Friday, July 13, 2007

Live like what you want is here right now

I enjoy the adventure of exploring new ways of being a deliberate creator. The technique that's been intriguing me the last week or so is living like what I want is here right now.

First is knowing what I want:

1. When I feel a desire I ask myself "what do I want?" And when I answer I ask again and again until I feel that I am at the heart of my desire.

For example, I think about my bills and want a kazillion dollars. When I ask again, I want freedom --I don't want to have to be concerned about bills, I just want to write and create. I keep going with it until I get to the deepest desire.

Next is becoming comfortable thinking what I want is real:

2. I say positive affirmations of what I want. This is a way to change my thinking so that what I want becomes familiar to me.

3. Before I go to sleep I affirm that I sleep well and wake feeling refreshed. I give over anything troubling me and ask the loving Universe to take care of it and affirm that I will be guided to any action that is needed. Before I sleep and when I wake I affirm what I desire for that time. This declutters any unpleasant thoughts or feelings hanging around.

These are some ways to become comfortable with the experience of what I want:

So, I know what I want and I'm becoming comfortable with thinking the thoughts of it being real. Now, how do I live it?

4. I remind myself that what I'm seeing around me is just a place to enjoy and decide where I want to go next. Abraham calls it the platform where we shoot off our rockets of desire and I really like that analogy. No recriminations needed on my journey -- just course adjustments by sending out my next desire. This thinking keeps me facing forward toward what I want.

5. A fun exercise it to sit down and write what a perfect day would be. It can be something realistic that could happen on earth, but it doesn't have to be. It could be about exploring space, traveling in time, or being an animal or tree. It's an exercise to just have fun and write whatever feels perfect in that moment. The way to bring it to life is to read it over, pick at least one thing, and do it right then -- like buying flowers if they were in the perfect day. Each perfect day can be a new story.

3. I ask myself if what I want was real right now, how would I feel? This is what I've been doing a lot of in the last week or so and when I allow the feelings I open up to possibilities in the physical world that feel real to me.

In a post here I wrote about a peak experience where everything was me. I'm using the same processes to deliberately create my physical experience as I did to deliberately change my thinking and feeling. This work I'm doing now is to consciously bring my spiritual self into my physical world.

My perspective is that we are souls and in our non-physical experience we are naturally allowing beings. We ask and it is given right then. The only work on "allowing" that is needed is in the physical world.

We don't have to do anything to deserve what we receive -- we just plain deserve good things because that's the way things work. Taking action is following what feels good and from that all kinds of things to be, do, and have manifest that are much greater than any action could be on it's own.

Let the rockets soar! And let it not matter that there is a rocket born that I have not yet achieved because I cannot help but achieve it. If I can contemplate it, if I can imagine it, then the Universe surely can deliver it to me. I could not imagine something that could not be.

Let it be. Let me relax and let …it …be.

You summon with the clarity of desire. And, we say to you, just relax and trust. That if you can want it, the Universe has yielded it and now its time for you to just relax. Not watching for evidence but trusting that the evidence will show up everywhere you turn ... and it is our promise to you, that it will.

Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA, 10/05/02

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