Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dipping my toes in the Unity of physical and non-physical

I've had some altered state experiences the last few days that are intriguing. One of them was that I wrote a note to myself Friday about a realization about trusting that the Universe would supply my financial resources. As I wrote it I experienced an inner me writing a reminder to the outer me that was writing the note. They both felt like me.

I just had the thought that perhaps I'm getting enough in alignment with my Inner Being that I'm living from the inside out. That's been a desire of mine and I like that thought.

I channel and experience the loving presence of our non-physical friends so I'm familiar with how alive they are. And after all, we are non-physical beings expressing in this body.

It just begins to seem that the non-physical is becoming very real or close. As if whatever was blocking it isn't needed as much and I've been getting flashes of it being here and now.

I feel trust is the key. By appreciating the love and beauty that is all around, I become more comfortable with the loving non-physical world. Then it won't seem so strange or unusual to experience it.

I am here in this body and while I am I do want to explore, play, and enjoy the physical world while feeling the peaceful, loving connection of my true Self.

Maybe in the past the choices were to experience one or the other: to be in the world and enjoy it or to be a saint or nun and renounce the world. This is the time of Unity though and I think we can enjoy both. I don't want to be a nun unless it's a lot of fun and I can go skinny dipping!!!! LOL.


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