Tuesday, January 30, 2007

There is only peace. There is only Love.

There is only peace. There is only Love. That is all you need to know to live the happiest life possible. It does not matter what appears outside of you, only what you perceive inside you. Perceive only love for that is the truth of you. You are the Holiest of Holies. You are the Child of God, of All That Is. Whatever thought contradicts this truth is not worthy of you for you are meant to live a glorious life full of joy and hope and all good things. The time is Now for this truth to fill every heart and soul. Do not worry about appearances. Do not fear. All is well. Let this be your mantra: All truly is well.

This is good.

We love you with an everlasting love. We are your Brothers in Life and in Truth, The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension.

~ Channeled by Suzanne for The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, 1/30/07

"God always works in ways we can understand. To six Croatian children who know only their catechism, I appear as the Queen of Peace holding a rosary. To you... well, you can see that it's different. But the message is always the same. I have come to call people back to God, to ask them to convert their lives. But people don't understand what that means. Often they believe it means sacrifice and penance, but in reality it means to accept love over fear. To sacrifice and deny yourself engenders and promotes fear, it doesn't release it. God asks only that you release the blocks that have kept you away from love... that have kept you from realizing that you are one with the Divine. You have never been separate, not even for an instant, except in your imagination. It is time to release those ideas and come home. Then you will realize that love is your inheritance... that you are a Child of God."

~ Mother Mary to James Twyman, Medjugorje, Bosnia, 1998.

Quote from The Secret of the Beloved Disciple by James F. Twyman, P. 80-81, Findhorn Press.

Friday, January 26, 2007

What we want is real right now

I've been interested in the question of how our desires come into our experience for quite some time. Abraham has given me good information, but since March 2006, I've been intrigued by some information from Bashar:

All possible "versions" of your reality already exist. In fact, they are all here - right under your nose - right Here, right Now. However, most of these "versions" are invisible to us, and they become "visible" only when we "tune" ourselves (via our beliefs), to be compatible and resonant with the frequencies of any one particular "version".

All possible version of reality already all exist! (When they say God is Infinite, they're not kidding.)

~ Bashar

My insight is that resistance is choosing something other than what we want. It's not that we are looking at what we want and resisting it. We are actively choosing something else. Everything is already there in the Universe and when we are upset and fearful about something, we are choosing it. The key to staying in touch with well-being and experiencing what we desire becomes how we think and feel about what we see in our life right now.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, TRUST YOUR TIMING.

Do not buy into the belief that
"I do not get what I want."

Instead, remind yourself:
"I always get what I want."
"I always get what I want. If it's not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do get what I want, I'll be able to enjoy it even more. I'll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis."

~ Bashar

And I think the thing is that what we want IS in our life right now. A woman yearns for a boyfriend and there is a man in her experience that she hasn't noticed. Think about it. The man is alive right now. A person looks for a job and there are opportunities that they just haven't thought about or thought that they could do. Inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, the kid who sets up a crate and sells lemonade... they all have an idea and bring it into their life. The ingredients for them to create what they want are all available right now. Abe says when we have a desire the fairies of the Universe work to bring it to us.

You have to say ~ it happens to me. It happens to me. The best of them come to me. It happens to me.

What happens to you?

Good stuff happens to me. Good stuff happens to ME.

What do you mean?

Dollars flow to me, parking places flow to me, lovers flow to me, everything that I've ever wanted flows to ME. It happens to me and it happens on a steady basis.

Oh, you mean it all comes at once?

NO,I couldn't enjoy it, if it all came at once. I don't want to eat ALL the food for the rest of my life TODAY. I don't want to enjoy all of the lovers that will ever come to me today. I don't want all of the parking places today. I only want it to come as I am wanting it. In and out. In and out. In and out. It all comes to me, you see.

