Tuesday, January 30, 2007

There is only peace. There is only Love.

There is only peace. There is only Love. That is all you need to know to live the happiest life possible. It does not matter what appears outside of you, only what you perceive inside you. Perceive only love for that is the truth of you. You are the Holiest of Holies. You are the Child of God, of All That Is. Whatever thought contradicts this truth is not worthy of you for you are meant to live a glorious life full of joy and hope and all good things. The time is Now for this truth to fill every heart and soul. Do not worry about appearances. Do not fear. All is well. Let this be your mantra: All truly is well.

This is good.

We love you with an everlasting love. We are your Brothers in Life and in Truth, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension.

~ Channeled by Suzanne for The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, 1/30/07

"God always works in ways we can understand. To six Croatian children who know only their catechism, I appear as the Queen of Peace holding a rosary. To you... well, you can see that it's different. But the message is always the same. I have come to call people back to God, to ask them to convert their lives. But people don't understand what that means. Often they believe it means sacrifice and penance, but in reality it means to accept love over fear. To sacrifice and deny yourself engenders and promotes fear, it doesn't release it. God asks only that you release the blocks that have kept you away from love... that have kept you from realizing that you are one with the Divine. You have never been separate, not even for an instant, except in your imagination. It is time to release those ideas and come home. Then you will realize that love is your inheritance... that you are a Child of God."

~ Mother Mary to James Twyman, Medjugorje, Bosnia, 1998.

Quote from The Secret of the Beloved Disciple by James F. Twyman, P. 80-81, Findhorn Press.


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