Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's always a beginning

My life has changed dramatically in the last couple of years since I was drawn to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. They provided the missing information that has enabled me to come into my come into being me. Who else could I be? A quick answer would be someone trying to fit in so that I could get a job, get along with others I didn't agree with, fit in with so many things in the world I didn't like. Someone who felt miserable a lot of the time, but kept trying. I found out I don't have to fit in...all I need to do is be myself because I create my world. I draw to me what fits who I am, or as Abraham puts it, I draw to me what I vibrate. Loving who I am is key I think and I didn't do much of that before. I've found out I really can be happy, that miracles do happen and that life can be more joyful than I could ever believe. And there is definitely more. I am changing quickly now because I have been a spiritual seeker for almost 40 years. I've read alot, been on all kinds of spiritual adventures with other seekers and tried whatever drew me at the time. I have a lot of tools that I use to support myself in changing beliefs and clearing negative emotions quickly. I'll share that with you. All I can tell you is that all really is well and well-being abounds in a most loving in which you are one of the bright lights. Namaste.