Monday, December 18, 2006

A Little Book of Coincidence

In a recent post to a Yahoo group, Ken said ...there is a beautiful book called A Little Book of Coincidence (Wooden Books) which highlights all the remarkable patterns that the solar system makes as it turns and spins. The most amazing one is that (math hat on) the average distance of the orbits of the various planets are 99.9% the same as the distance between the notes of our musical scale, ie., hit the note C on the piano this makes a wave in the air vibrating at a certain number of cycles per second, 244 lets say. D on the other hand makes waves a bit faster and so on up the scale. The ratio of the increases in music is the same as the ratio of increases in the distance between the planets. The harmony of the spheres indeed.

Even better when we hear a note our body can change the air vibration into electrochemical vibration and it nourishes our cells. The Word became flesh.

There's an old aboriginal creation story, 50,000 years old at least. In the beginning there was nothing, only the dark empty space. Then something woke up to the nature of the song inside itself and its shape came into existence. A serpent made of rainbows. It sang with the joy of its name. This was so strong it woke up everything else to the nature of their own name and so the universe came into being.

Sounds right. The name of the serpent really sounds like a heartbeat. Yurrlunga Yurrlunga Yurrlunga.

I just did a quick Google search and couldn't find the aboriginal myth, but I'll see if I can contact Ken and get more information. I haven't read A Little Book of Coincidence, but just thought all of this sounded lovely. I like thinking of the Universe as a song and that we are nourished in many different ways.


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