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Blog Action Day: Using the Abraham-Hicks information for our well-being and the environment

I was watching the DVDs for the Abraham-Hicks Alaska Cruise 2005 and heard Abraham give some information that works well for our desires for well-being for our beautiful earth and all life on it.

The woman asking the question was a politician from Canada who wanted to use the Law of Attraction to create her desires for her country and her constituents. Abraham said that all she had to do was focus on what she would like to create and align with it.

Abraham said she could do this privately. She didn't have to create committees or get signatures or do any particular action unless it was inspired and felt good. The Universe would bring all of the people and circumstances together to fulfill her desire.

We don't manifest it -- we allow, accept, receive, reach out and open our hands and hearts in welcome. Every desire we have is manifested by this very loving Universe. Our bodies --everything -- is brought into our earth experience by Source Energy. We are the co-creators, the visualizers, the requesters, the appreciators -- we are the ones who experience and ask for more. We are the ones who work the clay of the physical by appreciating, experiencing, giving the focus of our attention, making decisions, and sending off our rockets of desire.

When we reemerge into non-physical -- when we blend back into our pure positive selves -- what we ask for is given very quickly because we are aligned and allowing. The information that Abraham has given us is in answer to our desire to consciously choose that positive state by changing thoughts that don't feel good. The more we choose positive thinking, the better we feel, and the better we feel the more we align with our true nature -- and the more we allow our desires to manifest.

A couple of days ago I had an experience of feeling how loving the Universe is. I could feel the Universe was pure, overflowing, giving Love because that is It's nature. The Universe is pure Love and wants to give you what you ask for. Wants you to have it. Offers you your desire, and neverending love, without conditions. Believes with no restraint that you deserve it. Sees only the good in you. The Light in you. The Love that you are.

There are wonderful books and tapes of the information Abraham has offered. They offer techniques and exercises to change to a better feeling vibration and align with your true self. Or, if it pleases you, you can pet your cat and choose to think of yourself as the lucky one who always has everything fall into place. We are all free to choose what feels good and works for us.

So what can you do for the environment? Get something delicious to drink and watch a sunset. Bless the water. Ask Source Energy for what you want and why. Align with your good feelings and your desires and take the action that feels good to you. Stretch your legs and feel the sun on your back as you help clean up a stream. Tell the Universe why you have your desire. Because I love animals. Because the clean air smells good. Because I want to be healthy. Because it makes me feel good. Appreciate. Ask. Appreciate. Feel good. Ask. Enjoy!

Take a journey of power and visualize the earth and all of the life on it as you wish it to be. Go anywhere with your vision that feels good. Soar with the joy of appreciation and know what power you have in that moment. You are co-creator with the energy that creates planets, solar systems, and the intricate, wondrous functioning of living beings. And go to your powerful place of vision again when it feels good. As much as you want. In any way that you want. You get to choose and the Universe says "YES!!"

Waiting for circumstances to change so you can feel good is like looking in a mirror waiting for your reflection to smile first.


The politician was the first questioner on the Alaska Cruise 2005 DVDs, Disc 2, Fourth Session, July 10, 2005. On that set of DVDs there was also a veterinarian asking how to work with a horse. Abraham talked to her about communicating with animals and their humans as well as how to align and hold a vision for the animals. A man was talking about getting together with others for 17 seconds of visualizing and how powerful that was. Abraham talked to the politician about a similar process saying they thought it was a fine idea to get together with other like-minded people to visualize.

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