Saturday, July 21, 2007

Advertising as Internet support for creative, spiritual lifestyles

I've been exploring creating a web site and deciding the features I might like to include. Writing and reality creation were my main interests before, but now that I'm looking for information for a new web site and blog, I'm reading tips I could have used all along. I'm also becoming aware of how much freedom the Internet is providing us to create the lifestyle we desire and to have abundance.

I used to find advertising on a web site annoying and a visual form of spam. I ignored it as much as possible. When I found out the site owner received payment for click throughs on Google AdSense ads I realized this was a way for me to show appreciation for the gifts I had received at that site -- wise and loving words, feeling better, beautiful pictures, the interesting personality that came through, information, and much more.

I barely looked at the names of advertisers before. Now, if I'm at a site I feel appreciation for, I look for ads that look interesting to me and click through. I've found some very useful web sites in the process.

The Universe has such interesting ways to answer our desires and I'm intrigued by the interconnectedness here. Google prospers, the web site owner prospers, and the advertising site prospers. As I make the choice to click through on the basis of feeling good -- then I am a part of the flow of light and well-being and sending a positive message to the Law of Attraction manager.

The Internet itself has opened up so many opportunities for us to express our creativity. If you want to go through traditional publishing resources that's fine, but you don't have to wait for a publisher or magazine to accept your work to begin writing for others. You can start a blog and begin gaining experience communicating immediately. If your book would only be of interest to a small niche market or you haven't been able to find a publisher, you can create an e-book or a print-on-demand book from a reputable site like and advertise it on your blog or web site.

I've seen blogs with links to their eBay ads. Bloggers selling their personally developed products like Kirsten Harrell's downloadable positive affirmations at Think Positive! Crafts, coaching, workshops, psychic readings, books, your inspiration and anything you want to develop from it have a world-wide market. That's abundance!

I've been looking at a lot of blogs on blogging and new technologies. If you aren't having success at your site I can recommend Darren Rowse's Problogger as a good place to start for blogging tips and information. There might be something new that would be just what you have been looking for.

The Internet is reality creation in action -- an invitation to innovation and new ideas. There are so many opportunities to prosper and bring your dreams to life. If you can dream it you can create it!



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