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Abraham-Hicks: You can change any physical condition in a matter of days when...

I'm listening to a Abraham-Hicks workshop in Louisville, KY and a questioner quoted Abe saying any physical condition could be released from the body in a few days if the person was distracted and the questioner asked how to do that. There's good information here for any condition that appears to be right in front of our face that we wish to change.

Abe is talking about the stream of well-being and the upstream thoughts are thoughts that don't feel good because they are resisting well-being. Downstream thoughts are the good feeling thoughts that go with the flow.

The more your life has caused you through it's contrasting pieces to ask for other words, the more you've been sick, the weller you are in vibrational escrow. Jerry was so sick as a child. And his sickness actually served him. You won't meet anybody who is as well as he is today. But it is because his life experiences as a child caused him to put so much more energy into vibrational escrow and when he was able to release resistance, his wellness became exaggerated beyond what normal people would live. Do you get a sense of what we are talking about? So, let's get to specifics. Let's suppose someone has one of those big diagnosis. And your question is, "how could they be distracted from all of that?" And we say, it's a little tricky. Not only do they need to be distracted from the illness itself, which is hard to do because it is showing up, but they have to be distracted from what caused the illness to begin with...and it would have been a lot easier before the illness manifested, but the good news is that most people won't try as hard before the illness manifests. Now they've got great reason to be more deliberate about their thought.

The next important thing we want to say is that distraction -- and this is the reason that we are talking to all of you in the way we are today -- so many try the impossible. They say, all right now that I've been practicing upstream thoughts for a very long time and the people I'm hanging around with practice upstream thoughts -- now all of a sudden I'm going to turn on a dime and start practicing downstream thoughts. And we say, no you're not. That's not logical. It's not practical. And Law of Attraction is not going to help you because Law of Attraction is going to keep bringing you thoughts like you've been thinking. So that's where making peace with where you are is so important. That's where understanding the stream is so important. That's where understanding your true legacy is so important. That's where understanding what your emotions mean is so important.

So, when you begin saying things to yourself such as, "negative emotion means I'm upstream and softer means I'm turning downstream, now you begin making this an emotional journey rather than an action journey. You begin making it about the way you feel which means you begin making it about your vibration which means you begin to allow yourself to turn in the stream rather than about action that isn't going to allow you to be where you want to be....

So, we teach mediation because it's really easier to teach people to have no thought than to have pure positive thought. So if you could get someone to just work on quieting their mind a few times a day, that is really a stream-turning experience. Because when they stop thought, they stop resistant thought. When they stop thought, their boat turns in the stream. That's why we teach things like looking for things to appreciate because when you look for something to appreciate you can't complain at the same time. Appreciating is downstream...always. When you make positive aspects, that's a downstream thought. So, the distration comes in by trying to get their mind off their sickness.

So as you catch yourself in the middle of the thought, and you don't relate it to the disease, you just relate it to the emotion that you feel. So, you're emotion matters enough that you stop talking about it. You're emotion matters enough so that you stop talking about it and start talking about something that feels better. As your emotion takes more precedence than your conditions or your action, now you can begin to turn. And once you get the hang of that, you can begin to move very rapidly toward this wonderful wellness that has been assembled on your behalf, that you have created you see.

And that's why we say, without exception, it does not matter how big the disease is or how bad it is or how terminal they have convinced you that it is. If you could stop doing that thing you do, that is depriving you of the wellness -- so hear this -- as a healer this will be very important to you -- this is such an important thing to understand -- when you get it that no matter who you're dealing with, the sicker they are, the stronger the healing power. In other words, the sicker they are, the more they've been contributing to this vibrational desire for wellness and the stronger the stream is going. So the sicker they are, the greater the propensity for wellness provided they get turned in the stream.

We were visiting with a woman one day and she said, "Abraham, how can I think positive thoughts when I'm in so much pain. I have arthritis in my hips and it hurts me all day every day." And we said, you have to make two separate journeys out of this. There is the action journey which is how you feel in your body right now. Or the action journey, how much money have I got. Or the action journey, how I'm getting along with somebody. There is the action journey of what is happening right now and there's the emotional journey which is how I'm responding -- I'm responding to it or how I'm feeling about it.

Abraham-Hicks, Louisville, KY, 9/18/06

It's interesting to think about this in respect to something like money or a relationship. Abe is saying that, "...the good news is that most people won't try as hard before the illness manifests. Now they've got great reason to be more deliberate about their thought." They are saying we pay more attention when the lack manifests, whatever the form it takes.

It's like a firewalk, it's very powerful to discover that we can work our way to feeling good during those times. And it's encouraging to have the image of all of the good that is in escrow for us from those experiences. All we have to do is make the emotional journey more important than the condition.
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