Saturday, November 11, 2006

I find a new view of allowing

On August 6, 2006 I had an epiphany: what if all resistance is about not loving myself. That realization sent me down a path that has opened up more and more well-being in my step after another.

At night when I lay down to sleep, I usually focus on my Inner Being or God or Source Energy, sometimes guides and teachers or angels...just whatever light beings I feel drawn to. I give myself to that presence...give all the troubled thoughts and feelings and ask them to take them and transform them into love. I often fall asleep feeling that connection and right before I go to sleep I'll have an awareness.

Some night recently I had the most wonderful feeling of God saying they are my partner in this -- in getting the money or things I desire. It wasn't just me asking and it being supplied, there was a feeling of companionship and being with me and for me.

And last night I was especially giving some discomfort in my body and I was thinking about what allowing healing would be like -- a really great doctor or a miraculous, spiritual healing, finding some alternative healer, herbs. I had the awareness that it wasn't something outside of me, it is that I allow God to love the cells of my body and nurture and nourish them. Then it went farther. I allow God to nurture and nourish and love my finances and home and friendships and sexuality and lovelife. I allow God to nourish and nurture me.

I've been thinking a lot about Abraham saying that we don't have to do work to allow good, all we have to do is to not resist because there is only a stream of well-being. The more I realize it's not "them" or anything outside of me that is creating discomfort, the easier it is to come to a place of feeling better.
I'm using the term "resistance" and "allowing" in the context of the information given by Abraham-Hicks. For more information visit


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