying; it feels interesting; it feels life-giving. And the further you are---vibrational proximity---from your own desire, then the more it aggravates you and the more uncomfortable you feel.
Vibrational alignment: that is what everything is about. You are flesh, blood and bone, yes you are. You can see it; you can pinch it; you can lick it; you can see the physicalness of your Being. But you are extensions of Source Energy, which means you are electronic Beings. You are vibrational, first and foremost.

Abraham-Hicks, From the recording G-12-13-03, Boca Raton, FL

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At Friday, January 25, 2008 at 7:56:00 PM EST, Blogger Leslie said...

I know that this post was from over a year ago, but it was interesting. I was wondering if you've ever read anything by physicist Michio Kaku. He has a beautiful way of explaining the String Theory, etc. I stumbled upon your blog while I was searching for all things Abraham-Hicks. I just started listening and reading about them, and have been trying to make sense of everything. You have a great blog. Namaste.

At Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 3:05:00 PM EST, Blogger Suzanne said...

Thank you for stopping by, Leslie.

I looked at Michio's website -- it's very exciting and I'll do some exploring with his ideas. Thank you for the reference.

I'm still working with the Abraham-Hicks information, but the process right now is so personal and interconnected that I haven't wanted to post about it -- it's much more non-phyiscal than physical like trying to describe a living Celtic knot using words.

Welcome to this blog and to this most interesting information that Abraham is sharing. May you have many delicious experiences on your journey.



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