Abraham-Hicks, North Los Angeles, March 2003

Abraham also said that when you have a desire, Source Energy and your Inner Being are imediately there. That's how the Universe expands. We are our Inner Being and our Inner Being is us so we actually already have what we want! Abraham also says there is only a stream of well-being and all we can do is pinch ourselves off from it, but it is always there. So, fears and worries, thoughts of not being enough, are only pinching ourselves off from what we want. I think loving ourselves and trust are key in feeling comfortable as we move through our experiences.

....Trust that the events you are experiencing are moving you where you want to go. You are not off your path if something happens that you don't enjoy, you are just experiencing the clutter that you THOUGHT stood in your way. Nothing stands in your way. Your desires are manifested, they are real, they DO EXIST right here and right now. Freedom is trust. The clutter can dissolve in an instant. It can dissolve when you change your thoughts. It can dissolve when you relax....

~Channeled in Words of Well-Being, 1/24/07 by Suzanne

And Abe talks about the way to point ourselves toward what we desire:

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, "More of this, please. More of this, please." You need never again make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float---all good things would flow to you.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 4/19/97

So, it's time to stop fretting, because there's no end to what you will want, and there's no end to your ability to move there. There's nothing that you need to prove to anyone. Life is supposed to be good....You're really, really doing well. It really is time to stop fretting about anything. And what we notice, when we feel you, and when we feel Esther and so many of you, the thing you fret over, more than all other things put together, is your perceived imperfection. You fret over not being where you think you should be, and we don't know where you get this stuff. We could see it, if Source energy was way over here really expecting something of you...but Source doesn't feel that way, Source is always saying, All Is Well, All Is Well, Come This Way. You don't get it from us, you must be getting it from each other.

Abraham-hicks, 7/22/06, Ashland, OR

Abraham-Hicks quotes copyright by Abraham-Hicks Publications. For more information visit www.abraham-hicks.com/.

Bashar quote copyright © by Darryl Anka. Bashar Home Page

Words of Well-Being channeled by Suzanne Keyes. Copyright © 2006-2007 by Suzanne Keyes.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trust that when you feel good, you will do what is needed

I've started work as a tax preparer and was feeling overwhelmed by trying to understand all the rules and regulations. This job in particular is very much like Abraham's analogy that we never get it done in life -- we will always have new desires and always be on our way to someplace new. Tax regulations are complex, numerous, and there are changes every year. A tax preparer is always learning -- we never get it done. I like knowing what I'm doing and I've felt uncomfortable preparing tax returns, knowing some information, learning the rest of it as I prepare the return. Boy, is this an exercise in letting go of control and learning to go with the flow!! I just channeled in Words of Well-being and it was very helpful. The topic was about Freedom and they said freedom was trusting and letting go of control. After I finished channeling I read it over and I realized that I am good enough right now, just as I am. Whether I know a little or a lot. It isn't about the job and what I know, it's about me realizing I am enough.

I was guided to the Abraham quote below right before I did the channeling. Abe describes Esther's feeling of being overwhelmed and how she moved to a better feeling place and accomplished all she wanted. This is also a very lovely example of how quickly and lovingly the Universe answers our desires. I had been looking through some of the tax information in order to feel more comfortable with it and it was just overwhelming. I used the placemat process and gave the feelings to the LOA Manager and asked to feel better. The Abe quote and the channeling are the answer to my desire to feel better. I love how this works!

Here's Abe:

We were watching our friend Esther. She came home from a trip and she was feeling very much overwhelmed. Too much to do she thought. Mailbox was overflowing, voice mail box was overflowing, and suitcases and bags were all around. Then as she sat in the muddle, she said Abraham what should I do? And we said" there you are acting like a physical being always trying to figure out what to do!!" "How do you want to feel?" She said "I want to feel free and happy, and I don't feel free and happy when I have too much to do" And we said "There you are acting like a physical being telling us what you don't want when we ask you what you DO want!!" She laughed and said "I want to feel free and happy" We said ponder that for a moment. So she closed her eyes and envisioned sitting on the front porch, sipping some tea, talking to her mate, watching the squirrels and right away she felt free and happy.

