Friday, December 29, 2006

Abraham-Hicks: There are rendezvous points every day for what you want

There are 20 or 30 viable rendezvous points in every day for everything you want. And the better you feel, the more you line up with them. The worse you feel, the more you zig while they zag.

Now we want you to understand your work is not to make it happen. Your work is to LET it happen. And you let it happen by possibility thinking, not negative thinking, by hopeful thinking, not doubtful thinking, by believing it will come rather than doubting it will come. By talking yourself into feeling good. By acknowledging the well-being. By reading the fairy tales. By not listening to people who don't have what they want, but listening to the people who do have what they want. Go up to every couple who obviously are living happily ever after and say, "Tell me your story of how you came together." And listen to the incredible tales they will tell you of how the Universe arranged their rendezvous. And it will make you begin believing in the possibility of rendezvous as they tell you the variety of things...

All you have to do is say, "I'm ready!"


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