Friday, December 29, 2006

James Twyman, lessons to enhance your journey to your "Sacred Self"

I feel this is such important information that I include direct quotes from the Emissary of Light web site. This is just a part of the information about the courses they offer:

Over the course of my work with the Beloved Community, I have had the chance to develop several Internet based lessons designed to enhance the personal journey toward your own “Sacred Self.” Over 100,000 people from all over the world have participated in these courses, which form the backbone of our spiritual community. .... ~ James Twyman

Emissary of Light Online Courses

RECLAIMING YOUR INDIGO POWER COURSE: HTML ONLINE VERSION and a plain text Email version. Join Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and James Twyman in a unique course that can help you reclaim your inborn Indigo power!

DAILY SPIRITUAL PEACEMAKING LESSONS. As the first daily lesson says, we must now make the commitment to stay awake and fulfill our sacred role as Spiritual Peacemakers. That is why I am so honored to offer this daily class. For the next full year we will send out these lessons to remind us of the important task that lies before humanity. I hope that you will choose to stand at our side and continue this great work. This class may be one of the first steps. Peace, James Twyman

SPOONBENDERS COURSE. People around the world are asking the same question. "What can I do to contribute to creating a world of peace and compassion?" It is easy to feel powerless, as if we cannot affect real change. The Spoonbenders Course is designed to teach you skills that will help you be a "Spiritual Warrior" in your life, and in the world. You will learn to open centers of energy that have always existed within you, but have never been tapped before, then apply that energy to promoting peace.


Beloved Friends,

One of the main gifts of the Psychic Children is their ability to communicate with one another wherever they may be on the planet, linking their minds into a field of consciousness they call "The Web." They say that they are able to send messages to the other children who are psychically open, all of them working together to heal and bring peace. Some of the children who spoke at the conference in Hawaii mentioned this, and how important it is that we, the adults, ultimately learn to do the same. They say that there is a way for us to be aware of the "essence" of each other, and to communicate on a higher plane where language and symbols are not as important. It is the beginning, they say, of a new language, the language of the heart and soul. Until now the information of how this occurs and how we can learn this skill has been unavailable. That has now changed.

This course will be the natural extension of the Spoonbenders Course. I believe it will be even more important because it sets the stage for a revolution in consciousness. I wanted you all to know about this well in advance so you can begin preparing yourself.

Here is a hint about the power and importance of this information. It is called: "The Sacred Heart Meditation." if you have ever seen pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he is always pictured with a flame above the heart. This is sometimes called, "The Heart above the Heart." This is where our work begins.

James Twyman

THE THOMAS MESSAGES. In 2002, a book was published called "Emissary of Love: the Psychic Children Speak to the World" chronicling my journey into the mountains of Bulgaria to meet a group of children who possess amazing psychic powers. One of those children, a young boy named Thomas, claimed to be able to send messages and insights over great distances, even to the other side of the world. I didn't remember this until I was sitting in a hot tub some months later and "felt him" inside me.

It was the first time I ever had an experience like this, and it was the beginning of a long discourse on the role of the New Children (sometimes called the Indigo Children) and their role in healing the world. These amazing lessons, all from the mind of Thomas, are the result of that dialogue. He claims that there are thousands of children in the world today who have the same gift, the ability to "align" with others who can then help them complete their Great Work.

If you are interested in learning this, or connecting with one of these young masters, then this course is the way. Thomas shares insights that will help you live a fulfilled life, and even teaches how to enter the "Grid" where the children work together.

I am sure you will enjoy and learn as much from these lessons as I have. Peace, James Twyman



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