She said "Now what?" We said "Now what do you want to have?" She said, “I want to have a clean and efficient organized home and office." And we said - ponder that friend, do not jump right into action, wait until you are inspired. From your place of feeling good you will reach out to the inspiration that will lead you to that which you seek. And so within a couple of days, the thoughts began to come. "I can move this over here, I can delegate this, I can eliminate this ". Her mate noticed that she was not acting out of drudgery as she sometimes had done. But she was bounding from place to place inspired by these ideas that were coming you see... rather than trying to fix it from negative perspective which never works because Law of Attraction just attracts more negatives. She was now being inspired because she had achieved her place of balance before. You are getting it?

And so the way you get away from a negative feeling is by acknowledging that it is a good thing that you have it. Don't beat up on yourself..."Oh I shouldn't be feeling this way". Instead acknowledge how valuable it is that you have been alerted to the fact that there is something that is out of harmony. Then you CONSCIOUSLY give thought to what it is you think you would like to feel, which will inspire your ideas of what you are wanting to have which will then lead you to action. And we encourage you never to take action without that inspiration, because that action will be futile. It is action that is usually contradictory to what you are really wanting. Some say "Abraham you teach laziness!! You teach us to lay around and wait to be inspired, what if I am never inspired?" And we say.. you can not avoid being inspired when you are in that place of positive emotion . When you get in that place of positive all good things come to you. Just as you remain in that place of negative, all bad things come to you.

Abraham-Hicks, Workshop G 7/8/90

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Abraham-Hicks on reality and dreams, deciding to see your Vibrational Escrow

Q: I had a very lucid dream once where I was in a forest... and it felt like this moment now, just as real. And somehow I felt that I would go deeper into the dream and forget that this current experience ever existed. And I was afraid of that movement, and so I woke myself back up. But when I awoke, it made me contemplate what this right now is and if perhaps I could be really dreaming this and have forgotten that this is a dream.

Abe: Well, from our perspective you are dreaming this. In other words, the reality that is really real is the broader, nonphysical part of you. Everything is perceptual -- in other words, the only reason that this reality looks and feels and smells and tastes and sounds so real is because you have vibrational interpreters that interpret the energy. So in your dream state, at another level of consciousness, you are interpreting the energy and having a different experience.

We don't want you to ever worry about the realness of that which is here, but we don't want the realness of that which is here to limit you and make you think that that's all that is real. In other words, in this world that you call physical, that is occupied by a few billion human ones, [are] as many worlds as are perceivers of it. In other words, what is real is as you perceive it to be.

A dream is your re-emergence into nonphysical, achieving vibrational alignment with who you are then, and then as you come back into your [waking] state, the entire dream actually takes place as that which you know from nonphysical is translated back into a physical equivalent that you can make sense of. Dreams don't happen all night long -- we don't care what their meters are telling you. The dream is downloaded almost instantaneously as you are coming back into conscious awareness.

An out-of-body experience varies from a dream in this way: when you find vibrational alignment with who you really are, you can catch a glimpse of whatever your Inner Being is glimpsing at. So sometimes an out-of-body experience will show you another world, sometimes it will show you this world -- but what an out-of-body experience is, is you perceiving through the uncluttered eyes of who you really are. And we would say that this dream that you are describing was more of an out-of-body experience than it was a dream. But [it's] hard to tell the difference because from your human perspective it was different from this reality.

You are right, you are so much more than the one who is focused here in this physical body. But you came here with great and powerful intent to be here, and there is no place you would rather be -- that is our promise to you. And so while sometimes you do take escape in other thoughts, in other realms, in other dimensions, you are fulfilling your reason for being here, and this is where the whole of you wants to be focused.


