Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chief Joseph: You are all heroes

John Cali

Last week I was reading an article about three young, successful businessmen, all multi-millionaires. Names you might recognize. The article talked about their flight in a plush private jet to Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah….

The article focused on the three young businessmen, and rightly so. But no mention was made of the pilots who flew the plane safely to Salt Lake City, and there was only a brief word about the flight attendant who catered to the passengers’ needs.

There are many public figures who capture people’s attention for various reasons. But there are also many unsung heroes behind the scenes who form the foundation without which none of us, public figures or not, could live the lives we live.

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

In our view, from these dimensions of Spirit, you are all heroes, whether sung or unsung. We know the great courage it took for each one of you to incarnate on your planet at this particular time. And we applaud you.

As John said, you are all connected, intertwined. You often forget that. But then a reminder will drift into your awareness, just as the Washington Post article drifted into John’s awareness.

You could not operate in your physical bodies, in your current physical lifetimes, were it not for the connectedness you all have with one another.

We are not saying you are not powerful in your own right, standing alone. You are powerful as individuals on your planet. As we’ve said many times, one of you, standing alone in isolation but fully aligned with your higher self, is far more powerful than all the confused, misdirected masses who ever marched through the pages of human history.

But, at the same time, you are all connected with each other and with us in the world of Spirit. That connection, that bond has endured through the eons, and can never be broken.

Some of you, in your current incarnations, are -- as John said -- "public figures." Most of you are not. But, public figure or not, you all rely on the being, if you will, of all that is -- of all your sisters and brothers who are physically with you now, and all who have ever existed all through eternity.

You can never know how powerfully your lives have been touched, and even transformed, by those beings who shall perhaps remain forever unknown to you. You are truly and deeply connected, one with all, all with one.

You are all heroes, whether sung or unsung.

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