Abraham-Hicks, Washington, DC, 5/1/04

Make a decision to have an out-of-body experience where your Inner Being gives you a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow. We think it would be good for all of you. We think it would be really good for you to get a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow because when you get a glimpse of it, before you can see it, you have to feel worthy of it. In other words, you can't see it until you feel worthy of it even in your dreamscapes.

Make that an intention. Start writing this down -- `Inner Being, in my dream state, in my out-of-body excursions, I want a glimpse of my Vibrational Escrow' ­which means I want to work my way into a place of such worthiness that I have full view of it. And as you let that be a vibrational challenge or goal, and as you begin to accomplish it more and more in your dreamscape, then you'll begin to see it filling-in in your life experience.

Abraham-Hicks, Hawaii Cruise 12/05

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Abraham-Hicks: The delicious flow of generations of mass consciousness

I like this reminder that when we relax, conditions and circumstances take care of themselves:

The only subject at hand is am I going with or against the flow. There are infinite things that are already activated that when you come close to them have the potential of sucking you into their orbit for a while, unless you are approaching life from that broader point of view where there is this one pool that is your dominant intention. It is when you realize that you get what you think about and that as you give your attention to things you get swept up into the gravitational pull of whatever that subject is. It isn't until you finally acknowledge that there is this other huge stream that is flowing...when you discover that there is this expansive overall flow that is the result of mass consciousness of generations and generations that is this life experience of wonder and ecstasy and deliciousness that is the potential for all of you. So why are any of us mucking around in things that don't matter when that potential is there! And the reason that you tell these stories about gravitational pull is because there are these forces that do affect you, of course they do … but you have greater control than all of that.

You have control over all things. Control isn't a word that we are really wanting to use because it really is in the releasing of your attempt to control of conditions and circumstances that you really relax in the flow of well being. When you give up trying to control conditions and you instead just go with the flow of what feels best to you, then the conditions take care of themselves.

Abraham-Hicks, Washington D.C., 5/13/05

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

String theory and reality creation. Abraham-Hicks on aligning our vibration.

I'm watching a DVD called The Elegant Universe, a Nova program about string theory. It's quite exciting! String theory fulfills Einstein's quest for a unified theory of the Universe. It unites quantum mechanics' explanation of very small particles and Einstein's Theory of Relativity which explains very large systems such as stars and planets. The exciting part is that string theory says that all matter is the result of vibrating strings of energy -- that there is only this energy and that the different ways the strings vibrate gives a particle its characteristics. "The Universe can be thought of as a grand symphony."

The information from Abraham is that when we align our vibration with what we desire, we allow it. It must be so. This is how the Universe works. What I love about string theory is that it helps me see how this can happen and how accessible all I desire is. The Universe is One and it is all available to us, no matter who we are or where we are -- it all about how we feel, our vibration. How elegant, indeed.

Here is Abraham on aligning our vibration:

As you think, you feel. As you feel, you radiate, And All-That-Is (physical and Non-physical) is affected by your offering. That is your power of influence.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 4/6/91

When you start adding the "why's" to what you want, then you really begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, and when you begin to vibrate in concert with that which you are, oceans part and mountains move, and people come out of the woodwork to accommodate you.

Abraham-Hicks, From the workshop 5/22/92

The Universe is not responding to your reality. The Universe is responding to your perception of your reality and so when you deliberately take an emotional journey you offer a vibration that causes Law Of Attraction to respond to you differently.

See how it works?

It is our desire to help you to identify how you are doing emotionally or vibrationally because if you can improve the way you feel just a little bit your whole point of attraction shifts.

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, KS, 9/14/05

Are you knowing what you are wanting, and are you enjoying desire pulsing within you? If you are, then you are somewhere in the vibrational proximity of your desire. If your desire is not pleasing you so much it only means that, for whatever reason, you have not yet achieved a close vibrational harmony with your desire. For when you find up-close vibrational to your own desire, then your desire feels satisfying; it feels interesting; it feels life-giving. And the further you are---vibrational proximity---from your own desire, then the more it aggravates you and the more uncomfortable you feel.
Vibrational alignment: that is what everything is about. You are flesh, blood and bone, yes you are. You can see it; you can pinch it; you can lick it; you can see the physicalness of your Being. But you are extensions of Source Energy, which means you are electronic Beings. You are vibrational, first and foremost.

Abraham-Hicks, From the recording G-12-13-03, Boca Raton, FL

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Abraham-Hicks: Guidance about what to do is actually about choosing the better feeling thought

Thanks to Mousie in her blog Pink Wishes for this recent Abraham quote:

Rather than "What should I do?" we want you to follow the thought of your Source, and the thought of that Source within you is looking for things to appreciate. And we know that guidance always sounds like "should I go this way, or should I go this way?" when you understand that the guidance is about the direction of your thought, and you deliberately choose the better feeling thought, what begins to happen is that you get going with The Flow so well that questions about what to do answer themselves easily because it is so obvious what to do....the confusion goes away when the resistance goes away....when you say, "never mind what I'm going to do, how am I going to think about this? And you chose a better feeling thought about the subject, what happens is that The Stream is flowing so smoothly that all of the chaos and confusion from your life lifts from you and you have clarity about what to do.

Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, 9/30/06

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Bringing the outside in nourishes our spirit

Deborah Franklin wrote an article for The National Wildlife Federation about inviting the outdoors in. Seeing ponds, animals, trees, flowers, and natural light make us feel better. I took some of the ideas Deborah suggests for creating well-being by bringing nature into our home and work environments and made my own list:

Seeing: If you can't have a window on a beautiful scene, try putting up posters, photographs, post cards, or calendars that bring you pleasure when you look at them. My computer desktop scene is a small island with a palm tree surrounded by beautiful water and I get a lift every time I see it. I like her reminder to surround myself with natural beauty that nourishes my spirit.

Light: natural light if possible, if not, there are bulbs that simulate the day light energy. Track lighting or small lights placed around a room may add a natural effect.

Plants: healthy house plants, herbs, and cut flowers add life to a room. Celebrate the Spring Solstice with flowers. They are a reminder of our Earth mother who provides this beauty for us every day.

Play with color and relate to the seasons: change natural accessories with the seasons and add cut flowers or potted plants that coordinate. Try water polished stones with candles, baskets of pine cones, or some beautiful fallen leaves in the fall.

Enjoy being with animals: even if we don't have our own pet, we could you walk a neighbor's dog. A hummingbird feeder or bird feeder outside the window can bring nature close. Many of the large parks have animals or birds that have been injured and can't be released. They become ambassadors for us to get to know more about them. In my other blog, Anne said she and her son created peanut butter and bird seed "cookies" to put on the trees outside for the birds at Christmas. These are animal bodies our souls express in during this lifetime and it feels good to celebrate our kinship and give our love to the natural world.

Take time each day to be with nature: Touch a tree, feel the bark. Listen to the birds sing. Take a walk. There is a detective book I like where they live on Martha's Vineyard and make a ritual of having a drink and snacks and watching the sun set over the water. Beautiful sunsets happen everywhere -- just taking the time to watch one sounds like a lovely way to experience the day. It's a show that happens for just those moments and will never be quite the same colors or appearance again.

I'm reminded of a wonderful exercise where you sit down and write your perfect day. There is no right or wrong and your perfect day will probably change -- it's just what feels perfect for you at that moment. After you've written it down, take one or more things from that day and make it real -- do it now. One time I wrote about living on a beautiful, rugged Greek island in a home with windows that were open to the sea air. On that day I had flowers in vases in all the rooms and that's what I did to bring that perfect day to life.

As I write this I realize that doing the exercise of the perfect day will be a "course correction." I feel I've gotten distracted by things I felt like I had to do and haven't been paying attention to the really important things that nourish my spirit and make life fun. These ideas about bringing the outside in and writing my perfect day help me remember what really matters.